Transparent led screen for rent Nonstop solutions

Jul 7, 2019 | display screens

Transparent led screen for rent new styles offer Nonstop display solutions, Great balance between quality and budget with long-period warranty, all services

Transparent led screen for rent Nonstop display solutions

Transparent led screen for rent Nonstop solutions


In our point of view, the design of Transparent led screen is a great innovation in the world of display screens, so

our team does his best to offer his services to make our customer’s display visual like a happy dream .

Increasingly, Transparent displays are capable of meeting the values ​​and demands of all existing brands all over the world .

We are specialists with a large integrated rental fleet, having an ideal solution for every application.

Together with you, we – our sales representative, technical team – think how your message will reach the best .

Also our established LED Screens Company offers

  • All kinds of transparent displays designs for sale & rental .
  • Reply to inquiries with 24/7 technical support .
  • designing and adjusting the content perfectly .
  • programming .
  • installation .
  • After – rental service to meet our clients’ standards of excellence .
  • best competitive Price
  • long – term warranty.

You can get your customized screen

Transparent LED video wall

Our Transparent LED Video Screens are a pioneering digital design,

barely detectable from a short or long distance at the same clarity and resolution.

arc or cylindrical Transparent shape

Flexible Transparent LED Curtain

The Transparent curtain LED is one of our unique styles special for the high-level rental attractive display.

SMD Transparent

SMD means surface mounted diode . It gives high brightness full Color and Smart simple control .

Side-emitting transparent screen

Flat Transparent LED screen

We assure that you can adjust your add or message anywhere in the world by means of our system.

ALSO you can know about Transparent LED Screen for sale

Specifications of transparent Rental screen

Specifications of transparent Rental screen
  • The standard module size is simple and elegant .
  • easy to install on glass walls or glass window with high fast setup .
  • Lightweight to improve the installation efficiency .
  • ultra-thin design .
  • high transparency for front and back .
  • Perfect lighting.
  • high efficiency , energy saving.
  • High refresh rate .
  • smart thought-out screen that never gets in the way.
  • ultra high brightness .
  • Noiseless working
  • well-built structure.
  • Multiform file formats, such as VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and so on are …

High resolution images, videos, graphics with exceptional transparency makes your display as if it is floating in thin air.

a mesmerising customer experience and an unrivalled way to grab attention and communicate your brand messaging.

Features of Transparent led screen for rent

Transparent LED Screens are well-equipped to be easily and firmly positioned on

a glass wall without sacrificing natural bright light or blocking existing displays.

The slim, soft design and high brightness creates a dynamic visual display that is hard to forget .

Together with our architectural designers, LED display engineers, architectures and graphic designers, etc,

our experienced team has the qualities and tools to make your vision real and effective .Narrow box contains power supply and control card to ensure high transparency .

  • Aviation ports for fast signal and power connection .
  • Thin and lightweight cabinet for rental
  • Simple geometric design Rental cabinet with fast lock.

Our rental displays adopts standardized cabinet design, with high installation convenience,

so our technicians can transport the screen quickly , install or disassemble them easily .

App : mainly used in theatre stage, large-scale performances and parties, high-end entertainment discos,

fashion, conferences, TV studios, temporary large-scale events such as concepts, theme parks, and exhibition.

  • Simple Appearance
  • Highly transparent, the screen surface is smooth, beautiful and stylish.
  • edge thickness .
  • Plug Module; Quick Assembly

The power module adopts plug-in connection to

  • shorten the time of installation,
  • realize quick disassembly and assembly,
  • provide greater convenience for maintenance.
  • Wide Viewing Angle Invisible Build-in cable Design.
  • Free steel structure installation.
  • Real live video images.
  • real time streaming images.
  • high visible Video even in full sunlight and keep transparency .
  • waterproof, fire retardant .
  • Soft, flexible .

Our Products Overview

Our LED transparent screen is a new type of transparent displays :

  • very deeply, minimalist, intelligent, highlighting features, transparent display.
  • characteristics of novel and unique, new, irreplaceable, more extensive commercial applications.

With our teamwork and experience in display screens’ world , we can provide

the hardware, software, firmware, structure design, and cloud technology perfectly.

We deliver the versatile transparent LED display to all applications.

Thorough understanding animated, luminous display technology,

We can create the right product for handling the business successfully to our customer’s satisfaction.

Our team can decide on and produce innovative solutions

  • selecting the best quality of raw materials, which ensure best quality for our products.
  • With the modern technology , we provide the optimum productivity at best price.

For unique and cost effective marketing and branding, or for any inquiries contact us or send mail.

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