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Mar 15, 2023 | display screens

Screens Company Kuwait led oled lcd integrated Services; Sale, Rental, Installation, Maint, Repair, content Design & Programming, remotely display management, Manufacturing and customizing visual displays, technical support via internet

Screens Company Kuwait Integrated Services

We are proud to be the premier provider of customized LED / oled / lcd display solutions.

Our Screens Company Kuwait is pleased to provide our customers with all

services related to the recorded and live illuminated dynamic displays.

  • professional technical support 24 hours a day to receive all requests and consultations.
  • A fleet of excellent technicians to perform all the services and

to provide the ideal solutions for each place and each event.

As we offer our services widely to all establishments and events in all governorates, Screens Company Kuwait

  • provide comprehensive and immediate services with the utmost precision and speed.
  • offer the best bid you can get.
  • provide Highest quality for all our products.
  • are fully committed to deadlines and maintain our distinctive contracts.
  • always strive to increase value for our customers and stakeholders through a professional and dedicated team that works around the clock.
  • Provide the highest level of services and take into consideration international standards and standards.
  • strive to remain as we are already at the forefront of LED and LCD display providers,

Oled screens, creative operators and performers for all occasions.

  • commit to build long-term relationships with both customers and

suppliers, and achieve excellence with advancing technology forward.

Great experience in the world of signage technology, providing smart and

ideal solutions, and designing full screen and display options .

Over the past years, Our Screens Company Kuwait has worked hard to

  • expand the base of our dealings with the best screen suppliers .
  • Thus we make sure that we can provide all types, designs, models,

the highest specifications, quality and characteristics.

  • A comprehensive survey to look for the best prices so we offer a long life

product with the lowest quotation on the market.

Screens Company Kuwait Special Services & Events Industry

Screens Company Kuwait Special Services & Events Industry

When you contact Screens Company Kuwait, send an email, fill in the form or honor us at

the company’s headquarters, we deal immediately with the service you need,

from consultation and inquiry to installation or maintenance.

display company Kuwait Advice

  • Our customers can inquire about anything and ask for more information.
  • The technician should provide a simplified explanation, answer to any inquiry and clarify the

price of each service and offer the ideal solution for each customer.

Screen Company Kuwait Sales and renting services

Screen Company Kuwait Sales and renting services

The the premier provider of customized display solutions” Screens Company Kuwait” provide

the best ideal solutions for both sale and rental Display Screens Rental in Kuwait

Planning, designing and implementation

If you want a screen that fits perfectly with the geometric design of

the place, lighting factors, area, viewing distance, the event itself,

permanent installation or rental and excellent content design,

Our Screens Company Kuwait can turn your ideas into reality through our comprehensive

products and services. We plan the event professionally, design innovative

content and then the stage of implementation and installation.

Content programming or advertising and control

  • Content programming is one of the most important criteria for the success of

the screen performance when broadcasting services or advertising a product or a project.

  • Also programming the display, controlling the appearance and

broadcasting live events (such as broadcasting wedding photography).

  • Remote control of content display, timings, days, etc provides convenience and make the most of the screen.


  • Technical team installs the screen strongly anywhere and at any height.
  • The installation stage is one of the most important stages that

ensures that the screen does not fall or move by wind or storms.

Technical support and maintenance

  • The leading Screens Company Kuwait provides maintenance and

repair services both to our customers who have already acquired one of

our products while they are enjoying warranty period or not.

  • Also our services up to possible customers.

display company in Kuwait Types of displays

Specifications of screens in terms of materials used in the main structure and other

parts allow us to choose from two main types in terms of installation environment.

Outdoor Screen

  • It is the most powerful and durable not only against weather

factors but also against shocks, scratches and storms.

  • It is also designed in brighter colors in anticipation of being seen

from further distances, such as stadium screens.

Indoor LED Display Screen

  • It is installed indoors and characterized by strength and durability.
  • Due to its use away from high temperatures, rain, direct sunlight and

storms, it is made from materials that give it light weight.

  • Besides that, attention is paid to the accuracy of the image where it is seen from

very close distances which needs more accuracy for lighting and colors.

LED Video Walls

  • The wall displays are mounted on the wall as a distinctive moving portrait.

Interactive screens

Floor Standing Lcd Displays

  • Floor Standing LCDs stand firmly on the floor to help your customers serve themselves .

Transparent Led screens

  • High transparency glass display is stuck to a window or a glass wall.
  • It does not block the exhibits left behind, and it does not require a dedicated space,

Its effect is characterized by its presentation of content in natural colors.

Text boards

  • Text is typed, then programmed to appear in different styles.

poster screens

Flexible signage

  1. Folding led screens : Foldable led panels are interconnected slices.

    We can remove or add one slice or more depending on the space.

  2. LED curtain : The flexible LED curtain is used for party lighting stands as a distinctive backdrop
  3. curved & Cylindrical displays :

    Multiple wide viewing angles, so it can be seen very clearly from several angles.

    There are cylindrical designs to broadcast content from all directions.

  4. Ceiling Led Displays : Ceiling Led Displays that completely fill the space with special displays and effects.

Led Dance Floor

  • Dance floors have distinctive LED lighting and bright colors as well as

charming visual effects that add an atmosphere of hustle or quietness on the occasion as desired by the user.

Selfie Magic Mirror 

  • A great addition to events, happy occasions and parties.
  • The guests are able to take customized photos with family, friends or colleagues without a photographer.
  • They can get a photo printed in seconds with their signature, logo or message.

Display Screens Specification

  • Ability to customize the display accurately and control it remotely and modify or change.
  • Ability to control times of playback and switching off , timings of adds broadcast and the manner of appearance.
  • High accuracy and clarity even in direct sunlight.
  • Night vision.
  • Withstand different weather factors and rugged.
  • Advanced solutions with high reliability.
  • Automatic brightness sensor
  • Highest reliability
  • The contrast rate is very high.
  • The refresh rate is very high.
  • Light weight.
  • Various shapes and colors are attractive.
  • can be controlled remotely using via Internet .
  • Saving the amount of energy consumed.
  • Easy assembly, installation and dismantling.
  • Easy shipping to any place as soon as possible.
  • Automatic lock and manual lock.
  • Wider viewing angles.
  • Easy and fast maintenance and low cost.

You can find out more details about the specifications and uses of each

type as well as the size and accuracy that suits your event when you contact Screens Company Kuwait.

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