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Jul 9, 2019 | display screens

big screen company best solutions, all services, sales & rental, all types & sizes, high features, creating content, for the lowest price, longest warranty

big screen company all services

big screen company all services

We aim to enhance our customer’s events, providing him with high quality and professionally presented display screens .

We work out ideal and innovative solutions that can change the way how customers think to spread their ads .

Working with a high – qualified technical staff , you can create your own LED screen of any size up to big or giant screens .

With our different resolutions, screen sizes, specifications, features and other factors,

our professionals can help you to select the perfect technology that meets your specific needs.

big screens for sale

Big Advertising display Screens For Sale

You can get what fits your need among the widest range of display screens; all

kinds, best specifications, special features to meet all applications; indoor and outdoor installation.

They are designed to operate 24 hours a day for all the week, throughout many years .

They can stand any bad weather condition, without the performance decreases.

big screens for rent

Our big display screens rental have all the characteristics that make them the best

  • Assembling and disassembling simply and quickly .
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Transportation .
  • High definition videos, images, graphics and Visual effects
  • Ultra display resolution.

You have the desire for having a display screen led< oled or lcd permanently or temporarily ,

you have to look for the best screen company that gains the great experience and the best qualities .

Make sure that you look at past jobs that the company has handled .

This ensure having best service, the highest quality taking into consideration the right budget.

Also, always look at creative options and technical support.

LED Screens for rent

Led screens for sale

Our best services

  • creating amazing, effective contents.
  • designing creative video environments.
  • managing the overall aesthetic.
  • creating an innovative customized screen .
  • programming .
  • installation .

How to choose your right display screen

LED technology is varied to satisfy the needs of all events.

Since they are not equal, you must define the ami of your event,

In this way, you give us the potential to make your choices narrow .

Indoor or Outdoor ?

Outdoor LED screens are more Resistant to weather conditions, temperature and humidity.

Our high – tech models; both indoor or outdoor are of excellent quality to be used in bright, natural light environments.

  • much higher brightness levels.

the purpose of using the screen

Are you planning to use it as a centerpiece of an event, or as a display background video ?

Are you going to display video with detailed content or text ?

The resolution or pixel pitch

Pixel pitch of a LED screen has a great effect on the quality of the video displayed on it.

a high-resolution for more readable and clear video .

The distance between the viewers and the display

The viewing distance

Here, it is a must to consider how far the screen will be installed away from viewers .

Here , it is the integration between the size of the screen, resolution and the The viewing distance .

Our staff has the ability to calculate this perfectly.

The Proper Staff

Your demands and customized display screen require experienced staff that can

  • set up and operate your screen.
  • handle the screen .

Our team is well – trained to deal with all troubleshoot and issues that may arise.

You can count on our professional event production company to help you handle the technical aspects of LED screen rentals.

The best way to make full use of LED screen for your occasions is communicating with

a leading company in the world of animated , luminous display screens.

They will not only assemble the equipment and deliver it to your venue, they can help you to

A full-service technical production company step by step with you .

A crew for load-in, set-up and break down of your system.

Customized Screens

We have the ability to make Our own LED Display screens, providing our clients

with what they look forward to and with our own control system. .

pros & features of the latest display screens

  • easily installed.
  • professionally presented solutions.
  • The Video Screen operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • best visual impact.
  • eye-catching from the longest distance.
  • dynamic .
  • make your brand or ad stand out.
  • high quality image.
  • flexibility with high-definition visuals .
  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Highly creative and proficient videos.
  • A crew for load-in, set-up and break down of your system.
  • support integration between sound and lighting.
  • excellent Quality full color stage background led
  • high Frequency
  • high average duration of LED
  • an unbeatable brightness even in the most shining areas.
  • high Visibility is even indirect sunlight.
  • high-luminosity integrated LEDs.
  • is controlled by an automatic system .
  • high contrast.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extra High Refresh Rates

types of led displays

Animated, luminous Display Technology has given us the potential to introduce our product, project and service perfectly.

Also it has given us the potential to present our ideas, information or to decorate and

make our coming up event in an exciting, effective and amazing way.

Magic is turned into reality using state-of-the-art technology through the latest sound, lighting.

Indoor led screens

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Floor Standing LCD

led Video Wall

Led Dance Floor

Flexible led curtain

Led Curved screen

Transparent led Screen

Transparent led screen

Folding led Screen

Text led screens

Ceiling Led Displays

  • Select your pixel pitch (resolution) .
  • Decide on size, design and shape of the screen.
  • We will customize your display.
  • Decide on the content.
  • Our team will carry out all steps till operation.

Led screens company in Kuwait

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