LED Video Walls display screens

Jul 27, 2019 | display screens

LED Video Walls display screens high resolution, highest quality, best-in-class image quality indoor & outdoor solutions for all applications and events

LED Video Walls screens

Led video walls is one of the most important LED displays that

can deliver your message about your products, your project or services in a distinctive way

to the biggest number of people inside the building, on the street,…….

With the DISPLAY programmed correctly and methods of appearance dazzling ,

You have a lot of impact on passers-by, those in the site or viewers from the farthest or the nearest distance.

Its versatility, flexibility and uniqueness make it incredibly effective.

Also LED Video Walls can be used for a wide range of applications.

LED Video Walls is a revolution in the world of marketing, advertising and presentation to

attract customers or guide them through videos of great coordination.

An electronic screen is an unforgettable style and a means of sales that

can dramatically change how customers perceive the product or the service offered.

The content can be used in smart and effective ways to enforce brand reputation

and keep customers in a state of confidence.

through its design, it evokes a strong message of quality and credibility of the masses.

It is not only a distinctive brand, but also offers a unique experience.

LED Video Walls displays

A matrix of small, light-emitting diode (R – one colour) or RG (2 colors) or 3 colors called RGB.

Using computer, we can control The LED lenses (pixels) to create images, videos or

dynamic text after we have programmed them using special software.

LED DISPLAYS ensure clarity, bright colors, unique and dazzling styles of content, and your ads showing up and running.

Types of LED Video Walls

Indoor LED Video Wall
Using indoor LED video wall solutions are growing more and more nowadays.

Customers have become interested in using them for their inside events:

visual merchandising, lyric parties, branding, balls, concerts, shows, learning, training, advertising, etc.

Indoor LED video wall panels give us the opportunity to make even the most creative ideas a reality.

Outdoor LED Video Walls

Outdoor LED video walls can fill the outside of an entire building .

They can be used for advertising, focal points to attract the attention of passers-by.

High Resolution LED Video Wall

Full HD or 4K LED video walls provide countless opportunities to create a truly immersive space.

They are engineered for performance with Ultra High-Resolution pitches, pixel calibration, and much more.


This type is lightweight and built to curve for seamless convex or concave LED designs .

Also they are the ideal solution for backdrops, tunnels, or cylindrical applications.

Transparent LED Video Wall

Transparent Led screens can be placed in a window or on a glass wall without sacrificing natural light in your space.

They provide slim designs and high brightness to compete with direct sunlight .

Advantages of wall display screens led

  • Low operating costs.
  • Image clarity, accuracy, purity and even higher resolution .
  • High Definition UHD.
  • Bright colors with full color palette.
  • Great accuracy, outstanding brightness and photo quality.
  • A cost-effective medium with a high return on investment.
  • Easily managed and controlled content with an easy-to-use program.
  • High-resolution images dazzling and attractive to the eye.
  • View complex graphics or animations.
  • Displays video images during live shows or sporting events.
  • A powerful, versatile and communicative tool.
  • Unlimited communication capabilities and options.
  • unlimited possibilities and characteristics of marketing and advertising .
  • The highest quality gives you the stability , stability of color and non-overlapping screen lines.
  • Stream the ad at a high rate for video streaming.

Uses of LED Video Wall

It has wide applications and multiple use areas both for internal installation in

exhibitions, companies, etc … or for external outdoor installation.

It is ideal for offering the highest quality video advertising for products, companies and projects

All live shows in exhibitions, fashion fairs, saloons, clubs, stadiums and games halls ……

Exclusive and comprehensive services

With creative graphics, text, animation, and video, we can create a dynamic promotional video that’s right for you.

We provide and support you in a flexible way to deliver your unique messages

and animations with complete versatility and unlimited advertising capabilities or promotions.

Innovative, versatile, flexible solutions for use to provide a visual impact for smooth video playback.

Designing illuminated moving advertising screens any size needed by the client

and the accuracy of the appropriate P2 to P25 depending on

  • The place of installation, whether inside or outside,
  • The distance between the sign and the viewers .

This accuracy and size is what gives a clear vision.

features of LED Video Displays

Due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape,

and the excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle,

LED video wall technology has become increasingly popular.

  • Featuring 24/7 operation.
  • high-resolution visuals.
  • modularity.
  • low maintenance requirements .
  • overall low operational cost.
  • high-efficiency .
  • create impactful visuals.
  • high brightness.
  • 24/7 performance and reliability.

Our LED Screens Company is a market leader in fine pitch LED Display Wall solutions .

We provide a wide range of LED displays from high resolution indoor video walls

to solutions for the biggest outdoor public and sporting events.

We offer LED products in several configurations customizable to your application.

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