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يوليو 9, 2019 | display screens

screens rental company provider of a complete stock of display screens for sale & rentals, all types, models, sizes for the best price & integrated services

screens rental company integrated services

screens rental company integrated services

our screens rental company provides LED Super Screen Rentals .

We operate rentals of indoor and outdoor led display Screens.

Also we confirm offering our clients premium quality LED screen rental to

meet and satisfy the various needs of all our clients on time .

Our technical team will advise each customer on which type, model and specifications will be best for his requirements .

When you communicate with our established LED Screens Company , you

can make sure that you get high-quality brand all around the world.

Our technical team only offers the best to our clients to provide optimum reliability and performance for events of all sizes.

In addition to our first-class wide range of LED rentals, we provide complete wide range of services

  • System Design and Integration .
  • Rental of LED Screens rental with Creative Elements .
  • layout and planning.
  • on-time delivery to site.
  • Full System Set-up .
  • Versatile set-up options
  • dismantling.
  • Technical Support During Event .
  • Video Design and Content Control .
  • Our preventive maintenance service ensures you maintain productivity, extends equipment life…

We provide screens rental for all applications

  • movie and action festivals .
  • movies in public places ; parks, city centers, universities, the beach .
  • cinema and theatre shows .
  • open-air concerts, balls ..
  • clubs, stadiums and sport events
  • corporate events
  • hotels, resorts, restaurants..
  • backyard parties and movie nights .
  • exhibitions, conferences, awards shows, experimental marketing .
  • airports, metro, stations, post offices, banks …
  • All events, occasions , purposes …
  • malls, supermarkets ,shops …
  • tv studios..

led display screens

Dynamic and unique events are characterized by amazing, attractive great vision.

Led display screens are the ideal tool used to create such attraction, magic, joy, excitement and amazement.

LED display rental is the rapid growing way that can convert your event into a remarkable one.

They are also the best solutions make an event or an occasion unforgettable or engaging.

You can make sure that people who are attending your event enjoy every bit of it,

We supply varied displays as per the demands of the event to ensure that

it remains unforgettable for the viewers and audience .

LED screens rental offers a wide range of benefits.

They are brighter screens that have incredible abilities to capture the event attendees’ attention.

They can deliver high effective effect, stunning video , graphics and images that will greatly blow your audience away.

light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of light behind the sign.

Types of display screens

Kinds of led display screens are varied to cover all purposes, places, environments, occasions and taste .

Indoor led screens

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Floor Standing LCD

Floor Standing LCD

led Video Wall

Led Dance Floor

Flexible led curtain

Led Curved screen

Transparent led Screen

Foldable led Screens

Ceiling Led Displays

Text screens

When you inform us of your event and your aim, we are able to recommend what suits you.

Our team will immediately explain the advantages and specifications of the type, size and model that will make the perfect .

You – with our help – will have the choice to select from our wide range of

display screens or you can have a customized one.

display screens specifications & pros

  • High impact display .
  • efficient and low-energy consumption .
  • Full HD image quality .
  • High Resolution .
  • more brilliance and greater light intensity .
  • High End Speaker system for video playback .
  • High Frequency .
  • easy to assemble.
  • lightweight , easily transportable .
  • Excellent average duration of LED .
  • an unbeatable brightness is guaranteed .
  • Quick dissembling .
  • user – friendly .
  • super Definition videos .
  • special high luminosity pixel pitch .
  • high visibility in large-format .
  • high resolution images and videos with a great luminosity .
  • Auto Brightness Sensor.
  • water-proof & dust-proof.
  • high refresh rate.
  • high resistant to temperatures.

screens rental company solutions

We provide hi- tech LED display screens solutions for all events, applications and purposes. Wherever you are, we do it for you .

  • Our technical team can configure your display screen in many sizes to suit your requirements.

You ensure getting perfect product which is Ideal for large audiences


We make our own LED signs .

Our high – qualified staff confirms providing exactly each of our dear customers needs.

We can customize any screen, any size and any features.

We offer personalized attention that is adjusted to your budget and requirements.

There are various kinds of setups, medium, small, large and giant .

The led screen rental cost or price depends on the nature of the setup.

Although these displays are adaptable and can be configured to serve all tasks and functions,

the varies as per the nature of the occasion or function.

We emphasis on providing high quality model, best aspects and features taking into consideration the lowest price.

contact us by mail or press the call button for sales or rental inquiries

Expert onsite support

Led screens company in Kuwait

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