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Dec 12, 2017 | CCTV

CCTV Cameras Kuwait For Homes And Business, wide range of camera types, sets of features and high brands offering a solution for any requirement at the best price

What are CCTV Cameras ?

What are CCTV Cameras

CCTV is an abbreviation of/for closed-circuit television.

CCTV Cameras refer to a video surveillance system and they transmit a video signal to a specific place to a set of monitors.

A CCTV system is closed-circuit as the cameras, monitors and video recorders communicate using cables or wireless link.

The parts of a surveillance system

 Why we need a Surveillance System

There are some components that form the surveillance system :

The main components

They are the components that must be available for the system to work

  • A security camera: the main component
  • Device : it connects cameras
  • Media : it is the carrier medium . Here it is cables but there are cameras which are connected without cables or wires.
  • Power to provide cameras with electricity

Sub-components such as

  • The Internet
  • Hard Disk
  • LCD
  • Computer
  • Switch

They are optional and just increase the ability of the system.

Where we can use cameras

Security cameras can be used in companies, factories,stores, shops and supermarkets.

Also they can be used in schools,banks. airports  and hospitals .

Benefits of CCTV cameras

For homeowners and businessmen, a CCTV camera is a great solution to crimes as they

  • work as deterrents

Thieves and burglars don’t usually get into a place if it is well protected.

Besides that, they reduce criminals activities and prevent crimes.

  • enable you to know what is happening so you can act immediately.
  • can offer videos and images to be used as an evidence after a break-in.

Surveillance cameras for home   

camera inside

  • They make you feel safe and far out danger as they monitor what is happening inside and outside your home.
  • They enable you to observe your kids’ behaviour at home.
  • You can observe your maids and follow maids’ treatment styles toward your sons .
  • Parents watch their kids at home through video cameras.
  • They provide enough protection for our money and savings.

Read article about home security cameras .

Surveillance cameras for business places

Surveillance cameras for business

  • They enable you to monitor employee to ensure that they are acting well , otherwise you can direct them.
  • They make you able to solve problems.
  • you can monitor and protect your workplace.
  • They prohibits spies to take your valuable documents or important papers .
  • Also you feel comfortable and relief during using them.
  • They give you the capability of controlling  everything.
  • By cameras you can solve problems between clients and workers in your company .
  • They enable us to follow our work all over places and at any time.

How to select a camera

How to select a camera

Before you choose a camera, you have to determine whether you are going to install it indoors or outdoors.

Also you need to know more about Brands, resolution, lenses, wired or wireless, the field of view, fixed or ptz.

There are many traits and features you should know about

  • Many cameras work by motion detection through sending warning messages and notifications when there are any action happening.
  • Cameras have a high field of view and large space, so camera moves rapidly and freely .

While selecting a camera, you should make sure that it supports the field of view .

  • Camera controls the distance and how narrow and wide angles can record.
  • Security cameras have the trait of sound as some of them allow hearing sound of people who appears at the monitor.

You can listen the sound by speaker and microphone .

  •  cameras have a pure picture and move at more one side to record a large area and space.
  •  Alerting you by sending emails and notifications.
  • CCTV cameras have a pure image which enable you to identify persons well.

Best types of cameras Surveillance Cameras

Cameras categories divide into some important kinds

There are two main types

outdoor and indoor cameras

Each type of them works with some best features and significant traits.

Indoor cameras

These cameras protect the inside of houses and workplaces

Outdoor cameras

This type protects the outside of buildings and gives us alerts and emails when there is a suspicious activity happening outdoors .

Also there are a multi- safety cameras that protect buildings which require protection outside and inside.

So you are always safe and ensure safety to yourself, your family and your business.

Also CCTV cameras divide into

Wired or wireless

You need special cables and wires to install wired cameras.

Meanwhile, wireless cameras are installed using wifi or router of the internet

Also we can classify them as:

Fixed or Movement cameras

Fixed cameras are installed to cover a certain area.

Movement cameras cameras have the potential to move around in all direction

Different types of CCTV cameras

Dome cameras, named after the shape of their housing

people can not know which direction or view the camera is pointing.

Bullet cameras, named after their cylindrical shape.

These cameras capture images in a certain area.

Infrared cameras have the ability and potential to capture images even when there is no lighting.

Night /day camera compensates light conditions and standards.

This type refers to cameras which have more light at night and day even the criminal events take place at night.

High definition cameras are capable of capturing high definition videos


  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p (HD)
  • 950p (AHD)
  • 1080p (FULL HD)
  • 4k

Cameras send a pure photo to alert you about the faces of persons and manage you to zoom images and see the faces well.

PTZ cameras move around right to left and some of them circulate rapidly on all sides of home and business work.

They are programmable and are manually controllable to allow you to have control on viewing things.

Talkback cameras support the feature of high and low sound and you can control sound .

You can turn on the sound of a camera and hear sounds clearly.

wireless cameras allow working without wires so you can see everything around you through computer and internet connection.

IP Camera is an internet protocol cameras that send and receive data using a computer network and the Internet

Users can watch what is happening wherever they

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