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Jan 28, 2020 | CCTV

Kuwait camera company best integrated services sale installation programming repair maintenance covering all areas best cost high technical support 24/7

Kuwait camera company all services

Kuwait camera company all services

We are proud to provide all services related to security systems in Kuwait market

We cover all areas in Kuwait through our highly-qualified technical team.

  • providing our customers with best-in-class services.
  • marketing high quality products with high efficiency.
  • Best price
  • offering operational assistance
  • CCTV Camera Installation Kuwait
  • providing technical consultancy services via the internet 24/7.
  • a complete range of products, technical support, as well as financial credit facilities.
  • maintenance

Our company’s values

We provide our clients with the best depending on our values

  • uncompromising integrity
  • maximum operational efficiency
  • the highest of service quality standards
  • Honesty

Also we provide our technical team and employees with the continuous development.

Our engineers are well-experienced to provide you with the smart solution required for your application.

Our company is a leading provider of services security systems and surveillance solutions :

  • Wireless Networks Solutions
  • Network Security Solution
  • Call Center Solution
  • CCTV Solution
  • Stand-Alone Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IP Camera with NVR

Technical specification for CCTV system

One of our engineers or technicians previews the site to determine the number

of cameras needed, then determines the types of cameras that should be used.

  • Determining the positions of fixation in order to cover the largest

area through choosing an appropriate viewing angle, taking into account the lighting conditions.

  • Starting the installation of the system in an integrated and coherent manner.

Indoor cameras

Outdoor cameras

  • Wired cameras
  • Wireless cameras
  • Color or black and white cameras
  • Wide-angle lens cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Infrared/night vision cameras
  • Day/night cameras
  • IP Camera
  • Fixed  cameras
  • Fixed Dome cameras

PTZ Cameras

  • PTZ dome camera
  • CCTV PTZ Cameras
  • NETWORK IP PTZ Cameras
  • Outdoor PTZ Cameras
  • Indoor PTZ Cameras

Security Camera Features

  • Motion Detection
  • Field of View
  • Resolution
  • Sound
  • Night Vision
  • Movement
  • Type of software
  • sensibility
  • Image division
  • Support all types of recording
  • Real-time recording
  • Support the latest types of hard disk
  • Energy-saving.
  • Water and Weather Resistant.
  • No margins on either side of the screen
  • Noise reduction
  • NTSC image
  • Automatic light adjustment
  • High sensor
  • Zoom
  • Withstand shock & high temperature.
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