Floor Standing Lcd Displays

Jul 2, 2019 | display screens

Floor Standing Lcd indoor outdoor advertising Displays, types, applications, key features, specifications, services, Welcome to know more about led screens

Floor Standing Lcd Displays

Floor Standing Lcd Display

Floor Standing Lcd Displays boast multimedia contents and catch attention .

Each screen comes with an all-in-one PC to provide a complete solution with easy installation.

It stands firmly on the floor . This new technology really suits all APP

Business Organizations : supermarketS , shopping malls , exclusive agency ,

chain shops , star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy , ……

Financial Organizations: Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops

Non-profit Organizations :Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools. etc .

Public Places :highway, airports, stations, gas stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls,

stadiums, museums, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers…

Real Estate Property : Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers

Entertainments :Movie theaters ,cinemas , fitness halls, clubs, massage rooms, bars, Internet bars, beauty shops

Floor Standing kiosk Special Features

Floor Standing kiosk Special Features

The newest floor kiosk advertising displays adopt and support

  • High Display aspect Ratio
  • High Resolution .
  • Wide Viewing Angle .
  • dual system :android and windows .
  • High quality Android motherboard .
  • adaptive Ethernet .
  • Touch screen : Infrared touch ( capacitance touch optional )
  • Wi-Fi Connection .
  • multi language ; Chinese, English, French, German,Spanish etc., with OSD key-lock function .
  • Sun readable high-brightness .
  • Plug and play solution
  • Powerful content creator .
  • Content Management software.
  • USB, Wireless and GPRS communication.
  • Great Active area (mm) WxH .
  • High Brightness.
  • TF/SD/USB .
  • HDMI output.
  • Infrared or capacitive touch (optional)
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • Built-in clock, can automatically sync the time from network
  • Preset time play .
  • Auto play in loop
  • video , music, picture, TXT, PPT, excel , word, PDF, web page ……………
  • Easy to remotely control the entire terminal by server .
  • split screen; video, logo, date, week, news, subtitles ….., all of them can be displayed on the terminal simultaneously
  • Power off memory: continuous previous play when power on .
  • keep all playing records automatically .
  • Static text, rolling text and rolling caption .
  • Built-in speakers: stereo sound (10W+10W)
  • Touchscreen: IR multipoint touch .
  • Strong metal case, anti-static, anti-magnetic
  • Multiple colors for optional, white, black, silver .
  • Built-in PC, high-configuration, high processor
  • Play format : RM, RMVB, MOV, MKV, TSو MPEG-4, Mp3, JPG, Avi, Mpg, Dat, H. 264, etc .
  • Screen partition display: Video, pictures, subtitles, time, weather forecast, web/flash, etc .

Our Floor Standing Lcd kiosks

  • Various Models
  • High Brand
  • Various Display Sizes

The user can real-timely monitor the working condition of all terminals

through server (real-timely grab any broadcast video, pictures, captions of terminals)

Out products provide high quality commercial display that stands as a landmark.

Our Floor Standing Lcd can be placed in even the brightest environments.

your visitors can easily visualize their route, with the ability to recommend specific routes for disabled people.

It enables them to quickly find the brand, the product or the category they are looking for.

Indoor Floor Standing LCD

One of the most popular Indoor LED Display Screen solutions

  • Android System
  • widows system
  • Ultra-high-fidelity sound
  • eye-catching , Ultra-thin and ultra-light hardware case, delicate and beautiful
  • complete, stable and reliable software.

Outdoor floor standing kiosks

Key features of Outdoor Floor Standing LCD Display

  • Impeccable for drawing the attention of new viewers and customers for for making more profit.
  • High ability to control, edit and display combination of text, video, and images.
  • Attract audience as well as business workforce with applicable media.
  • insure a high refresh rate as it displayed with HDMI as well as USB ports .
  • high versatility products enable users to carry much needed attention.
  • rendered with operating system, wired internet access as well as touch screen.
  • typically rendered with Infrared touch panel.
  • a huge variability of styles as well as sizes.

Our led screens services

Customer Service

We aim to supply our great clients not only with high quality products,

but with solutions and after sales service as well.

With our great experience in the world of led displays, we understand our clients’ needs for heavy duty advertising players.

We are also very pleased to receive OEM order to provide unique products for our distinguished customers

Competitive Price: We offer a competitive price for same quality products

to assure that our clients have price advantage and be competitive too.


Our team recommends our customers to do periodic checking and maintenance.

The periodic time is about one month.

  • Checking computer and other peripheral devices.
  • Killing virus , cleaning garbage, and backup data in computer periodically.
  • Cleaning the computer and other peripheral devices. ( when they are switched off )
  • check dots that are out of control, or abnormal module
  • checking all the hardware; steel structure, the wiring connection,…
  • the abnormal of the color.

The best LED Screens Company Welcomes you to know more about our led display screens

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