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Apr 24, 2023 | CCTV

Hikvision CCTV Cameras the leading provider of surveillance solutions and video management exclusive software DVR NVR What is the price of Hikvision CCTV camera

Hikvision CCTV Cameras technology

Hikvision CCTV Cameras technology

  • Hikvision CCTV Cameras Provide high quality, accuracy and speedy performance.
  • Their high specifications have proved efficiency and success during monitoring.
  • Hikvision CCTV cameras have always provided the best smart and logical solutions .

Hikvision Camera Features

  • Used for all applications ; indoor and outdoor installation .
  • Efficiency and durability in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions.
  • Advanced components, lenses and recording devices.
  • Variations of clarity levels which include TVL – HD – FULL HD – 4K.
  • Enabled night vision ( infrared ).
  • Color images are recorded in full color.
  • Can be watched online on your smartphone.
  • Withstand shock, high temperature, water and cold, …. .

Hikvision Products

Which Hikvision CCTV camera is best?

  • Hikvision CCTV Cameras have a complete series of cameras to cover all needs.

PTZ Hikvision CCTV Cameras

  • Moving in all directions ( right to left 360 degrees – up to down by

90 degrees ), so you can monitor a large area.

  • A number of cameras can be connected to PTZ Cameras, so

When detecting an object, face, sound or movement, PTZ camera send

a signal to a connected camera to start monitoring.

 High Frame Rate Smart PTZ Camera

 High Frame Rate Smart PTZ Camera

  • High sensor to detect and monitor any movement .
  • taking 1080p FULL HD images.
  • Very high display rate up to 60fps.
  • Zoom with more detail.
  • smart , advanced motion detection.
  • IR vision clearly up to a long distance and wide range.
  • manual control or Automatic one via presets to move the camera between certain points every specified period.

Hikvision IP Camera

  • IP ( Internet Protocol ) cameras are wireless cameras.
  • Network Bullet Camera
  • Network Dome Camera
  • Network Fisheye Camera
  • Mini PT Network Camera
  • IR Cube Network Camera
  • Smart IP Box Camera

Analog Hikvision cameras

  • Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera
  • IR Bullet Camera
  • Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera
  • Ultra-Low Light Box Camera

Hikvision CCTV Cameras Hikvision IP cameras are generally characterized by:

  • varied Features to suit all purposes.
  • high sensor.
  • NTSC image.
  • LUX0
  • Day / night vision.
  •  automatic adjustment to fit continuous light changes.
  • high Signal transmission rate.
  • Long-distance vision lenses and wide viewing angle.

Hikvision outdoor cameras

IP Camera Bullet Security CCTV Outdoor Network Camera

  • Full HD with noise reduction and high protection.

fixed lens cctv ip camera

fixed lens cctv ip camera

  • Water and Weather Resistant.
  • supports IR.
  • no margins on either side of the screen to take clearer images.
  • High performance and multiple functions such as alarm and reset.
  • False alarm reduction by human and vehicle target classification based on deep learning.
  • Built-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128G.
  • Strobe Light & Audio Alarm

Hikvision indoor cameras

  • For indoor monitoring with HD image, covering an entire area after

directing it to monitor a specific field with a wide viewing angle .

DOME Camera

  • have the rounded “dome” shape , so it is not easy to know the viewing angle .
  • Here are the latest types of dome camera

4.0MP Indoor Dome IP CCTV Camera

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD image resolution
  • Excellent degree of protection against changeable weather factors.

8MP WDR IP Camera Dome CCTV Security Camera

  • Fixed lenses from 2.8 up to 12mm
  • lenses can be manually directed to cover a specific area at a clear viewing angle.
  • IR distance over 30 meters.
  • Detection of faces, luggage, dangerous objects and materials

Hikvision CCTV Cameras DVR

Hikvision DVR

  • supports all types of analog and network surveillance cameras.
  • can record events in HD and TVL quality.
  • It works with different resolutions, poor and higher resolution:

8 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP,12 mp, 1080p30, 1080p25, 720p60, 720p50, 720p30, 720p25

  • HDTVI input: 8 MP,5 MP, 4 MP, 3 MP,12 mp,  1080p30, 1080p25,

720p60, 720p50, 720p30, 720p25, ………… .

  • HDCVI input :4 MP, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p25, 720p30
  • CVBS input: PAL/NTSC
  • AHD input: 5 MP, 4 MP, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p25, 720p30
  • displays full image in 1080p resolution.
  • Deep learning-based analysis
  • Support H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression
  • Support HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video input
  • Real-time recording, there is no delay in receiving images from the camera.
  • Supports the latest types of hard disk and energy-saving.

Hikvision NVR

  • Third-party network cameras supported
  • Up to 12 Megapixels resolution recording
  • Video outputs at up to 4K (4096 * 2160) resolution
  • Up to 128/256 IP cameras can be connected with
    512M / 768M incoming bandwidth
  • Up to 24 SATA interfaces
  • HDMI Output:

2-ch, resolution: 4K(4096*2160)/60Hz, 4K(3840*2160)/30Hz, 2K (2560*1440)/ 60HZ,

1920*1080P/60Hz, 1600*1200/60Hz, 1280×1024/60Hz, 1280*720/60Hz, 1024*768/60Hz

  • Live view / Playback:


  • Image division and view more than one camera at a time.
  • Ability to improve and maintain system stability with additional power supply support.
  • Flexible device that can be placed at any point of the network to transmit signals safely and reliably.
  • Supports all types of recording encryption (video recording and playback formats).
What is the price of Hikvision CCTV camera?

What is the range of Hikvision CCTV camera?

  • Hikvision CCTV Cameras provide a wide range of vision.
  • For example, Hikvision IP Camera with Lens Size: 2.8mm To 12 Mm provides Range up to 500m.


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