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Sep 29, 2019 | CCTV

CCTV Camera Company Kuwait wide-range of the latest products programming installation repair maintenance smart solutions for all buildings by qualified team

CCTV Camera Company Kuwait best Services

CCTV Camera Company Kuwait best Services

We strive to maintain our leadership and stay at the forefront of

security systems companies. We always look for everything that is new and unique.

Our experts are tasked with following the tremendous development

in the manufacture and development of new types of cameras.

Our CCTV Camera Company Kuwait offers

  • Distinctive services covering different areas of Kuwait.
  • Designing security systems for all places; homes, factories,

companies, hotels, tourist villages, banks and government institutions, etc.. .

  • A great fleet of well-experienced technicians.
  • carrying out successful and effective monitoring systems through which

the individual can monitor events and control the system remotely .

  • Immediate maintenance of all faults with periodic maintenance contracts.
  • Replacing damaged parts with original spare parts.
  • We ensure that the prices are appropriate to the budget

of each client with the latest specifications and the highest quality

  • long-term contracts.

You can know about many other services when you visit our website.

Sale and installation of surveillance cameras

Sale and installation of surveillance cameras

Many people are looking for a pioneering company to get a smart surveillance system.

Also they want to acquire those modern and effective security services.

But at the same time, they are looking for someone who can install those devices,

so when you need to get your surveillance system installed

properly, you must deal with a reliable CCTV Camera Company.

You can the type of camera you want, but not before the technician

clarifies the features and specifications of each camera.

Also you must make sure that you you will get the real value for your payment.

Best Security cameras 2019

  • Great discounts on all types of cameras and accessories like
  • DVR and NVR recording devices.
  • Wires and cables when acquiring wired cameras
  • screens
  • Hard Disk
  • Special offers

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

When installing indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras,

they achieve the following

  • Observing all the corners of the building and monitoring what happens outside.
  • Keep track of what is going on at home while you are away.
  • Keep your property safe and prevent theft.
  • Seeing the building-goers all the time.
  • Monitoring fences and walls surrounding.
  • Observing kids, maids, guards and employees.

CCTV Features and Specifications

  • Withstand all weather factors and adapt to them.
  • withstand high temperature, foggy weather, storms and dust.
  • against water, rain, rust and moisture.
  • Clear image in direct sunlight.
  • Clear night image.
  • No problems related to quality of transmit, image clarity.
  • Focus on the image and zoom in and out to increase the clarity.
  • working continuously without loss of data or files recorded.
  • Modern and sophisticated technical and standard specifications.
  • lightweight .
  • different sizes and shapes.
  • high-quality lenses ; fixed or varifocal.
  • Multiple functions.
  • can be controlled with any modern smart device.
  • quick response to any movement or sound and automatically start any imaging continuously.
  • Seamless control of settings and reset.
  • connection to an infinite number of dvrs.
  • high resolution.
  • Withstand rain, humidity, snow, storms, heat and shock.
  • Visual and audio tracking system.

Make sure that the company has great experience in the field of security systems.

Ask for a real guarantee for as long as possible on all components.

Don’t forget to ask for Guarantee of replacement.

Ensure that the company has technical support to help you install, program, repair, carry out maintenance.

CCTV Cameras maintenance plans and solutions

Your surveillance system is a real investment, so it is a must to make sure that it works efficiently.

In order to ensure that, maintenance is required.

We offer Corrective, Preventive, Zero Hours , Periodic maintenance.

Through maintenance plans , you can give yourself maximum peace

of mind when you are sure that your system works as it should.

  • Unique and varied maintenance plans, with multiple and guaranteed options to suit all systems.
  • Your system should always be modern and advanced by upgrading it.
  • You can relax when you know that your security system will always work at its best.

We provide an effective maintenance plan and logical solutions

suitable for each security system according to its condition

in terms of size, equipment used and connection method.

Simply, our technical team is working with you to develop a plan that includes everything you need.

Specialists in high-quality commercial and residential security

systems to protect your most valuable property.

  • Get the most out of your security system with our maintenance.

If you are a former customer who has benefited from a security

system through our company and has already obtained maintenance contracts

or you are a new customer who needs to restart or upgrade

your own security system, you will also get contracts and a guarantee for the longest period.

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