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Jul 25, 2019 | display screens

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent add a wow factor to your event and let your guests take a memorial photo with your brand on it, we offer the best price

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent WOW factor

When you are looking forward to using something special and distinctive for your event or occasion,

Selfie Magic Mirror is your aim and the right option that can leave a Memorable memory .

Our Magic Selfie Mirror interacts perfectly with the users by giving them instructions

in an interesting way , then printed photos as souvenirs.

Users can even personalise their own photos with a written message across all the prints.

You can include your brand or logo as well.

All what they have to do is to select their props, then the magic smart mirror will carry out the process in seconds.

You have an important event and want to add an atmosphere of magic and fiction to it.

You need to give your attendees an unforgettable & permanent gift,

Our Selfie Magic Mirror for rent is your instant and ideal solution.

  • You can get it for any period of time.
  • Get the best price .
  • We have the responsibility to show you how to operate and use it.

Stand in front of the mirror , Press Start, select your favourite animations,

write something or draw, wait the screen to count 1 2 3 , wait for the flash, get your Photo printed.

Selfie Magic Mirror

It is the product of attraction of all events.

Its user- friendly interface and hi-res concealed camera make it the perfect way to entertain your guests.

A guest can have a photo for himself or with his friends or his family and can

get it printed with his signature , emotions and visuals in seconds.

Also guests can share their photos and videos via internet and share them on

social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .

They can play social games on the magic mirror as well.

Selfie Magic Photo Mirror is pre-loaded with animations and sounds.

This makes using it and getting a printed photo a fun experience.

Also it is equipped with a paint feature, so users can make their own art by using the touch screen paint brush.

The mirror interacts with the users and they can benefit from the full

length touch screen mirror to take a single or multiple photo.

One can decide on their portrait; one full length portrait print or multiple portrait on one print.

They can also decide on the settings of the Selfie Mirror; how they want multiple prints to be laid out.

customise your photos : you can decide on your

  • template.
  • message
  • logo
  • emotions ,etc.

How to use Selfie Magic Mirror

Look directly into the camera lens, then use our exclusive Facial Detection software.

The special programme applies digital props on screen to your photos.

Choose from a wide scale of emojis, masks, hats and glasses or upload your own.

Selfie Magic Mirror specifications

  • Full length photoS.
  • Touch screen interface .
  • All the equipment is hidden .
  • 1, 3 or 4 photos on the customised photo.
  • Amazing Flash Animations & Sounds.
  • The software and animations are available in multiple languages.
  • supports several languages such as Arabic, English, Spanish, etc
  • Unlimited use.
  • Instant Prints.
  • Quality Props.
  • Free Guestbook and extra print.
  • Free Backdrop with the Magic Mirror.
  • Attendant to run event.
  • Personalised Design on Photos.
  • All photos on a USB.
  • High Response Time .
  • High Brightness and Contrast Ratio .
  • interactive picture taking .
  • user-friendly .
  • colorful animations and voice guidance.
  • takes up much less space.
  • wide range of props .
  • provides guestbook and digital copy of images.
  • High-quality flash.
  • colorful signature and writings.
  • video recording.
  • dynamic overlays.

Selfie Magic Mirror general features

Our Magic Selfie Mirror is featured by

  • its versatility
  • its compact size makes it fit into all venues.
  • unlimited instant prints.
  • a complimentary photo guest book.
  • a Personalised message across all your images.
  • an instant USB.
  • exceptional props stand beaming with groovy hats, glasses etc.
  • unique photo-based activation experience .
  • quick set up ( 10 minutes ).
  • its amazingly style.
  • optional, built-in Signing & Stamping Feature.
  • high-quality dye-sub printer.
  • curtain backdrop in either cream, red, silver sequin, gold sequin and rose gold sequin.
  • Slim fit corner wheels for easy loading.
  • Multiple Frame options.
  • Live Feed.
  • Light and easy to manoeuvre .
  • Easy to carry upstairs.
  • touch screen.
  • programmed sounds and animations.

The Magic Mirror Applications & events

Exhibitions, University Events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties,

Night Clubs, Birthday Parties, Fundraising Events, Shopping Centre Promotion,

Brand Activations, Trade Shows, Retail Stores, Hotels, Resorts , etc .

You can come with a new idea and ensure that your guests will see and

use a way of fun that they have never seen in weddings or events before.

You will add a ”WOW” factor to your special event or occasion.

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