LED screens for advertising and display

Jan 29, 2020 | display screens

LED screens for advertising and display bright lighting technology indoor & outdoor how to connect components  programming content types spec all services

LED screens Modern Displays

LED screens Modern Displays

You can take full control of your advertising message when sponsoring an event .

If you own an establishment with a business facade, you can benefit from the

movement of buyers, shoppers and passers-by to display your products

through a moving content using a led display .

You can reach the largest number of customers as well as gain the trust of your actual customers.

The screen components are collected, connected together and assembled ,

then the advertising content is programmed and stored on the memory card.

The digital board is programmed, installed and run.

LED is an abbreviation for English words “light emitting diodes

LED lenses produce more brilliance and greater light intensity as LEDs

are evenly distributed across the entire screen, resulting in more consistent

backlighting and more efficient use.

  • Colorful LEDs instead of white ones.

This creates a larger color range by matching the background color of the image.

Want to deliver a message to as many people?

This is assured with the LED advertising display which provides an excellent

impression providing a lot of benefits for your company or organization.

Choose to buy a product from a Screen Company that has a long history of

success in the world of moving illuminated advertising, so you can be

sure that you will buy a high quality long life LED display.

Where to position the LED advertising screen

A LED display is positioned either at the event venue, in a prominent

position of the institution or facility or on the facade or installed in places

and locations targeting new customers, for example, along the highway,

in large squares, large squares, high traffic streets, gatherings of government

agencies and ministries, parking lots, petrol station, shopping malls, shopping malls, and others.

LED Displays benefits and uses

The LED display has many benefits and many advantages

  • Bringing eye-catching messages to your viewers’ attention.
  • Unmatched clarity of moving content and impressive vivid colors.
  • Designing content according to desire and taste through an easy-to-use program.
  • Offering unlimited text, graphical, image, and video ad options.
  • Cost-effective .
  • A unique smart opportunity to effectively promote, promote and promote brands.

Programming LED screens

LED advertising displays offer unique opportunities to program content

and format, then adjust, manage and control content remotely.

Where you can

  • display specific content at specific times of the day or display an ad on a given day of the month.
  • combine messages to provide ideas or services and switch between

them, for example, you can show a specific ad at a specific hour when

traffic is high during rush hour.

Basically, you can deliver many different ads at varying intervals, and convey specific information to specific audiences.

Through LED screens’ program, we can type text, make video editing.

Formatting, adding effects, choosing the colors and number, customizing the

way of the message’s format, appearance and speed.

LED Displays Specifications and Advantages

  • Its excellent brightness with providing details.
  • High contrast of colors with clarity and depth of black.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • The excellent Backlight.
  • High energy efficiency so that it provides less consumption.
  • Slim with light weight.
  • Fast response time.
  • The purest image.
  • Provides premium solutions to suit all applications.
  • Highly reliable with stable performance.
  • The program is easy to use.
  • Bright, vivid images.
  • Full colors.
  • Play from anywhere with the remote control system and the ability to connect them wirelessly.

The great thing about digital advertising technology is that it can be operated

remotely through a Wi-Fi connection.

  • High durability against all weather factors.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Highly resistant to damage, water and rust.

LED screens types and solutions

The biggest advantage of LED display is its superior ability to attract attention .

Also it is ideal for any type of event.

Because LED display is dynamic and interactive, passers-by stop to have a look at your message.

We provide durability and quality in all our products

Thanks to the high flexibility we provide in our screens, we guarantee to

meet all requirements that suit all environments in terms of weather conditions, lighting, geometry.

Dealing with screen company ensures that you get products with premium

industry, quality of service, reliability and the right combination of creativity

and value to attract customer attention.

We can help your business make the most wonderful effect of assembling LED screen.

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