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Mar 23, 2023 | display screens

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LED display Screens Latest technology

What type of screen is LED display?

  • Modern LED display screens ( light-emitting diode ) are screens of distinguished lighting , high brightness and bright colors.
  • Led screen has been used by promotional video advertising industry professionals, party makers and

entertainment planners to deliver live, striking displays and striking presentations aimed at attracting viewers’ attention.

  • It is also used to display pictures and videos in a dazzling and vibrant way

that attracts attention to products and gives an unforgettable impression.

  • LED displays are a means of displaying texts, graphics, animations, videos and

visual effects in a moving style with diverse and innovative appearance methods using LEDs with distinctive light.

What does LED screen display do?

  • Also businessmen use LED display Screens to advertise and promote products, services and projects.
  • Entertainment such as concerts, sports and cultural competitions, films, important events and others can be broadcast .
  • LED screens are used in the halls of education and training, meeting rooms and also

in concerts and happy events to give an atmosphere of fun, beauty, charm and tranquility,

and even the hustle and bustle of dance parties or disco parties.

  • LED display Screens have great ability to attract the audience to what is on display to increase viewership .
  • LED display Screens have a strong and effective role in encouraging investors and attracting new customers.

Types of LED displays

  • LED display Screens vary in terms of lighting quality, installation location,

general features of the outer frame or screen structure.

  • This Makes them suitable for all purposes, tastes, institutions and

architectural nature of each building as well as different areas and events.

Outdoor LED Screens


  • Outdoor LED displays are installed in open spaces, so they require a high degree of

protection to withstand wind, dust, rain, high temperatures, coldness and so on.

  • We see them on the streets, squares, highways, on rooftops and on the facades of the buildings.
  • Besides the degree of protection and durability, they requires high brightness

and intense glow of colors so that it can be seen from the farthest distance.

Indoor led screens

  • They are installed inside buildings or halls. In other words, a place that is not exposed to bad weather conditions.
  • Beside that you need a distinct brightness and a degree of non-glowing illumination, so you can see it clearly from the nearest point.

Flexible LED screens

Here is the type of external structure or the frame and screen format in general.

Forms of flexible screens

  • Folding led screens

It consists of slices that users can add or remove a number of them, so the screen can fit the space of the place.

  • Curved LED display Screens

are characterized by their curves from both sides outward to give wider and clearer viewing angles.

There are also cylindrical models.

  • Led curtain LED curtain
Transparent Led screen

Transparent Led screen is specially designed to be stuck onto the glass wall .

It does not obscure the exhibits behind it . The content appears when it is turned on.


Are the tiles in which the text content can be programmed to be displayed on the screen.

Led Video Wall

There are small, medium and giant video screens installed inside or outside the area.

You can get the right type for your purpose and the specifications you want among the various degrees of clarity,

and in terms of number of colors for the appearance of the content as well as the size that fits the place.

Features of LED displays

Latest LED screens

  • Remote control through computer, mobile and Wi-Fi.
  • The ability to changing or modifying the content; style, days and times of presentation.
  • Brightness control.
  • Multi-function system such as automatic or manual operation or shutting down.
  • Lightweight .
  • Color accuracy.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Battery life is great.
  • The ability to control sizes and color selection.
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion and moisture.
  • easy use and fast installation.
  • The contrast rate is too high.
  • High refresh rate.
  • Reliable.
  • high performance.
  • View clear and bright images.
  • low maintenance.
  • highly resistant to damage.
  • very vivid and new videos & images .
  • Very stylish appearance.
  • Stable Quality.
  • flicker free image reduces eye fatigue.
  • slim screen with sleek design.
  • can be adjustable at any place.
  • too awesome appearance of LEDs.

led displays company all services & smart solutions

  • We provide an ideal solution for every event, space and space, depending on

the vast experience and professionalism of our professionals and ad designers.

Our prices

  • We always want transparency to be our means to win customer confidence .
  • With our accurate and calculated prices, you can get your own LED screen and

customize the product for your event whether you buy or rent.

  • Collection of the best and highest quality of LED display Screens.
  • Many years of experience in LED display market, dealing with

a wide range of government institutions, ministries and small to large sized enterprises.

  • We focus all efforts on high quality LED display Screens and look forward to your support and positive cooperation.

Calculating the cost of the screen accurately

It is easy for our LED Screens Company to accurately calculate the LED screen size to decide on the final cost.

What is LCD vs LED display screen?

Here is an image to show you both types:

What is LCD vs LED display screen?

Is LCD or LED better?

It is according to your purpose, you can decide on which is better, LCD screen or led screen.

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