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Nov 9, 2019 | CCTV

Hikvision cameras prices Exclusive Quotation for each type and model, a variety of offers, best final cost includes after sale services, long term warranty

Hikvision cameras prices offers and free services

Hikvision cameras prices offers and free services

Get a complete knowledge of the best prices of Hikvision surveillance

cameras as well as our exclusive distinctive and varied offers and large

discounts that you can benefit from to get a powerful, integrated security

system which does not strain your budget or makes you bear extra costs.

There is no doubt that Hikvision surveillance cameras are a reputed brand and

therefore we have worked hard to provide all types, models and forms.

Also we have always made sure that our Hikvision cameras prices are

satisfactory to all our customers and that we have provided special offers and

awesome discounts as well as free services and long-term warranty contracts

  • All types and models of Hikvision CCTV Cameras.
  • The best prices that have met our customers’ budgets.
  • Exclusive Offers so that each customer can choose among a variety of offers.
  • Great discount rates.
  • Free installation, programming and training when you benefit from our basic offer.
  • An experienced CCTV technician and a large staff who provide distinctive services.
  • Maintenance contracts for the longest period.

Hikvision Security Cameras

Excellent quality, accuracy and speedy performance .

An excellent industry that provides outstanding solutions to address camera problems

  • Indoor and outdoor installation.
  • The TVL – HD – FULL HD – 4K image is clear and gives the  details in

complete darkness and in bright, dim or variable lighting.

  • Advanced high quality lenses with excellent quality.
  • Cameras can be viewed on your smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Highest durability .
  • withstand shocks, high temperatures, water and cold.
  • Motion detection – IR night vision – Zoom efficiently.

Hikvision PTZ surveillance cameras

High Frame Rate Smart PTZ Camera

  • Motion monitoring as it is equipped with a high sensor.
  • Full HD 1080p (FULL HD) images.
  • Broadcast at a very high rate up to 60fps.
  • High zoom.
  • Night vision IR.
  • Manual or automatic control.

Hikvision IP network Security Cameras

It works with an IP that connects to the modem with a normal network

cable or picks up a wireless signal.

  • Network Bullet Camera
  • Network Dome Camera
  • Network Fisheye Camera
  • Mini PT Network Camera
  • IR Cube Network Camera
  • Smart IP Box Camera

Hikvision IP Network Surveillance Cameras feature a powerful motion

and sound detection sensor with NTSC ultra-clear non-oscillating image.

Day and night monitoring in direct sunlight and complete darkness.

large signal transfer rate.

Hikvision Analog Security Cameras

  • Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera

Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera

  • IR Bullet Camera
  • Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera
  • Ultra-Low Light Box Camera

Hikvision Outdoor cameras

IP Camera Bullet Security CCTV Outdoor Network Camera

They are installed in open air as they are manufactured from the highest

materials to withstand weather conditions and to give a full hd image with reduced noise.

fixed lens cctv ip camera

High durability with night monitoring without leaving margins on either side of the screen.

Indoor Security Cameras

HD resolution and wide viewing angle

  • Camera DOME

Indoor Dome IP CCTV Camera

WDR IP Camera Dome CCTV Security Camera

Built-in Wi-Fi with flame protection, the finest lenses, face detection,

luggage, objects and dangerous materials.

Hikvision DVR Recorder

  • Supports HD and TVL image recording from all types of analog and network surveillance cameras.
  • Full picture clearly 1080p static NTSC.
  • Multiple inputs.
    HDMI – VGA outputs and bidirectional audio output.
  • Signal transfer rate is very high.
  • Real-time recording.
  • Supports the latest types of hard disk

Hikvision NVR

The NVR supports network cameras and can be compatible with analog

cameras using an analog / digital signal adapter.

  • Supports a great number of cameras as it has a large number of ports and a switch can be added.
  • Recording up to 8MP resolution.
  • High resolution playback.
  • Support outputs – LCD touch screen – HDMI – VGA together.
  • Display more than one camera at a time.
  • Supports bandwidth up to 400Mbps.
  • High flexibility as it can be placed at any point of the network and transmit signals safely and reliably.
  • Supports all kinds of video recording and playback formats and H.264 format.

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