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Jan 28, 2020 | display screens

Display Company indoor outdoor fIxed rental LED OLED LCD screens integrated services smart customised solutions highest quality, spec and best price-balance

Display Company All Services

Display Company All Services

    Your integrated ideal solution for custom displays

                                    at one place

creative design, best price , high quality, unique products,                          unique trademark , all services

your project from start to finish

  • Our experts are highly knowledgeable about the latest specification and technologies.

creative technicians are tasked to provide consultations and respond to inquiries.

  • we can build your custom display of any size, spec and resolution.
  • a full-service display company
  • management team to assist you to decide on and program the content.
  • the widest variety of display solutions.

we are always with you for advice and help as your business grows and changes.

  • the best customer service
  • technical support 7/24

we provide instant service whenever you need help or urgent maintenance

  • original spare parts

Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals are available to help solve any issues that may arise.

Factors to consider before selecting a screen company

Screen selection factors to consider when purchasing your screen.

LCD display screens

Led Display screens

  • Leadership, great experience and distinguished business precedent .
  • carrying out all services related to the visual advertising industry.

Sale – rental – shipping to the site – designing and programming advertising

content – installation – operation – training – maintenance.

  • products that support the latest specifications and the highest quality.
  • Best competitive price.
  • longest warranty period.
  • after sales and renting services
  • Punctuality.
  • Maintenance contracts.
  • well- trained technicians.

We help you meet all of your visual advertising needs, including custom

indoor and outdoor LED oled signage and lcd kiosks.

Our fully trained team is ready to guide you, answer your questions and respond to your inquiries.

Display screens

The most important unique features that we can offer our customers

  • Each of our products subjects to technical research, testing, design

verification, design quality test , material selection, production, etc on a

set of strict control procedures and standard specifications.

  • Stable performance, quality and reliability.
  • Cost effective with a great formula (quality, price, service).
  • Flexibility of both screen and services.

We guarantee a great solution for every customer.

The flexibility of the screens enables us to customize them in terms of shape, specifications, fixation, and size.

Ultra HD Perfect picture quality, excellent brightness and contrast.

The highest level protection against fire, weather and water conditions.

Your ideal and s,art solution for custom displays that inspire.

advanced features enable your display to interact with your audience.

  • crystal images
  • unrivalled brightness and clarity
  • high impact
  • wide viewing angles
  • unique systems
  • high refresh rate

Interactive Touch Screens



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