CCTV Camera Installation Kuwait Full System

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CCTV Camera Installation Kuwait integrated efficient systems high quality smart solutions by expert technicians how to connect components company solutions

CCTV Camera Installation Kuwait All Systems

CCTV Camera Installation Kuwait All Systems

Our leading company provides smart surveillance system solutions for home, business and establishment.

All of our services are carried out by the best technicians.

We also provide ideal systems to make sure that all our clients have

  • smart monitoring.
  • full control of their system remotely.
  • clear detailed image.

Our technicians are also ready to upgrade current security systems.

CCTV Camera Technician

In fact, dealing with any modern technological system requires high-qualified specialists .

Our technicians have many years of experience working in the field of CCTV Cameras systems.

  • Technical Inspection

The technician inspects the site carefully and determines the number and

types of surveillance cameras that must be installed to cover the entire place.

He also selects the installation positions to achieve greater coverage area through

deciding on appropriate viewing angles and directing the cameras to monitor specific fields.

Our expert technicians have the ability to plan, design and carry out an integrated,

efficient and coherent security system.

Security camera system components

CCTV camera systems use components that are directly connected together to

capture, transmit, display and store video data.

main components

  • Cameras.
  • Monitors ( recordings can also be viewed online, pc, or on a smartphone ).
  • power supply
  • Video recorders ( dvr , nvr ) .
  • power source.


  • Internet.
  • Hard Disk.
  • Adapter.

simple way to link the components

  • A surveillance camera with two cables; one connected to the power source

and the other connected to the recorder.

  • 4-pin cable: red and yellow to connect the camera to the recorder and then to the adapter
  • Adapter: The camera is connected to it and then connected to an electrical

source for the camera to work.

How to install surveillance cameras

How to connect a surveillance camera to a DVR and the power supply that runs it.

  • Hard disk is connected to the DVR, then the recorder is connected

to the screen by placing the screen cable in the assigned input of ​​the device.

  • DVR is connected to a power source.
  • Connecting the camera to dvr through the 4-pin cable:

Both ends of the camera cable are attached to a red end and a yellow end

of the 4-pin cable, then the second yellow end of the cable to the DVR.

After that , we connect the second red end to an adapter.

  • At last connect the adapter to a power source.

Relation between cameras and dvr

We must take in consideration these points when we choose our cameras and dvr

  • The number of cameras that can be connected to a recorder.
  • Number of audio inputs.
  • Resolutions that dvr can record and display previous recordings.
  • camera resolution
  • camera Lens Size
  • LUX
  • Lens type
  • Ability to store photos and videos in large areas for the longest time.

Outdoor surveillance cameras

These cameras must have the properties that protect them from weather conditions such

as sunlight and extreme heat or cold and also protect them from rain and dust.

These cameras are installed in open air so that they must be of very high quality.

Indoor Cameras

Its main purpose is to keep an eye on what is happening inside buildings.

PTZ Cameras

This type is well-designed to move in all directions; up and down ( 360 degrees ),

left and right ( 90 degrees ) to monitor many preset positions on a set schedule.

When a ptz camera captures a specific target, it send a signal to another camera to follow this target .

At the same time it send an alert to the user so he can act .

IP cameras

Network cameras that are connected directly to an Internet router and transmit data over a network.

Wireless security cameras

These cameras transmit videos without cables, connected to the net wirelessly.

CCTV Camera company services and solutions

CCTV Camera Company Kuwait

  • Our company covers all governorates and regions of Kuwait.
  • All HD quality ( AHD – FULL HD and 4K ).
  • Professional technicians under the supervision of skilled engineers.
  • Planning and carrying out integrated systems.
  • Selling, installing and maintaining surveillance cameras of

all kinds and choosing the suitable ones in terms of place and purpose.

Our real desire to provide the best and latest technology for our consumers,

we provide the top brands that have proven their high-performance and efficiency .

We also provide cutting-edge technology, custom-made solutions and

maintenance services for businesses across various sectors, extending

benefits of the latest solutions in this field helping advancement in technology

utilization in the existing and upcoming projects.

we are dedicated to sourcing and installing the best security cameras and systems .

Tips before hiring a surveillance camera company

Security Cameras Kuwait

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