Photo booth & selfie magic mirror

Aug 29, 2019 | display screens

Photo booth & Selfie Magic Mirror album with your signature Message logo on photos Know all features specifications ; Green screen Customized Emotions props

Photo booth & selfie magic mirror

Photo booth & selfie magic mirror

Magic Selfie adds an atmosphere of excitement, fun and entertainment.

It’s a great and innovative way to document the occasion as guests leave your event with a special souvenir.

  • make your guests fascinate with the party and spend hours without getting bored.
  • By customizing photos with your logo

and printing it out, you ensure that it always remains in front of their eyes

  • Fun hours plus outstanding prints make your event an unforgettable memory and make it the best.

After taking photos with friends, family or co-workers, you can sign them with a distinctive message.

Sign photos using the interactive touch screen, use the mirror paint brush, or add a variety of stamps.

A photography screen is a magnet for all events and has become more

popular at weddings, birthdays, corporate opening, product launches,

graduation parties, anniversary events and more.

Photo booth Specifications & Advantages

  • A high resolution & wide viewing angle camera allows a large number of participants in the shot.
  • LED Magic Eye (light-emitting diode) – the bright white light – will alternate between the eye shape and the circle.
  • Face detection software.
  • Large collection of emoji, masks, hats, glasses, mustaches and more.
  • You can upload your own emojis.
  • Printed photos in less than 10 seconds.
  • High quality Dye Sub printer.
  • The user can specify the number of copies per printout.
  • Full-length Selfie photo screen to take one or several photos.
  • A screen that talks to the guest and directs him till he gets his printed image.
  • Selfie Mirror is preloaded with animations, sounds and music.
  • The touch paint feature allows users to create their own artwork.
  • Instant shooting in high resolution

with the easy-to-access add-on menu on Magic Photo Mirror Booth.

  • Choose to take a full-length 6×4 image or multiple images on a single print.
  • Customize your photos to include a template of your choice, a message of your choice, and add a logo.
  • Magic Selfie Mirror is mounted on wheels making it easy to transport.
  • Light weight allows moving to upper floors.
  • Removable padded cover to protect the touch screen.
  • Electrical equipment is prepared in about 10 minutes.
  • The touch screen is made of toughened safety glass
  • Fast assembly and disassembly.
  • Unlimited visits.
  • Speed ​​setting, disassembly, transportation and content modification.
  • a large flight case on wheels.

Photography Mirror / Photo booth Kiosk Special Specifications


Our products can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world.

Special software latest technology

  • Our software is constantly evolving and you can always get these updates.

Our exclusive software allows you to

  • print your photos as you wish.
  • share photos directly on social media
  • create a GIF in the last image and print 4×6.
  • take a group of images in a quick sequence to create a fast video that moves forward and backward.

Animated Overlays

We can customize fictional animations of forms that symbolize nature for example.

Also you can add a touch of aesthetic to your printed image directly ,

which is snowfall to make it look as if it is already snowing.

Marketing photos

We can customize the highest quality images with high resolution

through a 4K Ultra HD DSLR camera , so you can use directly .

  • Our system provides the use of the camera in portrait or landscape mode without removing the camera at all.
  • Social Media Upload (Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  • show videos, GIFs, or traditional images.

door lock

A 3-digit password can be set to protect images stored on the mirror.

Using 3 digits is an easy way to remember your password.

Professional Flash

A Flash like that which is used by professional photographers in

their studios for the best possible image quality.

Proposals and design of the whole ceremony

We offer Photo Booth accessories and equipment which we are sure that

they will add a special flavor to the party atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

We provide several and perfect ideas that meet all tastes of

decorations to suit the overall atmosphere of the occasion.

Decoration can be designed around the screen with

distinctive accessories such as flowers and lighting with love hearts.

A decorative design that creates a fun atmosphere with funny and

cheerful accessories such as funny graphics or balloons.

You can write phrases referring to the occasion or congratulatory messages or amusing phrases and so on.

Nice phrases made from lighting lamps or drawings of birds and nice animals such as flamingos.

  • A green screen ( Custom Chroma Key Backdrops ) can add any element to the image ( options are endless ) .

Adding real landscapes to your prints gives the complete belief that the landscape is real, not fictional.

Add charming beaches, ships, snowfall, high mountains, waterfalls, and more.

  • A special guest album with a copy stored on the mirror.
  • Wonderful props box.
  • A distinctive table is another addition that guests can put drinks on while taking photos.
  • Custom LED lighting
  • Our special technician will teach you how to use Magic Selfie.

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