Transparent LED Screen for sale

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Transparent LED Screen for sale indoor & outdoor,best price list,Innovative Software,amazing features & specification,all services with the longest warranty

Transparent LED Screens for sale best services

Transparent LED Screens for sale best services

Whether you need to design a custom Transparent LED display or need an animated wall glass Screen ,

Transparent Screens can provide a wonderful display solution for your installation.

A large variety of Transparent LED Screens for sale that can offer indoor and outdoor use options

that attract customers and audience without hiding the decoration or the exhibition.

Our company provides Transparent LED Screens as flat (Glass Display), curved or cylindrical .

They are also ideal to display content in style without blocking out light or the view on both sides.T

An established LED Screens Company

We supply Transparent LED Screen for sale

  • For shop window, Glass wall mounted, window fixed display.
  • Make sure that your screen will match with glass perfectly .
  • customized cabinet sizes are available for all project requests.
  • Custom Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Curtain

  • adopts high brightness side -viewing full color led lamps .
  • greatly improves transparency rate.

Taking into consideration the environment and the best viewing distance, we provide

  • a complete Transparent LED Curtain solution .
  • Flexible LED Curtain and SMD Transparent LED Screen.
  • Side-emitting transparent screen enjoys relatively high permeability .
  • the arc or cylindrical Transparent screen

You can customize the arc or cylindrical shape with higher brightness .

  • Transparent LED video wall

gives full daylight with higher transparency panels.

We know well how to improve the transparency rate by our unique designs.

Our team make sure that the frame of the screen doesn’t block area from the visible range,

so that the audience could stay away at a proper distance to enjoy the smooth video or image playing on transparent LED display.

Get your product

  • At the best price .
  • The longest – period warranty .
  • After- sale services .
  • designing ads.
  • programming.
  • installation.

Transparent displays Key specifications

Transparent displays Key specifications

Transparent LED Display Screens feature

The latest LED transparent screen positive lighting technology has the advantages of

  • Standard cabinet .
  • Integrated design .
  • Easy & fast installation .
  • Intelligent control system .
  • High transparency.
  • Based on the side-lighting SMD technology.
  • long-term waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration, anti-oxidation, and protection class.
  • Ultra high refresh rate .
  • simple High Contrast Ratio .
  • Excellent Image Quality .
  • Ultra high refresh rate IC .
  • high quality LED chips are selected .
  • large viewing angle .
  • Super Clear Vision .
  • wide color gamut, anti-glare.
  • Fast lock for cabinet Connection .
  • smart, high refresh rate .
  • installation time saving, fast installation, fast demolition .
  • transport cost saving .
  • Ultra-lightweight .
  • slim body, which is suitable for the place that requires the weight strictly .
  • Soft, flexible, which is suitable for any irregular place like arch, cylinder, rectangle.
  • wind-proof, so lighting and wind can go through the body of the screen.
  • Waterproof .
  • No strobe and water ripple effect through the video VCR .
  • waterproof and fire retardant .
  • DOESN’T change any Building structure .
  • No Steel Frame Structure the Large Cost Savings .
  • Fast setup and easy maintenance
  • Video visible in full sunlight or direct lighting and keep transparency .
  • Real live video images.

Transparent LED Screen company services

Transparent led Wall display is a highly versatile system that the most famous and popular leading brands trust .

Price pro

Get the best competitive price at the market with better quality.

Quality pro

Our team control all steps from the first step to the final design to ensure that you get the beat.

Service pro

We always confirm Better service at same situation, Better cooperation at same service .

We also offer Transparent LCD screen technology for shopfitting and integration.

When we have received your mail or call , our team must confirm the integrated solution through identifying these factors .

Project description

  • The kind of transparent LED display you should use.
  • The target project’S exact size.
  • The balance needed between the resolution , quality, performance and your budget.
  • Our team start to carry out the design step by step.
  • Confirming the installation location; whether this glass screen will be installed to cover the glass wall or to put behind the glass wall.

whether Transparent LED screen will cover the entire glass wall surface or for parts only to design for LED transparent screen.

Our staff including sales representative, technical team will work together to find the ideal solution that suits you.

  • what version of transparent LED display panel for your options, customized transparent LED display.

They will work out the cost accurately to decide on the final price per square meter .

They really work together to think of both the price and performance carefully.

If you need further information or inquiry, a pricing quote, or want to discuss ideas

for selecting or using our Transparent LED Screens please complete the form below, or call us.

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