Selfie Snapshots Photo Booths

يناير 27, 2020 | magic mirror

Selfie Snapshots for special events and corporate days, instant high quality photos fit more people into every photo, modern design indoor or outdoor apps

Selfie Snapshots photo booth camera

Selfie Snapshots photo booth camera

An open-air touch screen photo booth that features a large vertical screen.

It allows you to fit more people into every photo & preview before each shot.

For Corporate Events

  • Expand Brands

Increasing brand awareness and online presence. Guests can easily post

custom prints with your company logo to social media.

  • Collect Data

You can get valuable marketing data while you guesta have fun and interact with your brand.

Also you gain valuable feedback.

  • Photo Booth Marketing

You have the advantage to direct your future business.

  • Social Media

Through Selfie Snapshots Photo booth you can get more likes and share more hashtags.

Include your hashtag to social media platforms such as Facebook and

Twitter and promote your social media with every upload from your guests.

Also you have the ability to add video and allow guests to leave a short 10 second video message for the company.

  • Contests & Coupons

Add a Coupon or Contest option with a preset probability so that  winners are chosen automatically.

Features and spec

  • sleek and modern design .
  • fits any space
  • suitable for indoor or outdoor apps.
  • digital backgrounds
  • beautiful backdrops
  • classic strips or 4×6 prints
  • videos, GIFS and photo filters
  • Social Media sharing
  • unique props ( hats, silly glasses, tiaras, and much more)
  • customized designs with names, logos, borders, backgrounds.
  • super fast printer provides high quality prints
  • Unlimited prints

You can

  • customize your machine to represent your brand or event.
  • email photos in seconds and share and Tweet photos via Facebook and Twitter.
  • text photos directly to your phone and receive them .
  • change the colors and mood of your photos.
  • select filters that you like ( Color, Cartoon, Sketch, Night vision, Comic Book, …..).
  • receive a USB at the end of the event .

We are ready to make each event special with custom template designs.

We provide you with a custom design ( your style, theme, logo, name and your brand.

Get your special album with custom messages signed guests

Get your full entertainment experience with your guests.

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