Advertising Led Display Screen Prices

Jul 5, 2019 | display screens

Advertising Led Screen Prices; sale & Rental, special price, a long-term warranty, the final cost including installation, programming and training services

Advertising Led Screen Prices

Advertising Led Screen Prices

We offer our customers the best prices of LED advertising screens of

all kinds, models and designs, the highest quality and the latest specifications.

We offer to each customer

  • The wonderful balance between the price and quality of the screen in order to

provide our customers with the highest quality with the best price that is acceptable to everyone.

  • A unique price list after assisting the client in choosing what  suits his or her business

and advertising; in terms of type, specifications, size and accuracy of screen display.

With our great service which is Calculating the cost of the screen according to its

specifications and size. Finally calculating the final cost of the screen after the components are connected .

The final price is transparent and far away from the hidden costs used by others, in respect of our customers

Contact us to get your price list

led screens best services

  • Programming and installation services at low cost.
  • After-sale services are guaranteed by long term contracts.
  • Maintenance contract
  • All the company’s work is carried out by a professional technicians.

We know that what matters to you is to get the product that achieves what you want .

You always are interested in specifications and the latest features that

achieve the purpose accurately, efficiently and successfully.

And also the best price that does not affect your budget

  • Available prices are competitive and you can compare.
  • You can benefit from our offers that do not end in order to suit each customer.

When you buy a display screen as a means of advertising or as a means of broadcasting shows such as games and concerts,

it is very important for you to be informed of the specifications and features of each type

led screens best services
  • Full range of electronic panels and larger stoke covers
  • All kinds of screens in different models.
  • Exclusive screens will only be found through us.
  • The latest specifications of LED screens with the highest technology.
  • Display Screens for sale
  • Rental of led screens
  • Fixed screens of various fixed sizes
  • Designing custom screens according to customer’s desire.

We are pleased to clarify that our services provided to all customers upon obtaining a Rental

screen for any lease term are the same as our fixed screens ,

in terms of immediate intervention at the client’s desire to change or modify

the content and also ensure its work throughout the agreed period.

  • Special offers and larger discount rates for major institutions and ministries.

Advertising Led Screen Prices Types

First, it is necessary to pay attention to

  • The quality of the screens in order to achieve the highest operating efficiency possible under the installation in the open air,

and its constant exposure to volatile weather conditions from rain, dust and extreme heat.

  • The quality of the LED lamps and the brightness that will be achieved in the light of

the sun and night lights so that the glow of colors is not adversely affected by that light.

  • The screen size and image resolution that must be balanced on one hand with viewing distance.

So that the choice of size and resolution of the screen is perfectly suitable for the distance between them and the viewer p8 – p10 – p12 – … .p25.

Choose a suitable type according to the design specifications of the screen in terms of

physical shape such as be curved, cylindrical, glass or transparent, curtain, Fulding

  • Curved, cylindrical and circular displays
  • LED curtain screens
  • Transparent displays led transparent screens

The place of installation also affects the choice, the installation (on both sides of the roads on a rack or more – a wall –

hanging along a street or on the front of a building floor – standing on the floor without a holder)

Led Display Screen Extra points

  • Lightweight, easily attached to the wall .
  • Resistant to weather changes and withstand moisture and rust as you can adapt to heat intensity.
  • Electronic connection to the screen for remote control.
  • Enjoy the accuracy in colors and multiple scales and sizes.
  • Organize contrast rates and brightness to get the most pure and clear presentations and announcements.
  • Energy consumption saving
  • long- life products
  • Appear as beautiful backgrounds while using wall and transparent display screens.
  • Organize your work schedules and set enough time for the ad to go off automatically.

LED Display Services & Solutions

Large range include all types of displays and street advertising screens having their characteristics, features and various designs .

The design of the advertising screen is characterized by the degree of clarity and size determined by the client, and

according to the requirements of the installation, which is according to the specifications of the engineering office.

To provide a suitable solution for every client or project and to assign a smart solution.

Programming advertising content with post-sale services and installation of display screens.

The customer can calculate the value of the screen of his choice after providing him

with the exclusive price of each component and also the final price without hidden cost.

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