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Selfie screen taking images without a photographer, get customized prints instantly, sign them, add logo, message, share online, know features and props

Selfie Screen photobooth & magic mirror

photo booth & magic mirror for taking photos without a photographer is

the latest innovation in the selfie industry and the world of product advertising,

It is also an effective and creative way to bring an atmosphere of magic and

beauty to the event to dazzle and attract the audience.

Attendees can get a permanent memory that brings them together.

This is a successful way to spread the logo by printing it on the images.

Through the full length screen, friends, family members, colleagues can get a great photo.

The selfie camera screen provides you the chance to enjoy the moment through its voice guidance.

After capturing images with a built-in high-definition camera,

it is customized with graphics and messages Pre-equipped on

the screen or customized directly by typing on the touch mirror.

Then get your photos printed in seconds – via a professional-quality digital

printer – and instantly share them on social media.

Magic Selfie Screen is best suited for weddings, birthday parties,

promotional events, the opening of the company, the annual anniversary of

the Foundation and all kinds of personal and public events.

With instant prints, the selfie mirror provides great memories which

is considered a perfectly convenient choice. It also offers everything from

the right decoration and the wonderful feeling as there are plenty of

fun elements you can choose from. All of them look fascinating and

attractive (glasses, caps, background color selection, emotions , …. ).

The use of an amazing mirror does not only mean taking full-length pictures

and printing them in seconds, but it also means having fun direct response by talking to and guiding people.

Specifications of the selfie screen

  • operation for continuously long hours .
  • Full box props for hats, wigs and other items to choose from.
  • Lightweight products that can be moved from one place to another and this makes it distinctive.

The main advantage of a magic display mirror is that they take up less space.

  • USB contains all the pictures taken at the event.
  • Printed copies and a full photo album are also available.
  • Built-in HD ( High definition ) camera.
  • High quality dye printers.
  • Professional lighting for those perfect photo moments.
  • Green screen lets you choose any background you want.
  • A bidirectional mirror enables the guest to see his reflection as in a regular mirror.
  • Full-length touch screen.
  • Wide range of props.
  • Optional luxury red carpet and gold pillars.
  • Distinctive autofocus cameras.
  • Professional lighting like the studio for those perfect photo moments.

Advantages of the selfie camera screen

  • Choose the print layout for the images.
  • High resolution image with auto focus.
  • Unlimited photo collections with 6×4 or double 6×2 prints.
  • A copy of all images produced during the event on a memory chip.
  • printed copies.
  • Different types of comic props in order to take sweeter pictures
  • Filters and upload media.
  • Great software, so you can feel the product’s potential.
  • More interactive.
  • The possibility of placing the signature or logo on the image through the screen directly.
  • Include music.
  • A direct download link is sent after taking all the photos so you can share them with your guests.
  • Full length photos.
  • Magic touchscreen.
  • Record each publication, giving an extra special touch to each event
  • Once your photo is taken and signed, printing takes only 10 seconds.
  • Stylish and modern social photography.
  • Once guests have activated the mirror, custom messages and

countdowns will be displayed before taking the number of selected photos.

Photobooth exclusive services

Selfie Magic Mirror for sale

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent

You can delight your guests and take advantage of a unique product that can spread your brand logo.

You can see Selfie Photography Screen at all kinds of events .

It is very popular at Weddings, Christmas parties, Concerts, balls ,

presentation evenings, birthdays, corporate event or private party and many other happy events.

We can provide outstanding services

  • Installing and disassembling photo booth.
  • Wide range of props.
  • Instant photo printing.
  • USB contains all the pictures so you can share them on social media or print additional copies
  • Quick delivery to the event venue and setup.

You are guaranteed to have a way with countless advantages of fun styles and forms in our range of selfie kiosks.

The dedicated selfie display is perfectly suited for any occasion, be it a wedding or birthday party

Our team have the ability to bring your magic mirror anywhere

to make sure that your event works smoothly.

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