Big LED Screens all sizes

Jul 10, 2019 | display screens

Big LED Screens Advertising displays sales & rental, Customized ideal solutions, all sizes, specifications, services affordable price, the longest warranty

Big LED Screens all sizes

Big LED Screens all sizes

Major events and occasions imply the presence of so many attendees in very large areas, internal or external.

This factor has created the great importance for regarding the ability to

supply each viewer with the same clear viewing angle .

promotional videos, images, graphics and so on must attract all of the public or audience in the action.

We tend to find a solution that make us certain that each one in ​​the location

has the opportunity to clearly see what the the display screen shows.

There are different solutions to meet this demand , according to the situation to suit it perfectly .

Big LED Screens represents the latest generation of indoor and outdoor large LED video displays rental and fixed installation.

Out staff works hard to make indoor and outdoor displays available in all types , sizes having all the features so that

we can even customize a screen to any shape and size for any event event.

Big display Screens for sale

Big LED Screens for sale

When a client decide to get a display Screen for fixed installation, he gets a long-term investment.

We emphasis that it is very vital for you to deal with an established company so as to

buy a screen with a life spanning many years.We offer competitive pricing and

installation of LED screens for your business signage needs.

  • Consultation
  • Plan & Design
  • Installation
  • Screen Management & Content
  • Maintenance & Support

Big LED displays for rental

We rent top-of-the-line LED displays giving each customer the great ability to convert any event into a great huge arena.

With our LED display screen rentals all the viewers and audience who attends

your occasion will get the same clear vision from the front seat to the last one.

Whatever is being displayed on stage, it will be of high vision from every angle

so that participants will fully enjoy their experience.

Our selections are not limited . Just find out – with our help – your suitable screen;

the type, size, resolution and specification and make your event a hit.

Our big screen company staff works hard to provide our customers with the most options and the most ideal solutions .

  • large conferences
  • huge music festivals
  • state fairs
  • parties
  • all other events and occasions
  • all applications, places, workplaces and establishments.

Whatever you are hosting, we have the full option screen for you.

Indoor LED Display Screen

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Providing both kinds, we are not limited to any event; internal or external, closed or open area , at high altitude or low altitude .

High – qualified, professional technical team are always ready on time to set LED screens up in no time .

We easily accommodate your requirements.

Popular LED Screens specifications

  • high Frequency .
  • long – years average duration of LED
  • an unbeatable brightness is guaranteed .
  • easy to assemble.
  • lightweight , so they are easily transportable from one location to another .
  • super high refresh rate.
  • flexible .
  • fast and easy installation.
  • soft masks.
  • suitable for inside or outside daytime viewing.
  • high brightness.
  • small pixel pitches.
  • high display resolution.
  • easy installation.
  • easy setup.
  • remote Programming Access .
  • Seamless Picture Display .
  • configurable into a wide range of standard ratios.
  • innovative slim-line design…
  • withstand the hardest environment.
  • Energy saving .

We contribute to reducing power cost for commercial advertising LED display screens.

  • impressively low in weight .
  • Interlocks design with light & thin structure
  • fast and easy to disassemble .

Our Big LED Screens Special Features

special Features including

  • Best visual impact.
  • Eye-Catching.
  • Dynamic.
  • outstanding contrast.
  • configurable into a wide range of standard display ratios.
  • can be set up playing schedules by second, minutes, hours, per day, week, month or by year.
  • can turn on or turn off automatically by setting.
  • very simple and fast replacement of all components.
  • a long lifespan .
  • super quality image.
  • high streaming videos.
  • Fully visible from all different viewing angles and different distances.
  • flicker free live broadcast .
  • soft & breathtaking images, videos, graphics and visual effects.
  • high quality LED lamps, rubbers, masks, power supplies , etc .
  • support remote control .
  • special intelligent software by internet
  • High reliability double backup control system ensure seamless transfer and avoid broadcasting stopping or interruption .
  • Brightness dimmable: Adjustable screen brightness smartly according to ambient brightness to save power consumption.
  • creative type of LED display producز
  • 360 degree view.
  • no video or image distortion.
  • seamless assembly, easy installation, simple & easy control, uniform pixel design, and easy maintenance…
  • operation 24/7, during many years.
  • adaptable to any weather conditions.
  • Visibility is guaranteed, even under direct sunlight and night hours.
  • high-luminosity .
  • automatic system that can adjust brightness and contrast.
  • high pixel pitches.
  • Full Colour Displays.
  • Fine finish

Big LED Screens company services and solutions

We have our own featured LED billboards and display screens. We are able to

provide ideal CUSTOMIZED SCREENS for all APPs.

Our technical team can provide any type of led screens, any size and any specifications.

We offer display designs that are so effective and amazing that they capture viewers’ attention.

Our solutions adjust your budget and requirements.

Suppliers of LED Display Screens offerING customers the largest selection of Screen sizes in the LED DISPLAY industry.


Our AMAZING , UNBELIEVABLE solutions have been witnessed all over the Arab world in all places, locations and events

  • sports stadiums.
  • music venues .
  • huge-scale events.
  • conferences.
  • meetings
  • training halls
  • trade malls….

Contact us and get the biggest brand.

welcome, persuade, inform, train or entertain your attendees.

Get the advantage of presenting your content in a memorable and visually striking

way and capture the imagination of all audience.

Why Advertise On Big LED Screens

Total Crowd

Get your customers, viewers and all classes of people to be involved in the event.

Attract them to what is played on the screen.
Let your service or brand gain its reputation and wide spreading .

The best among all ways and tools of propaganda and advertising.

Engaging content keeps people entertaining all the time.

ideal device to transmitting all kind of events.

variety of installation methods from ground stacked to flown.

Led screens company in Kuwait

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