LED Screens for rent best solutions

Jul 6, 2019 | display screens

LED SCREENS FOR RENT to advertise for a product or project using writing, pictures and video, live or recorded broadcast, exclusive products, services with warranty Best prices

LED Screens for rent best solutions

LED Screens for rent best solutions

Since display screens occupy a large room in the field of advertisement and propaganda,

the owners of companies, establishments, commercial malls, tourist villages, hotels, beauty salons,

fashion exhibitions, visual arts, theaters, halls and buildings are directed to possess a LED Display SCREEN.

As this modern technology has a great ability to spread and to attract a large number of people at the same time and at the same place,

Users are encouraged to provide animated advertising screens moving in their

workplaces or install them in the streets, squares, etc after buying or renting them.

If you are looking for useful and effective ways to provide useful information for viewers

and customers, using writing or photos and videos in an attractive and eye-catching way

If you are the owner of a company, a mall or a shop and need to actively promote your products and goods

If you have an occasion and want to view what the cameras take for a large

number of attendees, you can buy or rent LEED advertising screens,

animated luminous Rental screens are designed to advertise according to your

desire and display messages and adds manually or automatically .

  • Renew the content whenever you wish at any time and transfer and change it as required .
  • Rent screens for certain periods according to your wishes and needs .

Led screens for advertising of all types, sizes and different accuracy of clarity

We offer After-Lease Services and make any adjustment whenever you wish at the best price .

  • Reply to customers’ inquiries.
  • Creating attractive, effective, creative ads.
  • Programming and adjusting.
  • installation.
  • modifying or changing the content
  • operating.
  • maintenance.

All our services are carried out by a highly-qualified team of technicians and engineers.

Types of LED Screens

Our displays are variedو and are divided into many types that serve marketing , commerce , propaganda, education, etc .

They are all can be used through buying and renting

Indoor led screens

Indoor led screens

They are modern, smart and sophisticated screens suitable for indoor installation.

They have accurate display, clarity of videos and images. You can control contrast and brightness.

Floor Standing Lcd

Dynamic digital advertising kiosk can catch a customer’s attention.

Also it can influence their purchasing decision, eliminates the high cost of designing and distributing print ad campaigns.

Another advantage is that users can earn money with by selling advertising space to their suppliers.

  • Touch screens
  • Video Wall screens

Innovative LED LCD video wall solutions that deliver precise and brilliant visual messages .

look like a piece of decor as a beautiful painting to view videos, photos, and movies in concerts and symposia.

One of the most profitable products in shopping and economy.

offer an amazing image that is created by programming LEDs to work together.

It has a powerful effect when installed on glass and doesn’t detract the overall design.

Also it doesn’t hide exhibitions or the decoration of the place.

  • Outdoor led display

Animated display signs installed outdoors and are frequently used in streets,

roads and public places such as parks, playgrounds, metro , etc .

Outdoor LED Display Screen are characterized by clear viewing from the farthest distances.

The screen works to attract attention to the splendor of its forms and the colors of the ads presented .

It achieve a huge financial gain and a prestigious reputation for companies .

big screens

Large screens

Giant screens

Text led screens

Work on presentation of writings and vary in writing methods that appear on the screen

  • The appearance of the content to disappear from the other direction.
  • The gradual emergence and disappearance of writing and texts.
  • They appear from above to pass down
  • There are many other and varied ways.

Led Curved screen

Flexible led curtain

Led Dance Floor

Folding led Screen

Ceiling Led Displays

Magic Mirrors Self-Mirror

led displays FEATURES

  • Stable in contrast and brightness.
  • Contain a color palette integrated .
  • Saving electricity because it is equipped with an electrical source that regulates the electric current.
  • having a large default age .
  • Lightweight and attractive shapes .
  • The ability to control the screen remotely using Internet networks.
  • provided with an internal controller that helps you control it .
  • high quality components
  • Highly efficient HD works.
  • high accuracy and has a clear set of grades such as

P4 -P5- P6 -P8-P10 ………… .. P25.

  • Auto Brightness Sensor.
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • user-friendly.
  • water-proof & dust-proof.
  • high refresh rate.
  • Full high definition and commercial grade LCD Display.

Dealing with the best LED Screens Company enables you to get what you need at the lowest price.

Wide variety of LED Screens for rent

Also you can ask for advice and consult our team 24 hours / 7 days .

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