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Jul 4, 2019 | display screens

LED screen Prices 2019 for each type includes model, specifications, extra parts, warranty, final price including installation, programming, best offers

Prices of LED screens 2019 specifications

We offer our LED screen Prices 2019 ; all kinds to all our dear customers and those

who are interested in the market of screens in general to give them a full review and clear way about

the movement of prices of electronic advertising led screens for the current year so that they can get the best ever.

As we offer this service, we enable each customer to know the initial price for each type

as well as the different models and the final size and the cost of the final screen.

A comprehensive report that includes each type , models, and also the technical specifications and possibilities .

It also includes the price of each component separately and then the additional pieces with the Purchase discounts.

What distinguishes us is informing the customer with the final cost of connecting components,

programming and installation with high transparency and without additional costs surprising.

Here it is important to make it clear to all those who want to buy a LED screen that

the cost of the screen itself does not only mean lower price but it means

Product quality, features and advantages supported, warranty period, maintenance contract as well.

Our team ensure the user’s rights in after-sales service

  • preventive maintenance
  • replacing original parts
  • training
  • programming and reprogramming the screen.
  • changing or modifying the content.

LED screen rental prices

Besides fixed installation, you can get a led screens for rent .

Here the client needs to rent a screen for a certain period for one day to

more than a month for using in a particular event or an occasion such as opening an institution

or offering discounts or special offers to customers and so on.

We also offer a rental service for any period desired by the customer and offer him

the latest price for the year 2019 with the guarantee of all services after the lease.

The prices of LED screens requires the customer to be careful and pay attention to the

importance of dealing with the best LED Screens Company in order to

ensure getting the the best special prices, the latest specifications and the highest quality according to

the latest research report submitted by its experts.

The demand for LED displays is what drives experts towards continuous development – to meet all needs and areas – in terms of :

High resolution, industry quality, superb specifications and the best technology.

Best Solutions & LED screen Prices 2019

In order to get a price that is acceptable to you and achieves your satisfaction.

Also a price that ensures maintaining your budget and achieve the purpose completely,

you have to identify the several key factors of the screen you intend to use, then you can select it.

The brand of the product, its quality and the highest manufacturing precision gives the screen

the longest life. Together with a distinctive software and physical components, all these factors can

interact with each other to produce a high-definition image .

  • Warranty
  • maintenance contracts
  • Reliability

All of those elements interact with each other, for example companies advertise for

the same degree of pixel, which affects the resolution and clarity of the image.

However, prices are varied, mainly due to differences in product quality and reliability.

Besides the previous factors there are some services that are not less important

  • programming in terms of identifying videos, images, text, formatting and innovation to show content in an attractive and eye-catching way.
  • programming and adjusting the settings of the
    screen and controlling the times of operation and shutting down automatically and also display certain ads at specific times or days.
  • Ensuring excellent installation by a well-qualified team of technicians according to the recommendations of the best engineering offices.
  • After sales service; making adjustments or immediate maintenance and so on.

LED display screens Types

First, the installation of the screen should be determined whether

in an open environment, in streets, squares or on a high building

or installation in a closed environment away from open spaces to determine the type of installation location

  • Outdoor LED Display Screen

This selection is based on the choice of screen size and display accuracy.

For example, when the space is small, for example 2 or 3 meters height and 4 meters width,

The resolution of the image must be high so that it can be seen from the closest point, for example p5 – p6 – p8.

On the other hand In open places , especially when the viewing distance is far, then we need the large size.

For example, 4 height and 16 meters width

The resolution of the image is p8 – p10 – p12 and so on.

Second, determine the content to be displayed, such as texts, videos, pictures or drawings.

There are screens with special specifications, including what gives wider viewing angles and what can be seen from all directions .

Curved, cylindrical and circular displays

There are also touch, windows systems , connected to Wi-Fi technology.

floor standing lcd

In some types the screens can be folded 360 degrees in any way to make amazing configurations .

Also users can add or remove chips of it to fit the space of the place .


LED curtain screens

Some kinds are also distinguished in terms of the possibility of installation;

on the wall or on the floors, including what is pasted on a glass wall.

Video Wall display screens
Transparent led screens


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Also you ensure a balance between price, quality and a competitive price list.

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