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Jul 1, 2019 | display screens

Transparent Led screens the most advanced for advertising, do not hide the decor, indoor and outdoor flat curved cylindrical video text, integrated Features

Transparent Led screens

Transparent Led screens offer an effective and amazing technology in the field of advertisement and propaganda.

The image is based on programming LEDs to work together, and on displaying the pixel colours on the screen LEDs.

This effect is especially powerful when integrated into a glass facade.

It really allows designers to offer a screen solution for all buildings and applications with a focus on glass architecture.

Transparent LED Screens are also ideal for indoor and outdoor window displays.

They are suitable and commonly used for reinforcing brands .

This new technology opens up new creative and more practical options.

These transparent screens are exactly your excellent option to

display contents – to advertise or to inform – in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides.

The transparency offers a refreshing and ideal solution for hi-tech environments, interested audiences and spectators.

With this creative use of such modern technology , users can make sure that their business, brand,

service or message will not only be remarkable , but hard to forget also.

Transparent LED Displays best solutions

When you need to create a custom Transparent LED display or prefer a portable transparent led poster Screen,

Transparent LED Screens can provide a display solution for your indoor and outdoor installation.

It can be supplied in many shapes ; flat (Glass LED Display) , curved or cylindrical.

With unique versatility , our systems can be integrated to create an amazing, cost-effective transparent LED displays that

provide our customers with powerful information.

Transparent led Screens specifications & Features

  • High Transparency

High transparency rate enables viewers to see through led screen , glass led display with high transparency rate.

  • LightWeight

 Its light weight makes it easy to lift it up , position it and  install it .

  • High Brightness

The variable brightness for indoor or outdoor transparent led displays is the  key to high quality displays.

  • Smart Control

 Users can easily control their displays by mobile APP , wireless data WiFi Connection wherever they were .

  • Modularized Design

All of our unique products are flexible , no steel structure , no complicated installation .

  • Wider Viewing angle

Our led screens provides awesome picture quality across the whole screen , even from Wide viewing angles .

Latest Transparent LED Screens

The latest LED transparent screen from the best LED Screens Company

has the advantage of long-term waterproof , dustproof , anti-vibration , anti-oxidation , and protection.

  • Ultra high refresh rate .
  • High Contrast Ratio .
  • Excellent Image Quality
  •  high quality LED chips
  • large viewing angle
  • wide color gamut – anti-glare .
  •  customized according to your Project Requirements
  • High Transparency Rate
  • high brightness side – viewing full color led lamps
  • Fast lock for cabinet Connection
  • Standard cabinet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • High Resolution
  •  Based on the side-lighting SMD technology
  • Highly versatile system that is trusted by leading brands
  • Full daylight

Size is not fixed : you can customize yours according to your requirements.

Transparent LED Curtain

Latest Transparent  LED Screens

Transparent glass led display adopts high brightness side -viewing full color led lamps greatly improve transparency.

According to the environment used and the best viewing distance , we provide a complete Transparent LED Curtain solutions.

A wide variety of transparent led curtain options such as video, animation, and graphics.

Transparent touch screen

It works to provide two innovative technologies together to create an advanced display that is difficult to ignore.

High resolution 4K photos , white pixels that appear completely transparent and dark black pixels.

The full range of RGB colors has semi-transparent properties that are used for an amazing creative effect together with the content .

Indoor and outdoor Transparent led screens

The transparent LED displays offer Indoor LED Display Screen and Outdoor LED Display Screen options .

Flat – curved – cylindrical

They Can provide flat ( glass LED display ) , curved or cylindrical LED modules

Texture screens

LED Special and exclusive services

You can use a transparent LED screen distinguished in terms of design of your custom size ,

and also in terms of the quality of materials.

Our products are designed with the latest specifications to support all modern features that

make your choice a powerful means to enhance your brand.

They also advertise your product , project and services with innovation , splendor and uniqueness.

They attract, share, entertain, and dazzle your audience and customers .

Whether you need to create a custom transparent LED screen or need

a portable transparent sticker screen , our team provides a powerful , perfect and integrated solution that satisfy you perfectly.

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