Outdoor LED Display Screen BEST SOLUTIONS

Jul 4, 2019 | display screens

Outdoor LED Display Screen text, images and video advertising, specifications,best prices all what you need for best solutions sale rental programming

Outdoor LED Display Screen BEST SOLUTIONS

Outdoor LED Display Screen BEST SOLUTIONS

Discover the best and most appropriate solution to meet the needs of your marketing advertising activity

for your product, project or services, whatever your field is .

LED display products, a wide range of options to help you create a unique

relationship in an innovative way with your existing or target customers.

You can benefit from the services of electronic billboards

and an animated advertisement for outdoor or indoor displays.

Outdoor LED displays can send your text or video message in a moving format,

distinctive appearance of the advertisement and excellent brightness to large crowds.

Specifications and characteristics of outdoor displays

Outdoor displays are characterized by many advantages and features that

make them the best choice for advertising and broadcasting events in open air.

  • A very clear image with bright, vivid colors ensuring that your ads appear and thrive with movement, vitality and life.
  • Content can be easily edited to any presentation with an easy-to-use program.
  • Reliable in all weather conditions, from extreme cold and snow to extreme temperatures.
  • The ideal visual support to introduce your message in the best possible way.
  • High reliability, durable Long life product.
  • efficient performance without being affected by weather conditions or shocks.
  • Suitable for use in windy conditions or in stormy weather.
  • Extremely lightweight structure.
  • High brightness
  • strong waterproof frame .
  • amazing with a special incandescent ad at night and an ultra-clear image even in the sunshine.
  • The public can see them from far distances, in all lighting conditions.
  • available in all sizes, as well as varying rates of color and diversity, especially black.
  • The vision is clear even if the sunlight is positioned vertically on the electronic board.
  • lighting and the emission of light from its source to display the clearest images and presentations.
  • Unique designs and exclusive models.
  • user-friendly.
  • beautiful, bright shapes.
  • Resistance to weather conditions.
  • Controlling the selection of colors.
  • R / RG / RGB
  • A program and internal control system to choose yours .
  • Clarity day and night without any difference.
  • bear extreme temperatures.
  • Automatic lock & manual lock
  • Multi-Function system.
  • arrange work schedules efficiently.
  • high contrast color.
  • Wider viewing angles.
  • high refresh rate.
  • no reflection & no noise.
  • thrive effects, graphics, images, videos and sound.

Best led screens Solutions

The most important factor in the LED is to provide a high degree of quality of the components used in the design of the screen.

The bid may vary significantly for the same size depending on the source and quality of the LEDs.

Here we care about and do our best to choose and design our products PEFECTLY to

ensure OFFERING the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Through us you can advertise your services, your project or

product and show your logo anywhere , on any structure and in any space .

Change your ad or message when you want, and use a screen that fits your budget perfectly without affecting the level of performance you want.

When your outdoor screen is properly executed in terms of the accuracy of the images,

the number of colors, the quality and the size, it can become a prominent sign.

Large outdoor LED screens and digital billboards can be installed almost anywhere,

on the ground or at high altitude and even on moving vehicles.

Extensive experience in installing large outdoor LED display screens on buildings for promotional and advertising use.

Our products support

  • USB, LAN or Internet communication system.
  • text, image and video.
  • full-color video to increase visual impact.
  • After-sales service

We support you not only through after sales service, but also through media production .

  • Keeping the message as short as possible gives the most important message a greater chance of being read.

Choose the size, the type of screen and the strategic location you want to

put it and we will accomplish the rest of the work without bothering you.

  • Outdoor LED Display Screen with after-sale services
  • longest-period warranty .
  • High – qualified technician team
  • Special contracts.
  • Great discounts .
  • THE BEST Outdoor Led Screen Prices

Types of outdoor led displays

If you look forward to having an outdoor led display selected among several options, take into consideration

  • the content; text or video ?
  • the way to connect the video to the screen.
  • the size
  • Place of installation; indoor or outdoor.
  • choose the position to install your sign.
  • Screen specifications which we will introduce here.

The specifications can be utilized when manufactured such as

Giant LED screens : are widely used outdoors.

They are used in places of gatherings of large numbers of spectators, in streets,in fields, squares, parks, stadiums, etc…..

They are installed on the roofs of buildings. You see them in the stadiums, especially football stadiums

Transparent led screens are installed on the glass display interface of the shop and show the exhibits behind them.

Outdoor Transparent led screen

Curved or cylindrical screens

The high flexibility and the beauty of the bending, which enables watching the screen from different angles.

The cylindrical type of them shows the advertisement from all directions.

Flexible LED Curtains
Which are characterized by thin frame and lightweight can be designed as chips,

so that they can be dismantled and installed easily.

They are suitable for mounting hung on the entire building facade.

Floor Standing lcd
The latest advertising technology and Windows touch screen display.

Dance floors and wall screens
Which decorate the concert, especially night concerts in the clubs.

They are installed on the floor of the theater or behind the singer or band.

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