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Jul 26, 2019 | display screens

Selfie Magic Mirror for sale best price Interactive full-length photos,printed instantly,cab be shared on social media, Custom image overlays and animations

Selfie Magic Mirror for sale Home of Magic

We are proud that our company is the home of Photo

Booths and Selfie Magic Mirrors.

Our LED Screens Company provides customers and event makers with both Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors.

The Magic Selfie Mirror captures a full length head to toe image.

Users can stand as close or as far away as they need to take lovely pictures.

Now you can buy a magic mirror at an affordable cost.

Also you can rent it Selfie Magic Mirror for rent

Amazing Magic Selfie Mirror is a magic factor that brings a fun,

entertainment, elegant and powerful photo activation to any event.

It is really great for personal or corporate events.

We provide

  • Genuine products.
  • Freephone Support
  • Best price and long-termed warranty
  • customized mirrors to the theme of the event.
  • the best technicians
  • maintenance.

Photo Booths

Our Photo Booths are unique, with easy push fit system.

They give you the opportunity to have your own booth configured as

  • a Single Entry.
  • Bullet style .
  • giant party booth .
  • multi booth .
  • double entry sit down booth .

Key features of our Photo Booths

  • LED lighting
  • Quick and easy construction
  • lightweight
  • No need extra tools
  • Stand up and Sit down options
  • Varied configuration
  • lovely colors

Selfie Magic Mirror Specifications

  • wireless keyboard or Laptop Option .
  • Multiple Frame options .
  • Special Mirror Software .
  • Multiple animations .
  • Quick release camera clip .
  • Light and easy to manoeuvre .
  • Easy to carry upstairs .
  • Portrait full length Photos .
  • Personalised graphics .
  • Full length photoS.
  • Touch screen interface .
  • wonderful Flash Animations & Sounds.
  • multiple language software and animations .
  • supports several languages such as Arabic, English, Spanish, etc
  • Unlimited use.
  • Instant Prints.
  • Attendant to run event.
  • Personalised Design on Photos.
  • All photos on a USB.
  • High Response Time .
  • High Brightness .
  • Contrast Ratio .
  • interactive picture taking .
  • user-friendly .
  • colorful animations and voice guidance.
  • takes up much less space.
  • wide range of props .
  • provides guestbook and digital copy of images.
  • High-quality flash.
  • colorful signature and writings.
  • video recording.
  • dynamic overlays.
  • An easy access admin menu .

Through the menu

  1. you can choose the settings of the Mirror; how you want multiple prints to be laid out
  2. You are free to customise your photos to include a template , a message and your logo the
  • easy to transport and set-up at your event.
  • equipped with super bright remote controlled LED lights to stand out at your next event.
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Selection of Single Photo, Triple Photo and/or Animated GIFs
  • Custom Photo Overlay included
  • Text digital image from the Mirror
  • Drawing on final photo before printing
  • digital props
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Backdrops
  • Full Mirror Wrap
  • Green Screen with digital backgrounds

Extra key features

Selfie Magic Mirror comes with different models and design.

We are careful to select the best and the ones that suits our customers’ tastes and events

  • Integrated side wheels
  • Slim fit corner wheels for easy loading
  • handle system for easy loading
  • Removable Frames – this is particularly important for those who want to offer clients various options.
  • Two way Mirror
  • Canon Camera
  • ​Live Feed
  • 100% portable.
  • incredibly easy to set up/break down.
  • designed for portability and convenience.
  • fits into all venues.
  • a complimentary photo guest book.
  • an instant USB.
  • exceptional properties.
  • unique photo-based activation experience .
  • quick set up.
  • amazing styles.
  • high-quality .
  • colorful curtain backdrop .
  • Live Feed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to move.
  • touch screen.
  • custom animations such as

the start screen, countdown, pre-photo animation, post photo animation.

These can include your branding, tag-line,

We combine innovation, creativity and ingenuity to create the trendiest

and most unique mirror photo booths and magic mirrors in the entire industry.

Our company works hard to bring you everything you can possibly dream of at affordably low prices that can’t be beat.

Advantages of Selfie Magic Mirror for sale

If you are Looking to buy a photo booth or a Selfie Magic Mirror as an investment

we provide the best products for those who are interested in growing their businesses.

Also we are specialized in providing the latest and the most perfect models available.


Allow your guests to leave their signatures on their photos directly on the mirror,

then place the signature anywhere on their custom photo template.


Let your guests have “Wow” sense with having animated GIFs and

sharing them instantly to their email, text or social platforms.


Post photos on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Send Snapchat .

  • 3 Hours Run Time (not including the setting up and packing down time)
  • Unlimited Prints.
  • Fully customised prints; your name or a company logo, etc .
  • Props (hats, wigs, glasses, moustaches, bow ties, feather bowers, inflatables etc .
  • An experienced and friendly host .

You can also use it for

  • Bringing genuine fun and excitement
  • Creating your own business
  • playing social media game
  • Taking better selfies
  • Going viral on all platforms
  • Customizing photos to match event
  • Renting it out for extra income

Our company services

We are happy to give you a hand starting from the initial phone call to your collection.

Our company has helped countless businessmen during launching their entertainment companies.

With our distinctive support service, you are guaranteed the support you need whenever you want.

We support and update available for an additional fee per year,

however this is optional, your software will continue operating with the service plan.

we are specialized in providing the latest and the most perfect models available.

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