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Jul 24, 2019 | display screens

Selfie Magic Mirror are suitable for happy events, taking and printing distinctive photos, talking to guests, signing the photo and sharing it via media

Selfie Magic Mirror

Modern, smart Selfie Magic Mirror is a perfect solution for any occasion , as it adorns all the happy and important events;

weddings, anniversaries, concerts, lyrical and private social events, personal or corporate events, fundraisers and much more.

Our brand new product is a great interactive entertainment, perfect for enjoying the spirit of the moment.

A fully moving mirror doesn’t not only take great pictures and print them, but it also talks to guests.

It is a great and charming mirror, the latest addition to our experiences in the field of

advertising and adding an atmosphere of beauty and charm to the event.

With Magic Selfie Mirror, your guests can enjoy all the fun with the latest entertainment.

It is an interactive mirror that will amaze your guests throughout the ceremony!

  • Stand in front of it with those who share the snapshot fully.
  • Press Start and wait for the image countdown magically with your reflection.
  • Animations play to guide them to touch the screen to start the Photo Booth Selfie Mirror.
  • Select the mode and wait for the flash.
  • Between each photo there is different animations so the Selfie Mirror experience changes every time.
  • When the photos have been taken your guests approach the mirror to sign or leave a message which appears on the photos.
  • Photos print very quickly.

Your guests will be asked to walk or stand in front of the mirror,

where the wonderful colorful animation will appear as magic behind the glass,

then they can touch the mirror to start their interactive image flight.

Guests also get a fun contest where the built-in microphone measures

the noise level and displays it as the meter reading that can be printed on the image.

With a unique interactive photo experience will attract everyone.

The advantages of Magic Mirror

  • snaps selfies with branded prints and social media.
  • interactive picture taking .
  • user-friendly interface
  • a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.
  • looks just like a normal full length mirror, all the clever technology is concealed inside
  • takes up much less space than a standard photo booth, so suitable for small venues / spaces
  • fully interactive user experience.
  • custom animations, print layouts and branding for each event.
  • wide range of props for guests to choose from.
  • Red carpet walkway
  • a printed copy for every guest in the photo
  • provides guestbook and digital copy of images.
  • Personalise your own photos with a handwritten message, signature, emojis and stickers.

Selfie Mirror Applications & Uses

Our Selfie Magic Mirror can be used for all applications to add a kind of charm and magic

to the occasion, event , brand, as well as the workplace

  • Night Clubs

Guests can share the fun pictures on social media in exchange for a printed photo.

  • Corporate Dinner & Dance
  • Weddings
  • Outdoor Events
  • Brand Activations

It can work as a narrator to your brand story giving away branded printed photos using customized animations .

  • Employee Engagement
    Employees will love interacting with the mirror at the corporate family day.
  • Trade Shows

Using our selfie magic mirror gives a reason for attendees to stop by and give their contact details for a print special photo.

  • Retail Stores

Your in-store customers can take part in magic mirror games and be rewarded with discount coupons .

  • Hotels & Resorts

Let your guests take fun pictures and instantly share them on social media in exchange for a printed photo.

  • Premium Animations

Various animations ( Kids, visual effects, birds, nature, Christmas, Halloween, etc ) you can select from to suit your event.

  • Sign Your Photos and Add Emoji’s

Your guests will be able to to sign their names, draw images and add emojis ,

then these interactions will then be printed out on the final image.

  • Social Games

Attendees can play social games on the mirror taking selfie pictures. This adds a great impact .

  • Branded Pictures

Put your logo on the pictures so guests carry away their picture memory along with your brand .

  • Analytics

Our mirror will offer you analytics at the end of the event as :

No of engaged customers

No of emails sent out

No of printed pics

  • Email & Social Media Sharing

Let your attendees, and audience send images, gifs and videos to their email.

Guests to share their pictures on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .

our Selfie Magic Mirror

Our Selfie Mirror Booth is really a unique photo-producer .

  • Full-length .
  • a sleek design
  • HD
  • high-quality dye-sub printer offering excellent quality varied size prints in under 10 seconds.
  • High-quality flash is made by a world leading brand which ensures every picture, even in challenging surroundings, is crystal clear.
  • a premium MIRROR that adds ” WOW” factor to any event.
  • animated touch screen counts down 5,4,3,2,1 to ensure that you and your guests are in pole position for the best possible picture.
  • full-length pictures with time in between to change your props and position.
  • having curtain backdrop in either cream, red, silver sequin, gold sequin and rose gold sequin.
  • takes photo booth fun to a whole new level.
  • colorful animations and a voice guidance .
  • a magical, interactive “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake.
  • so much more attractive style photo booth .
  • Adding quality and all-inclusive fun to your party.
  • Full length photos.
  • allows everyone to share the fun and magic.

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