LED Screens Company All Services

Jun 30, 2019 | display screens

LED Screens Company best services sale & rental , installation of both indoor and outdoor LED screens , high quality LED solutions , offering best prices

LED Screens Company All Services

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

LED Screens Company Rental & Sales

Our company offers LED screens and LED Displays for sale and rental purposes.

We create unique and dynamic events depending on the great vision .

LED screen Displays are one of the fastest growing areas in propaganda industries which

take your events to the next high level with one of our great products .

As the industry evolves and technology develops , We provide endless possibilities and flexible solutions for all of your creative demands .

Using high-definition screens , you will find a solution to fit your needs caring about your budget .

Owners and managers of companies , shops , malls, supermarkets and factories, etc

want to advertise their products and items in a modern , sophisticated and interesting manner at the same time .

Nowadays all establishments , workplaces and event makers are turning to rental LED screens for

trade show booths , corporate events and gatherings, as well as live television broadcast and tapings.

We understand the non-stop nature of the entertainment production industry and our support system is available 7/24 .

  • Our company offers the cheapest prices with the highest quality, we achieve the difficult equation .
  • Beside the sale we rent the electronic display screens at competitive prices and have the highest brands of electronic screens exclusively
  • We have unique design screens as a decorative piece
  • We have a group of skilled technicians who install screens easily and conveniently

The company provides all sales services from maintenance , repair and repair of damaged parts with original spare parts .

LED screen fixed installation service

We have LED screen fixed installation service also.

LED screens are mainly used in high level entertainment programmes , fashion shows , outdoor advertising signs , etc …… .

Our LED screen is controlled by two computers with dual cable features to ensure that there will be no technical snag during the show.

LED display screen can be spectacular , particularly at night times.

When an outdoor LED display screen is implemented correctly, it could even become a landmark.

People can see large LED outdoor screen displays from long distances in all types of lighting conditions.

This is a huge advantage over other display advertising methods and also looks seriously impressive.

We can also create outstanding LED video wall displays.

These screens can make a significant impact in the right environment.

So if you have a promotional message , a video wall could be the perfect medium.

Animated LED screens are widely used today in shops, streets, hotels, airport lounges ….

They are used to display time and date, price quotes and discounts, instructions,

service information, advertising commercial products and even for viewing movies.

We offer a wide variety of non-traditional guaranteeing the creative freedom of the customer with the latest

specifications of LED screens, available for rent as well as for purchase.

Designed correctly to suit the interior or exterior spaces that vary in shape and size.

Comprehensive coverage of all governorates, areas and suburbs of Kuwait for all facilities, places and areas.

LED Display Screens specificationS

Our clients can enjoy selecting from Wide range of LED display screens with all their modern specifications .

  • Enjoy high quality and clearness of photos .
  • Exclusive display screens .
  • The best resolution and clarity of the picture.
  • Easy to control and easy to change the message .
  • The wide angle of view can be seen from all angles at the same quality .
  • All the latest types can be controlled remotely and touchable and can be installed anywhere .
  • Indoor types look like a piece of decoration, including what is hidden behind the beauty of the place and exhibits .
  • There are many sizes of screens, which makes them meet all the purposes and needs and all commercial activities .
  • The displays are characterized by their color and high accuracy in the clarity of the colors .

Services offered when selling display screens

You can get what you want . we are happy to help you with your need.

  • Our team are always ready to show you the uses , specifications and advantages that suit your use
  • Warranty : You can get exclusive products with the longest warranty period .
  • Great discounts
  • Great offers to choose what suits you and fits your budget .
  • changing the content whenever you wish .
  • Programming the advertising content in the most attractive styles that achieve the greatest viewing rates .

LED Screens Types

Indoor led screens

We see them in malls, modern markets, shops, fashion show, salons, education and training venues .

Also in pharmacy, hospital , gym, meetings and conferences .

Outdoor led screens

  • Large display screens

suitable for advertising products in public streets , squares , highways …..

  • Giant screens : installed at great heights or farther away from the viewers and can be seen clearly .

Text screens

Video Wall display screens : slim to be mounted on the wall .

Touch Screens

Windows or Android screens , Floor Standing LCD screens .

Transparent LED screens : For glass window advertising

Flexible led Screens

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