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Mar 12, 2023 | CCTV

Home Security Cameras BEST Security Camera System TOP Surveillance cameras Which security camera is best for home? Best IP camera BEST Wifi Security Camera

Home Security Cameras make room for peace of your mind when selecting high quality, and full features cameras to observe kids, maids, guards,garage, babysitters, etc.

Home Security Cameras All you want

Home Security Cameras All you want

  • Home security is getting more and more important, so installing Home Security cameras are becoming more and more common.
  • Everyone needs to protect themselves, their homes, their kids,and their valuables.
  • So having a surveillance system gives you the ability to remotely monitor what’s happening in your home when you are away
  • A security system not only protect you, but also gives safety for your neighborhood .
  • Certainly, feeling of security you gain with this system is the most important  value of all.
  • Also you have the confidence of feeling safe that will help you be a more productive and focused person.

The Benefits of Security Cameras For The Home


  • Having a security system in your home grants you an extra defense against any harms .
  • As security Cameras work well to protect the exterior of homes and the interior as well.

Protecting the exterior of your home

man looking

They work as the first defender to your home:

  • You can see anyone who comes to your home before they even get to your front door.
  • You can see your car or whatever there is in front of home
  • In addition, You can see your children when they play in the garden or in the front of home

Protecting the inside of your home

camera inside

  • Home Security Cameras can monitor babysitters so that you can observe how they treat your kids.
  • They enable you to observe maids so that you can ensure their good behaviors.
  • you can monitor people who come into your home and see what they are doing when you are away.
  • Home security cameras make you able to make sure that your children are being taken care of properly.
  • In addition, surveillance cameras in the home are beneficial when it comes to checking in on your kids.
  • Having Home Security Cameras can help you keep an eye on them.
  • Providers of surveillance cameras know well that homeowners are in a bad need to having a security systems.
  • So they have worked hard to offer a wide range of security cameras with endless feature options.
  • There are many different options that you can select among them to have the security cameras for the home.
  • With these different kinds of home security cameras available, determining which one suits  your need can be a difficult task.
  • But here is some advice and information that will help you to decide on Best security camera type/ types.

Indoor Security Camera System

indoor cctv camera

  • These are used to protect the inside and to monitor what is happening at home
  • Indoor cameras you can get have many feature options.
  • Resolution : 720p – 1080p – 480i.
  • Great Night Vision Range to 32 Feet.
  • Mic and Speaker for 2-Way Talkback.
  • Built-in Mic.
  • Mic and Speaker for 2-Way Talkback.

outside home security cameras

What type of outdoor security camera is best?

best outside cameras for home
outdoor cctv camera

  • Resolution : 720p – 1080p – 1536p.
  • Motion Detection.
  • Great Night Vision Range of 65 Feet.
  • Mic and Speaker for 2-Way Talkback.

IP Camera

  • Also it is referred to as internet protocol camera.
  • It is a camera that sends and receives data via a network and/or the internet.
  • It transmits digital video over a data connection; ethernet, USB, WiFi ( Wifi Security Camera ) ……
  • It is the best option for the home for many reasons :

dome cameras

  1. It’s easy to check in on your kids from your desk at work.
  2. IP Cameras allow you to connect to the internet and remotely view live video from anywhere in the world.
  3. It is easy to install : you don’t need special cables or wires.
  4. Also you can move them easily and install them anywhere you want to observe.
  • There are four types of ip cameras:

Fixed  cameras

  • This type of IP cameras is mounted to cover a certain area always.
  • The direction of coverage is visible to people and the lenses are changeable.

Fixed Dome cameras

  • This is another type which IP cameras come in
  • The camera is fixed in a  dome-shaped housing to cover a certain area always.
  • Due to the dome, it is hard for persons to know in which direction the camera is pointing.
  • Lenses of this type is limited and cannot be easily changed.

PTZ Camera

PTZ dome camera

  • It is a PTZ camera, but kept in a housing shaped like a dome. These PTZ dome cameras have a full 360 degree Pan.

PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) Cameras

PTZ Camera

  • They provide both wide-area coverage and great detail as they have the potential  pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Also they have the ability to move in all directions and can be pre-set to move manually and/or automatically between positions .

CCTV camera system Features

You should know about the important features of Home Security Cameras and keep them in mind when selecting your camera:

Motion Detection Motion Detection

  • This means that a camera sends you notifications when it observes motion within its field of view.
  • These notifications can alert you to any activity so you can pay attention and monitor the situation.

Field of View

  • It refers to the width of an angle a camera can view. This will affect how many cameras you need and where you should install them.


  • It tells how clear the image captured from a camera will be.
  • A clear, pure image is very helpful when trying to identify faces of persons or items


  • It can refer to receiving sound throughout a microphone, sending sound via a speaker, or both.

Night Vision

night vision camera

  • It indicates how far your camera can capture images in low- to no-light conditions.
  • And this can have a great impact on its effectiveness because many crimes and breaking in happen at night.
  • This is related to Infrared or IR . Infrared cameras have IR LEDs positioned around  the camera lens
  • These leds emits IR light so a camera can capture images when there is  low or no lighting.


  • Some cameras can pan and/or tilt to record a larger area, therefore they can reduce the number of cameras needed to cover a certain area.

continuous video recording

professional monitoring

Easy-to-use mobile app

Real-time video surveillance from any device


  • Never worry about this since you can get the Home Security Cameras that can satisfy your need at best price .
  • Best Kuwait camera company can provide you with the best.


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