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Jul 1, 2019 | display screens

Indoor LED Display Screen for presentations, advertising projects, services and products specifications prices all what you need discover the best solutions

Indoor LED Display Screen Uses

You see Indoor LED Display Screen inside workplaces such as shopping malls, beauty salons, fashion shows,

event halls, training and education halls, car agencies, banks, hospitals, wedding halls and all places.

It is a multimedia display that broadcasts ads, messages, information, services, events etc in any area that requires a high-quality multimedia display.

Because of its indoor use, the viewing distance between the viewers and the screen can be from the nearest point or distance.

As a result, the display must be of high quality and high resolution.

Advantages of Indoor LED Display Screen

The best LED Screens Company provides exclusive and comprehensive features.

Manufactures have designed LED screens to make your ad stand out for audience and spectators from the nearest and the farthest distance.

  • High resolution, high brightness.

A high-quality screen provides excellent brightness and color reproduction.

Its high quality makes the interior space full of vitality, helping to entertain your visitors and customers by watching a high-quality content.

It aims to display texts, photos, or HD video for indoor applications to fit your space perfectly.

  • Best color uniformity as it has a high refresh rate.
  • high contrast color.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • high-quality LED components using the finest solid panels
  • lightweight.
  • no reflection, no noise.
  • The power cord attached to the panel provides half the connection time.
  • high shock resistance.
  • High level of abrasion resistance.
  • smooth surface, reflecting heat.
  • View full-screen video, animations, and ads.
  • USB, Wireless and GPRS.
  • attractive effects, graphics and sound.

Indoor LED Screen Services

Our indoor electronic boards are highly flexible in order to create screens of any size.

  • Enjoy wide video capabilities for your events with a modern indoor LED video display.

We can turn any wall or surface into a basic center for propaganda where you can

broadcast information, entertainment, and move your organization to the level you want.

You can easily switch between multiple video sources with a push of a button or by touch to play live or pre-recorded video.

  • Through our special program we can program an exclusive and attractive content through which you display an ad that

attracts your customers and gives a professional character to your events

  • Our brand provides vibrant images that look stunning from any distance.
  • Enjoy easy multimedia input, streaming video and image in-display

as well as unmatched reliability, unnecessary maintenance and an easy fast event.

Availability of a wide range of screens and a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Indoor LED Screen Types

When you decide to buy a LED screen to broadcast your offers and ads to attract and draw the attention of your audience and customers,

you can make use of a moving electronic screen of a size

that is suitable for the event, space and distance between the screen and the audience.

Also suitable for installation on the surface and in the place you want.In addition, you can choose the exclusive specifications and characteristics of each screen.

Transparent led indoor screens

High-transparency glass displays are glued to the glass wall, then your content is displayed.

Curved led screens

An innovative design specially made to extend the viewing angle

and to provide the ability to view the display from different angles with the same quality when viewing directly in front of the screen.

Cylindrical led screen

The full wrapping of the display gives the ability to stream content

in all directions and watch it from any angle and from any direction.

Touch screens

An excellent feature added by the manufacturers and creators of LED screens,

which can be operated and handled by touch like an Android device.

The most popular are floor stand display screens.

floor stand display screen

led Dance floors

Used in the halls of weddings, competitions, concerts and balls to display different patterns and flash

to add a fictional atmosphere of the magic and beauty to the ceremony

as it increases the noise, joy and enjoyment as if you were in a fantasy world.

Ceiling Led Displays

Modern LED lights and displays are designed to fill the space with colors, lights, images and luminous animations.

Video display screens

To view and broadcast live and recorded videos of important events whether sports or fashion shows and concerts ….

Animated luminous panels

Wall displays that are installed on the walls to look like a piece of the decor of the place like a panel hanging on the wall.

Magic Mirrors Self-Mirror

Magic display mirrors for capturing individual, family or group silphic images and printing them immediately with special effects and emoticons stored on mirrors.

Folding led Screen

drive chips that you can join or separate them

The screen can be folded in any way to make amazing LED screen configurations

Led Curtains

High flexibility, lightweight, and Perfect decoration for clubs, concerts, festivals, advertising, halls, shop windows or exhibitions.

LED Video Curtains are perfect solutions for advertising and entertaining purposes.

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