Outdoor Led Screen Prices sale & rental

Jul 3, 2019 | display screens

Outdoor Led Screen Prices, Sale and Rental, including Model features,Warranty period, Free pieces, Final cost including installation service, no hidden cost

Outdoor Led Screen Prices sale & rental

Get the best specifications of the highest quality with a distinctive price and reasonable cost .

It is the balance that we always seek – through marketing department experts –

to provide our customers with high quality, state-of-the-art features on the one hand and final cost on the other.

All kinds of Outdoor Led screens.

Specially designed displays and a collection of the finest components of the LEED screen

Outdoor fixed screens with latest technology

  • Unique designs and exclusive models.
  • Top quality and finest raw materials.
  • The best prices of external displays with after-sale services, all with warranty for the longest period.
  • A team of technicians install screens up to the highest elevations.
  • Special contracts.
  • Great discounts

Dear customer, you can get a final quote with the extra features we offer without worrying about having hidden details.

Calculate the cost of your display yourself

A unique and exclusive service provided by the best led screens company that each customer

can benefit from, so that he can choose his own screen which suits him perfectly.

And also ensure that he possesses the advantage of determining the appropriate size for his a custom screen.

When you dial through the site you will get a price list

The price of each component includes screen size, display resolution, and input quality.

The Final price includes installation, programming and training .

However, we emphasize that these additional costs do not include a hidden or unclear price

Also we guarantee the lowest cost that has satisfied our former customers.

The cost of LED advertising screen is indicative of its physical size, the number of pixels based on the number of LEDs ,

As well as the quality of the components, and the features of other parts such as the controller, the cab and the video processor and others.

All of this affects the Outdoor Led Screen Prices .

It’s important to know ALL THOSE FACTORS before you select a product for your app.

The physical size or final size of the LED screen

Physical size of the screen is generally measured in square meters (width and height).

The square meter here consists of several tiles, for example p10 may be

16 cm width and height 16 cm. Here We need 12 tiles to form a meter by meter screen.

p 10 screen may be 32 cm width and height 16 cm, so we need 3 tiles for display and 6 tiles for height.

By this simple way, the customer can easily calculate the number of tiles needed

according to the accuracy of the image he needs to fill his space.

Best Display Solutions Company

One of the most important elements in LED is to provide a high

level of quality related to the components used in the design of the screen.

The bid may vary significantly on the same size depending on the source and quality of the LEDs.

We care and make an effort to choose and design our products to ensure the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Image resolution, pixel density is the number of pixels per meter in the screen.

Consider a display of high resolution (1020 x 1080 pixels) or 4K or UHD 3820 x 2160 pixels.

The difference is after the size of the screen. We are interested in creating it with

standard components in order to provide the visual effect and great clarity.

Through us , you can advertise your services, your project, your product, and advertise your logo

at any location, on any surface and in any area whatever the space is.

Change your display whenever you want, use a screen that fits your budget perfectly without affecting the level of performance you want.

Features of LED screens

  • Ease of use, installation and operation.
  • Lightness of weights, beautiful shapes and bright .
  • Resistance to weather conditions and variability of weather.
  • Controlling the selection of the appropriate colors from and the multiple color list
  • R / RG / RGB
  • A program and internal control system to use more than one system.
  • Remote control by internet.
  • Clarity and lighting, day and night without any difference.
  • Variety sizes to suit all designs and projects.
  • Adaptation to extreme temperatures.
  • Automatic lock / lock because of the multi-function screen system.
  • Organize appointments and arrange work schedules efficiently.
  • high contrast color.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • high refresh rate.
  • no reflection & no noise.
  • High level of abrasion resistance.
  • attractive effects, graphics, images, videos and sound.
  • View full-screen video, animations, and ads.

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