Photography Screen Selfies

Aug 14, 2019 | display screens

Photography screen taking immediately printed customized photos, sharing them via social media, touch the screen to add signature, logo, emotions

Photography Screen Selfies

A distinctive full-length interactive touch screen that invites attendees to take selfies –

individual or with company – can be customized directly by reflecting in the mirror

with instant printing and photo sharing at the same time via social media.

Selfie Mirror and photo booth provide long hours of fun and entertainment while capturing memorable photos.

The elegant and stylish modern mirror dazzles guests at your event thanks to an intuitive interface.

Fun and lively animations across the screen guides guests to take their photos,

customize them, get prints in seconds and share their high quality prints .

Hours of entertainment followed by getting memory that remain with you forever.

How to use Selfie Photography Screen

  • Touch the screen to start the photo capture journey.

Using a reflective screen and face detection software, the screen captures images.

  • You can take advantage of the benefits of the wonderful box or fun props table and wear a hat, a pair of glasses, a wig, etc .
  • Look at the mirror as it directs you and encourage you by fun statements.
  • The screen starts to count down while you see yourself all the time on it.
  • customize your photo with emojis or hand drawn notes before printing it.
  • You can then add creative expressions by simply touching the emotion you want to add from the screen.
  • Directly and on the front of the mirror you can write your name or text message and others.
  • Choose whether you want to receive individual or multiple prints from your photo keepsake.
  • Email your photo directly to your phone and share it via Social Media.

Benefits of photography screen

It’s the creativity that you can add to your happy occasion.

  • All photos taken digitally by guests can be sent to the bride and groom afterwards.
  • It is a way to get a digital guestbook for your wedding.
  • Free memory scrapbook – full of guest notes and fun selfies taken during your event –

so you and your spouse can search for the treasure and look at it again.

  • A fun keepsake for everyone

Guests receive a special souvenir that they can take home to keep the event memorable.

  • A great way to advertise your brand or launch your project or product by embedding the logo on the prints.
  • Free albums to attendees include all photos taken during the event!
  • Unique interactive images complemented by unlimited photo memorabilia, fun props and interactive features.
  • Decorate the photo booth itself with your brand and this is the most appropriate point for its appearance.
  • Add a custom background with your logo, or even an animated design to your company’s brand feature.
  • The selfie display is equipped with entertaining social games to add an atmosphere of competition and fun.
  • Contemporary aesthetics with the latest technology features easy to use.

Guests create unlimited selfies choosing their own experience to create one photo,

triple photo or magazine-style prints! Perfect for weddings, festivals, corporate parties and more.

  • Share your photos instantly with integrated email and text sharing features.
  • Send your photos onto your smartphone and YouTube, and post them on Facebook or Instagram instantly.
  • Extract detailed post-party analytics such as number of participants, sent emails and number of photos.

Advantages of Photobooth – Magic selfie Mirror

Innovative ready-made features are pre-customized and more can be added as desired.

  • Sign photos in your name and add emoji, distinctive text phrases and logo.
  • Unlimited prints and instant sharing possibilities, you and your guests will get fun memorabilia that will be appreciated for years to come.
  • A variety of stylish designs amaze your guests.
  • Crystal clear graphics compete across the brilliant screen.
  • Classic images can be combined with the latest technology.
  • Vibrant animations.
  • Social games.
  • Different sizes for high resolution printing.
  • Light weight, so it can be easily transferred even to upper floors.
  • Create fun GIFs, viewing skills and videos that can be instantly shared from your phone.
  • Full length pictures, allowing showing beautiful wedding dress or elegant suit.
  • A fun and easy to use screen for guests of all ages.
  • You can customize the template with your wedding date and hashtag.
  • Easy setup.
  • Interactive touchscreen.
  • The photo drag feature lets you and your guests customize footage to your template content and use distinct colors.
  • Immediate prints of the highest quality.
  • Equipped with props and accessories, you can get the perfect shot.
  • Interactive features and fun props.
  • The paint feature that lets guests make their own drawings with a touch paint brush.
  • Distinctive brightness and high contrast.
  • High quality flash.
  • Green screen that allows selection of any background.

Company Services

If you’re looking for the perfect way to fully customize how your party looks to

entertain your guests and want to leave an unforgettable impression,

we can connect the photo booth to the venue with a unique design.

Selfie Magic Mirror for sale

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent

  • Choose the appropriate color frame mirror image (silver – gold ….).
  • Choose one of our featured wallpapers, or ask for a specially designed wallpaper.
  • On-site graphic designers can design great designs to print your photos to embed Wedding date and hashtag, plus the integration of wedding theme and colors.

We can design your customized photo design to reflect your wedding theme or unique colors,

In addition, include the wedding date, hash mark, single letter, or any other drawing.

  • Designs that match the theme and colors of the event, as well as include any fun hashtags, characters, logos and more.
  • Charming individual and group portrait.

You can get more and more or inquire when you call from the site button or send a message on our email.

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