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Oct 30, 2019 | display screens

Outdoor Screen for display and propaganda highest spec varied sizes, durability against bad weather and rain, remote management, visibility in high lighting

Outdoor Screen Super capabilities

Outdoor Screen Super capabilities

You can attract more customers to your business or company through your Outdoor Screen .

Display screens that can be customized in different sizes and excellent

image resolution, then programmed with an amazing content.

It can be installed in open spaces, stadiums, streets, squares, rooftops, etc.

With its high brightness and dazzling content, it draws everyone’s attention to what’s being displayed.

  • broadcasting innovative promotional messages.
  • enhancing brand recognition.
  • Promoting products, discounts and special offers.
  • recorded videos, matches, weddings and live events can be broadcast.

Viewers are always amazed by what is on display.

Distinctive brightness and resolution

Excellent brightness and bright image

  • allows content to appear more accurately and clearly.
  • shows details “high visibility external performance.”
  • True deep black colors are seen clearly .
  • enhances the ability to see content in clear sunlight and extreme lighting conditions.
  • High contrast ratio to provide excellent visibility in different and variable lighting.
  • Everyone can see messages clearly .
  • high brightness from the farthest distance.
  • Super dynamic.
  • Improves brightness management.
  • Low operation cost.
  • Low power consumption thanks to automatic brightness sensor.
  • You can adjust the maximum and minimum brightness within a wide range .

Auto brightness sensor

It manages the brightness level of variable lighting throughout the day

which provides less energy consumption, special brightness that provides

visibility in all light levels.

Easy installation, operation and management

A good technician can connect the components of the screen accurately and easily.

Also he can program the content to appear in a wonderful and impressive way.

Through a distinctive integrated program, a user can

  • manage and control content without additional player.
  • adjust signage settings easily to display rich media content with improved operational efficiency.

High quality and durability

High quality products ( hardware, drivers, programs) provide

  • 24/7 operation in all environmental conditions without negative effect.
  • Durability against wind, storm, flame, shock and others.
  • High resistance to water and dust.
  • Complete fan and plug and display protection.

remote control

Users can remotely control content from anywhere easily from their mobile phone.

A unique application that allows professional management that can be used via tablets or

other mobile devices to view content or update presentation models.

Interactive content

An amazing content can be programmed that combines dynamic text and dynamic presentations.

We can also customize an outdoor display to fit each client’s purpose.

With our unique outdoor screen, you can create and broadcast interactive

content that has a great impact on your customers, a smart way to integrate

great text with engaging video and distinctive image.

High flexibility

  • Programming and dealing with the ads broadcast. Users can add, change and delete.
  • Designing and shaping.
  • The unique specifications that enable us to install outdoor screens anywhere, on any surface.

Energy consumption

Products made at the latest LED / OLED lighting technology so they are energy efficient .

light-emitting diode

Another possibility of saving electricity is the automatic brightness sensor which

reduces screen brightness and reduces electricity consumption in low-light environments.

Stylish designs

We take into account when choosing our special designs

  • attracting viewers.
  • reducing the dispersal of viewing by thin edges .

This enables us to

  • use our displays as video walls.
  • optimize of space.
  • install them at any regular or irregular geometrical form.

Outdoor Screens Smart Solutions

The high quality products provide great capabilities making them suitable for each client .

Wide range designed with high technology and great specifications

  • Transparent or glass displays are a smart solution for glass building facades as they do not hide the exhibits.
  • Outdoor cylindrical screens enable us to display an advertisement that can be seen from all angles.
  • Curved screens give wide viewing angles, can be installed on floors or curved surfaces.
  • Wall screens.

It can also be customized in different sizes to suit all areas as well as viewing distances for the viewer.

Light weight gives us the ability to install them easily.

Customize a distinctive screen and perfectly fit for your purpose.

Outdoor screens serve a wide range of settings and needs of the surrounding environment.

High reliability

The highest levels of reliability ensure that the display works continuously

around the clock without failing around the clock , due to our dependence

when choosing what suits our customers for quality and durability.

Best LED Screens Company aims to enable the client to submit his messages and offers

The clock can even be seen by as many bystanders and viewers.

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