Table Selfie the latest photo booth

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Table Selfie the latest for any event or site to take customized selfies, it can be directed 360 degrees for instant photos and videos with quick printing

Table Selfie the latest magic mirror

Table Selfie the latest magic mirror

The latest type of photo booth and magic selfie mirror. It is a unique

product and creative idea. Table Selfie is specially designed at

a small size, so it is placed on the table at any occasion.

New, unique and exclusive design used in event halls, celebrations, restaurants, product launches and others.

Table Selfie is the ideal solution for any occasion or event;

in the luxurious halls, weddings, corporate days, award ceremonies,

graduation ceremonies, gatherings such as breakfasts, charity events, corporate awards.

A set of the product is placed on tables and connected to a single shared printing station to create instant images.

Guests or attendees can take special photos without having to leave their seats.

Guests can rotate the camera up to 360 degrees to take a perfect selfie from any angle.

The product has a central space to allow hosts to merge and add their own decorations.

Photos can then be saved, shared online, or printed on 6×4 .

All photos taken on the table photobooth are stored as a protected internal copy

Also it can be imported on USB so that the event owner has digital copies of each image.

A Magic Selfie screen is one of the key elements that can make the

occasion turn from a distinctive look to a special feeling.

You can customize the product and prints with a wedding date

or a nice love letter or congratulations and others.

How the table selfie screen works

Guests sitting around a table can turn a selfie mirror in their direction.

It is handled via an interactive touch screen.

Looking directly at the top camera taking a picture according to mode that suits the person.

Then touching the screen to move the countdown 3-2-1 for 3 seconds

and the mirror takes pictures using the built-in camera.

There is an option to save a digital copy onto mobile phones or

send it to the printing station to collect 6×4 instant printing.

Also photos can be shared via social media.

Photos can be highlighted with a decorative frame to add a unique personal touch to your photo.

  • Your image is previewed on the screen, so you press “Print” if you like it.

Guests sitting around the table can connect with the table photo booth via their mobile phone to view a picture.

Once a photo is taken, participants can save, ignore, or print their photos on a high-quality printer.

Photos can be accessed online later.

How to connect the imaging screen to printer

You must connect the table selfie ( one or more ) to a printer that runs Photobooths programmes.

The printer has wireless connection to be connected directly to the device.

Table Photo booth Specifications and features

Our product is characterized by several specifications in terms of appearance and

design as well as the possibilities, features and programs that it supports.

  • A small size to be placed on the table without taking up space.
  • Elegant shape and attractive modern design.
  • There is space in the middle of the product ( a fixed platform ) to add decorations such as flowers, candles, text phrases and others.
  • Built-in 4K Ultra HD camera at the top.
  • can be rotated 360 degrees .
  • Bright, clear LED lighting.
  • HD images.
  • you can take amazing selfies while looking at yourself on the screen.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Stable video.
  • The possibility of taking panoramic photos.
  • Compatibility with major smartphones and tablets.
  • You can connect as many table selfies to one printer.
  • Possibility to place the product in any round, circle, square or hexagonal table.
  • Battery
  • charger.
  • Free printing station.
  • Interactive touchscreen, animation and natural themes.
  • durable against light spillages.

Table Selfie Exclusive Services

We can customize Table Selfie for each occasion with an impressive collection of emoji that are loaded onto the selfie table.

Choose one from our distinctive designs. Also choose the color that fits the colors and decorations of the hall.

Table Selfie Touch is available in black or white, and can be customized to suit any event.

Table Selfie is a versatile product, with great customization options, making it easy to adapt to any event;

from breakfasts at weddings and evening receptions to corporate dinners or other celebrations.

You can have more fun by decorating the product and adding aesthetic touch around it.

Props can be placed in the surrounding flower arrangements.

All images produced by Table Selfie can be categorized to suit your event with custom templates, colors, and messages.

Two copies of the photos

  • Free guest albums make your event an unforgettable memory.
  • All photos are saved and stored as a second copy to the event owner.

When you want to take advantage of one of our distinctive products and

bring something extra special to your event, we are pleased to know your ideas

to provide you with an immersive photo experience

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