Floor Standing Lcd for sale factory price

Jul 3, 2019 | display screens

Floor Standing Lcd-kiosk for sale original brand, high quality products,all types, unique models, best specifications at the best price, integrated services

Floor Standing Lcd for sale factory price

Floor Standing Lcd for sale Best price

All of our products are modern high grade industrial quality.

They are durable and suitable for crowded traffic areas so that they fit indoor or outdoor applications.

Our massive sales volume enables you to get the best price on the latest technology.

Best price : we own a well- qualified team, so we have the ability to control the cost of each material.

The best LED Screens Company uses only the best Industrial Floor kiosks and high quality Panel PC parts at best price.

Select your own screen and let us help you with the payment.

We assure After- Sale Services .

Floor Standing Lcd Key Specifications

Having all the features of an advanced touch screen computer

  • Wi-Fi Internet .
  • Windows operating system .
  • Android system .
  • high-resolution videos playing .
  • Updating the content of the memory card.
  • The player switches on / off at certain times according to your setting .
  • Automatic playing .
  • The ability to setting the contents and background colors.
  • Recording the time of videos each time.
  • High-class metal material .
  • Built-in two high quality stereo speakers.
  • Massive advertising program .
  • Innovative & smart design, elegant looking; anti-corrosion power coating .
  • compact structure, user friendly, easy for maintenance .
  • Long hours running, Anti-vandalism, water-proof, dust-proof, high safety performance .
  • Cost-effective .
  • Environment adaptable .
  • Multi-groups of on / off time schedule could be setted remotely and control the display through Internet.
  • Compatible multimedia file formats ( MPEG1/2/4, AVI, RM,WMV,DAT, JPEG, BMP, PPT, WORD, EXCEL, TXT, MP3, RMVB, SWF,….. etc ).
  • Support media contents combine by videos, pictures, flashes, marquee etc.
  • Intelligent system for arranging and playing programs, easy and fast operation.
  • Apply the newest multimedia professor technologies and have excellent visual effect
  • Ultra-high-fidelity sound.
  • Have a lock, anti-theft functions .
  • color can be customized.
  • support IR Remote controller, you can use remote controller to operate the whole lcd.
  • Automatically generating playing list/Mixed displaying of videos,images and music.

Our products enjoy all the Latest Features

Floor Standing kiosk Special pros
  • Built-in Computer
  • Complete first class computer .
  • Fully touch screen with an interactive touch screen keyboard that makes typing content very easy .
  • Connect easily to a printer, scanner and other network devices.
  • work like a giant wireless smartphone and tablet.
  • can be displayed in portrait and landscape .
  • equipped with advanced, smart decoding technology and are able to play full HD videos and images.

Outdoor Floor Standing LCD

This type is a terrific option to display advertisements at airports , metro stations, malls and in other commercial buildings……

Our led screen controlled display solution is of high quality and distinguished with its stylish look.

It is really the best grade Outdoor Floor Standing LCD Display.

Special Features of Outdoor Floor Standing LCD Display

  • Panel of this solution is positioned in perpendicular direction to the floor to obtain optimum visual clarity.
  • Excellent sound attributes to create long lasting effect .
  • Ergonomic look .
  • resistant to environmental conditions .
  • Durable steel frame .
  • Slim and smart design .
  • Automatic restart and shutdown according to pre- setting .
  • Built-in clock and calendar.
  • Timer Power On/Off function .
  • Multi-language .
  • password function .
  • Built-in speaker .
  • Connect the internet by RJ45 port or Wifi .
  • Touch screen function.
  • Support uploading files through Wifi and cable network.
  • Can be controlled by the management software on computer .

IR Touch Screen Table Floor Standing LCD  

  • touch screen with all in one PC .
  • Thickness tempered glass as protection layer against the surface interference.
  • Optional for VGA port, HDMI port, compatible all formats.
  • lockable door to avoid flash memory card and advertising program being taken away .
  • easy to move around.
  • Application for Commercial Interaction .
  • Powerful exactly the same as Computer with touch option .

Our competitive advantage

  • We use full new LCD Panel, professional software and hardware team and QC.
  • We also provide advanced mounting technology and strictly control every aspect of production , to ensure the quality .
  • Quality Guaranteed .

Good service

  • We always do our best to respond to your inquiry immediately . That is really very helpful for solving your problem at any time .
  • our engineer is 12 hrs/day online to help you if you meet any problem.

we have software to help you create great advertising programs, simple operation, and has technical support and instructions.

Also we have two ways to operate the screen using the program ,

one by USB (manual replacement program),

the second is through wifi, 3G, 4G,… and cable remote replacement and playback programs .

Business owners love our Floor Standing Lcd Screens as they increase sales and customer satisfaction.

They’re extremely effective for any industry.

We have free lifetime phone technical support. We take care of our customers.

Improves Your Business Now .With the help of us , you can increase your sales,

introduce your services and enhance your brand as well .

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