Magic Selfie photo booth

Aug 15, 2019 | display screens

Magic Selfie photo booths & magic mirrors, Wow Factor, Fast ROI, capture amazing experiences with attractive interactive touch screen for all happy events

Magic Selfie mirrors

Magic Selfie mirrors

We are pleased to advertise for a new addition to our services in the world of

  • advertising and propaganda.
  • processing events, education and training halls.
  • Led Display screens .

It is our Magic Selfie Mirror and photo booth.

It’s not just an ordinary mirror or just a camera-box to take selfies.

It is a unique interactive integrated photo booth with voice guidance,

gestures, motion and face detection , animated with expressions (joy – surprise – anger etc) .

An innovative idea and a new addition to the personal and public events of family celebrations, weddings,

birthdays, corporate celebrations, start-ups, and new product launch.

The Photography Screen combines entertainment and advertising.

Through which, visitors can take pictures and reach the top of the hustle, fun and entertainment.

Besides that, you can include your brand logo with the instant prints attendees get.

How to use Magic Selfie

It’s easy and simple to use through the smart screen interacting with you.

It talks to the user and directs them till the instant image printing stage.

  • Attendees stand in front of the mirror, then the screen begins to

interact with them orally, visual effects and cartoons that appear on the interface.

  • Touch the Start icon.

Animations works to guide users to touch the screen to start the mirror.

Between each image there are different animations, so the mirror experience changes every time.

  • The screen guides the guest by giving him fun voice guidance and

encouraging messages such as (smile – wow – you are wonderful and so on ).

  • The mirror starts counting down, then taking the picture (it may be one shot or consecutive number depending on the user’s choice).
  • Once your photos are taken, you can leave a signature or

a message – by writing with your hand on the front of the screen – that appears on the photos after printing.

  • Each photo prints in 8 seconds and everyone gets a copy.
  • These prints can be customized with logos, names or dates.

Magic Selfie Photobooth Properties and Advantages

It is characterized by several specifications and advantages that

increase the dazzling and fascinating, both in terms of its external shape or content of programming.

  • An elegant photo booth with a colorful frame.
  • Fully interactive magic mirror .
  • Fun and entertaining animations.
  • The touch screen interface has an intuitive interface with just a touch.
  • A full-body picture rather than just photographing the upper body.
  • Quick ​​setup and adjusting photo booth.
  • A variety of props act as decoration around the mirror.
  • Instant prints in seconds.
  • A red carpet acts as a walkway for guests.
  • Personalize your prints.
  • The ability to write your own messages on your photos.
  • Add emoji to any image.
  • Store your photos in a memory card and upload them online

to a secure gallery so you can view, download and enjoy funny pictures.

  • Guestbook and getting two prints of the photo, one for your guests

and one for the guestbook, a great way to keep a lasting memory of fun!

  • Unlimited prints.
  • Personal photo template.
  • Digital download of all images.
  • High-quality camera and resolution produce the best possible image.
  • Kids camera in all our photo booths so we can adjust the height of the children to use the mirror.
  • Choose from different white wedding photo booths, pink love hearts and many more.
  • LED lighting (light emitting diode).
  • A green screen lets you add any external element to the image.

You can learn more about the features supported by our selfie mirror with one of our technicians.

Services and Customized screen photobooth

Selfie Magic Mirror for sale

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent

Now you can take advantage of a distinctive photography mirror

whether for permanent use or rent for the duration of your event.

Excellent staff can customize the product to fit perfectly with the

requirements of the event by adding distinctive expressions that suit you.

Also the wonderful box that contains fun props such as glasses, hats, wigs, tie and others.

The selfie camera screen is equipped with a carpet and corridor and

we can create an impressive décor for the shooting scene.

We are happy to offer you something different that will take your wedding, concert or event to the next level.

  • Special program ensures that you are not let down at night with full support 24/7.
  • You get an elegant experience.
  • The LED mirror frame can illuminate any color you want.
  • Our software allows the user to touch the screen, wave, smile and even scream to start the Selfie Mirror.
  • We can provide staff to assist your guests for every occasion.

We provide perfect products for your party such as corporate events, trade shows, weddings,

Eid ( feast ) celebrations, birthday parties, staff parties or any special occasion.

  • We provide free albums.
  • Multiple styles for photo prints

Select the number of images and they will all be saved in the system

and forwarded to the host after the event onto our USB.

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