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Jul 5, 2019 | display screens

Led screens for sale Contact for a range of indoor & outdoor types for all APP, BEST SERVICES, maintenance, programming, installation, special contracts

Led screens for sale best solutions

Led screens for sale best solutions

 As we believe that the world of indoor and outdoor display screens and digital signs

requires that each customer must be convinced of the quality level

and makes sure that he has a LED screen that satisfies his purpose at the highest level and

efficiency in performance and industry. In addition, he insists to get after-sale services or leasing,

Our LED Screens Company provides all customers who want to buy or rent a screen,

or design an electronic custom screen for advertising or introducing services with :

  • All kinds of Led screens for sale equipped with the latest technology

and all specifications that fall under the international technical standards.

  • Installation of indoor and outdoor screens in all places by a technical staff that are equipped with the latest equipment .
  • Good installation of the screen on the floors and over the roofs of buildings, shop fronts

and on irregular engineered surfaces as well as at the highest elevations or hanging along the street.

  • Programming the advertising content in the most amazing ways to be highly expressive and also eye-catching .
  • Maintenance of LED screens for both old screens – which are not of our products – and also

our screens which are inside or outside warranty period using original parts.

the cheapest prices together with the highest quality, we achieve the difficult equation

Led ​​screens for sale at the best prices

The largest variety of products by which we provide all kinds of LED screens to suit all places, uses and applications;

Sports events, stadiums, covered halls, concerts, balls, banquet halls, events,

Seminars, conferences, educational halls, fashion shows, shops, beauty salons, banks, hospitals,

government ministries, institutions, satellite studios and photography studios, etc .

Through our led signs, users can introduce their services, projects , products , prices , discounts , display ads, etc .

  • Screens of the finest materials and of various sizes small, large, giant .
  • Well- designed screens.Also we possess the ability to design a custom screen size, number of colors and accuracy of image details on demand.

Our team are always ready to choose the suitable type for each customer among

the largest complete stock that ensure the creative freedom of the customer.

The best prices of LED screens with the service of calculating the meter cost and

calculating the final cost after the assembly , programming and installation.

Premium contracts for longer period include maintenance, content change and screen reprogramming.

Installation of display screens

The installation stage, especially when it is a giant screen and at a height of up to 50 meters

or more needs modern equipment and cranes (winch) of a special type.

You need a large technical staff supervises this process so as not to cause any damage, God forbid,

whether to the screen or those who install it .

You also need something important; it is certain technical specifications at

the installation determined by the technical engineering office.

So we deal with the best engineering consulting offices to ensure that the screen

does not fall or moved by wind or storms .

The technical staff assembles screen parts from units, chassis and other components .

Then the components are connected to each other in a professional and accurate way .

The units are tied to each other according to the width and height required.

All full precautions are taken into consideration when installing the screen in its place strongly and even at the highest altitude.

Selling and installing display screens – A distinguished technician

We are ready to help you select the type of the screen; its size and the accuracy of the presentation

to get the appropriate features of the largest variety ever known in Arab markets .

Video Wall screens, transparent , curved display screens, cylindrical, Floor Standing lcd ..

A great team of professional technicians and engineers with extensive experience in LED advertising.

Top-level training of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of LED screens for assembly,

programming, delivery, installation and maintenance services.

Executing distinctive works, large projects and distinctive legal contracts.

The work begins once we have received your call or e-mail to be answered by

a specialist and immediately begins to know your request and deal with i

LED Screens General Key Features

LED Screens General Key Features
  • high quality.
  • The highest display resolution.
  • clarity of the picture.
  • Easy to operate and control .
  • wide angle of view.
  • can be controlled remotely.
  • high accuracy.
  • clarity of the colors .
  • high brightness.
  • Best color uniformity.
  • high refresh rate.
  • lightweight.
  • abrasion resistance.
  • Wi-Fi Internet .
  • Windows operating system .
  • Android operating system .
  • Automatic playing .
  • setting the contents and background colors.
  • Recording the time of videos.
  • high quality stereo speakers.
  • Innovative & smart design.
  • compact structure.
  • easy for maintenance .
  • Anti-vandalism, water-proof, dust-proof.
  • high safety performance .
  • adaptable to the environment .
  • Compatible multimedia file formats .
  • media contents combine by videos, pictures, flashes, marquee etc.
  • Apply the newest multimedia professor.
  • Have a lock, anti-theft functions .
  • IR Remote controller.
  • first class computer .
  • Fully touch screen.
  • can be connected easily to a printer, scanner and other network devices.
  • portrait and landscape display .
  • resistant to environmental conditions .
  • Durable steel frame .
  • Automatic restart and shutdown according to pre- setting .
  • Timer Power On/Off function .
  • Multi-language .
  • password function .

Led screens Types

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  1. Hi do you have Interactive screens also a transperant wall. These are required for an event

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