Security Cameras Kuwait All You Need To Know

Dec 10, 2017 | CCTV

Security Cameras Kuwait its types, importance and features – top brands, high quality, HD – installing and upgrading systems

How to select your Security Cameras

There are some important factors to consider when deciding on your security cameras

How to select your Security Cameras

These factors ensure that your surveillance system does what you want it to do

Besides that, you ensure that it would work properly

The success of your system depends on your selecting the right cameras

  • Firstly, determine what you want the camera to capture for you

In other words, what you will be watching

Users want to see a scene, an event and individuals to determine what is happening

  • The type of camera

Do you want to use it indoors or outdoors?

Are you going to wire your system or use a wireless one?

Do you want the camera to focus on a specific area or to move freely?

  • The area you want  the camera to view so that you can decide on the focal length of the lens

The focal length of the lens has a great impact on the field of view

  • Resolution : It means how clear and pure the images are

Pixels or megapixels measure resolution of a camera

Here HD Camera is the best and you can select HD, FULL HD or 4K camera

Higher-resolution camera produce images with more detail so a camera can capture the detail of a person’s face or a licence plate or writing

  • Lighting conditions

you should understand how much available light is as it determines the amount of light a camera requires to produce usable videos

  •  Quality of a lens : a high quality lens is one of the most important factors when determining your camera
  • Type of a lens : fixed or variable lens
  • Brands

Types of security cameras

There is a wide range of CCTV cameras in markets to satisfy all needs, purposes and conditions

Each type has its own unique features  to achieve a special purpose

Indoor Cameras

indoor cctv camera

This type is installed inside as it can not withstand effects of severe weather conditions, as wind, rain or heat

It is the best to monitor a specific area

Outdoor Cameras

outdoor cctv camera

It is designed for outdoor use and it has many features

  • weather resistance : it is more weather resistant as it resist rays of the sun, wind, storms, water and freezing weather
  • Capturing wider exterior views

Wired Cameras

Here we need wires and cables so installing this type needs the help of a well experienced technician

Wireless Cameras

Wireless security cameras

  • Easy to install : you can install it just by reading the installation guide

You can connect it using modern technology WI-FI or Router of the Internet

  • Portability, versatility and mobility
  • Easy to move it and install it in a different place
  • You don’t need special wires or cables so it eliminates the cost of network cabling

IP Camera

network ip camera

It is Network security cameras as it is connected to a network

It transmits a digital signal using Internet Protocol as each camera has its own IP Address

You can watch the camera and take control of it even from your mobile phone while you are away

There are 4 types of IP Cameras : fixed, fixed Dome, PTZ and PTZ Dome

Dome cameras

dome cameras

  • Ii is called dome due to its shape as it comes in a dome-shaped housing
  • You affix it on ceilings
  • people in the place  can not know where the camera is pointed
  • It suits small areas so people use it in banks and offices

Bullet cameras

bullet cameras

In this type of cameras, lens and housing are combined in one body

  • Bullet camera is easy to mount and adjust
  • Its design makes it resist variable weather
  • It Includes IR Illuminators

BOX Camera

box camera

Its name is derived from its shape

It is used as an outdoor camera as it suits weather conditions but we can also use it indoors

It offers many lens options

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Camera

The operator can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera as the cameras has mechanical controls

PTZ Cameras has the potential to

  • Focus on areas of interest
  • Moves in all directions and zoom in to detail
  • Turn on a preset position
  • Freeze : IP PTZ Cameras can freeze the image

A Day/Night Camera

night vision camera

you can use it indoors or outdoors and it suits places with low light conditions

Therefore, it can work properly in day and night-time lighting situations

The importance of security cameras

CCTV Cameras can be used in all fields and places

So we can install it to protect homes, companies, offices, stores, shops, supermarkets and factories

Cameras don’t only protect places but they protect people and their kids

They are the best means of monitoring homes and


Protect the company 

installing security cameras inside and outside the workplace can help us a lot to see our business grow and succeed

  • protect our workplace : a camera can record thieves so we ensure our business is safe
  • record acts of employee theft
  • save the files of the company and its secrets
  • work as a crime deterrent : when thieves see that the place is well-defended, they won’t act against it
  • Protect the employees inside by recording visitors as workre perform better when they feel ssafe and
  • stop an employee acts badly against his /her colleague
  • Increase productivity : by monitoring workers, a manager can determine who works well and who needs help

protect homes and kids

  • CCTV Cameras monitor maids and their acts towards children
  • Parents can know how maids treat kids
  • You can ensure that no strangers get into your home to steal or hurt your kids
  • you can make sure that your kids do homework and revise their lessons. Besides that You can know how your kids behave

Security Cameras Kuwait

Offering a wide range of security cameras kuwait to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients’ needs

offering all solutions in the field of surveillance using cameras

Security Cameras Kuwait are top brands and high features for the best prices

Installing a new  security system

Upgrading an existing one


We offer all solutions to meet our clients’ needs taking in consideration their requirements


Offering  certified products of  Security Cameras Kuwait of high quality

Services and support

Ensuring all kinds of support to all clients



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