Led screens company in Kuwait All services Best price

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Led screens company in Kuwait offers led screen Kuwait all types for sale& rental, content designing, programming, installation,management maintenance best cost

Led screens company in Kuwait Best services

Led screens company in Kuwait Best services

When you deal with the best display company in Kuwait, you have already taken

the right step towards advertising your product, project, or facility in the best way.

In addition, you have had real steps to make your event the best.

You can get integrated effective solutions with the latest means.

Take advantage of integrated services from the best Led screens company in Kuwait :

  • Getting advice about buying or renting LED display Screens, installation, programming and maintenance.
  • Dealing with a professional technician in an established company.
  • The best prices for our led screens and all our services.
  • Special contracts.
  • Renewable offers and great discounts.
  • Original brand and exclusive product.
  • Answer to your call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Consultation and advice

  • Years of experience in the field of electronic screens have made Led screens company in

Kuwait the ideal destination to start your investment in led displays and increase your profits.

  • As our Led screens company in Kuwait is fully aware that investing in new

technology and buying or leasing a new product is initially confusing, through our

technicians, we provide a simplified explanation and provide very honest advice.

  • We can also perform a comprehensive study of your needs in terms of

types, models, designs and screen sizes that suit you.

Plan and implementation

  • Led screens company in Kuwait can turn your vision and ideas

into reality through our extensive products and services.

  • We create a custom solution for your activity or event.
  • Then we can give you realistic insights to provide you with

the idea of ​​what your screen solution will look like.

Creativity in designing what suits you

Creativity in designing what suits you

We are proud of our products and designs which all of them

  • designed and manufactured exclusively according to the highest industry standards.
  • distinguished by their excellent brightness,high quality, bright colors,

Sizes and accuracy of image to fit all places the distance between the viewer and the screen, and also the angles of vision.

Programming and content control

  • The leading Led screens company in Kuwait has skillful technicians for

designing displays and programming content whether text, images, video or graphics, etc .

  • They are really genius and are always ready to change content and modify it at any time.

Installation of advertising screens

Our Led screens company in Kuwait has an experienced professional installation team that

install and operate the screen at any time while providing the highest level of service.

Support and maintenance

  • Full support via internet.
  • maintenance contracts and exclusive software ensure 24/7 operation .

Types of led screen Kuwait

The technology of direct view wall panels, provides an attractive and dazzling smooth image.

Perfect features that make video or text content look great from any angle.

Whether you need a customized LED screen design, or need a transparent poster, they provide a distinct solution.

  1. Folding led screens
  2. LED curtain
  3. Ceiling Led Displays
  4. curved & Cylindrical displays

High flexibility, wider range of curved display screens allow for greater range in satisfactory viewing angles.

Including spherical designs to watch content from all directions.

  • Led Dance Floor

Decorate your event, concerts, and weddings using the latest LED dance floor to

attract your guests’ attention with unconventional lighting.

Dance floors are the best way to transform your event into a memorable night.

You will certainly light up and celebrate the concert with the colors and movement of your choice.

LCD display screens

The leading Led screens company in Kuwait also offers another type of display screens. It is LCD display screens 

Floor Standing kiosk

Floor Standing LCDs are distinctive and modern, stand on the floor and do not need a holder to install.

Unique and unusual designs , exclusive models and various sizes to suit outdoor and indoor installation.

Beautiful appearance, suitable for all places and facilities with high performance.

led & lcd display screens Important features

There are many important features that provide value and importance for the display

  • You can transform all the presentations using a variety of ways written in bright colors with

attractive shapes and colorful colors, adding to them the joy and joy and multiple choice of what you want.

  • Communicate the antenna with the monitor using the computer and the Internet and thus distinguished by remote control.
  • The electronic display contains a controller that allows you to use all the systems to get you to the top and excellence.
  • The screen has the ability to control the brightness and brightness ratio and there is no difference between the day and night luminous intensity of light. 
  • Many sizes and variety for the implementation of the design with a creative image.

Also to suit the design of the decorations and backgrounds.

  • The screen is capable of saving the amount of energy consumed because it uses ultra-efficient LED lamps.
  • Featuring long shelf life and increased working rates.
  • Ability to handle the screen and programming it to meet your needs and requirements and change content easily.

Key Specification of our Led & lcd screens

  • high brightness, delivering easily readable text, videos and easily seen graphics.
  • The forecast is bright even on the sunniest days.
  • Designed for high ambient light indoor environments.
  • Auto Brightness Sensor
  • Flexible Connectivity : Access content from a variety of sources including PC (VGA), Digital (DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI), WiFi, and an SD card slot, etc .
  • Built-in WiFi : content can be delivered wirelessly.
  • Commercial Reliability
  • Reliable 24/7 Continuous Operation
  • high quality images with exceptional reliability, even during 24/7 continuous operation.
  • Slim-Direct LED Backlight ; contrast ratio for sharp, detail-rich images, easily legible type.
  • high refresh rate.
  • lightweight.
  • high quality stereo speakers.
  • water-proof & dust-proof.

-Who are the leading manufacturers of LED screens?

  • We are proud to provide our best products manufactured in our factory.
  • We customize a certain led screen with certain size and spec according to the needs of

customer and requirements of event, occasion, place of installation, etc.

-Who is the leading digital service provider in Kuwait?

  • Q8LED “The first Led screens company in Kuwait” is the leading digital service provider in Kuwait.

-What are the prices of monitors in Kuwait?

  • Q8LED “The first Led screens company in Kuwait” provides the best prices for sale and rental.
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