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Best Security cameras 2019 indoor outdoor ptz wifi ip solar powered latest specifications ​​all smart integrated features high-quality ideal solutions

Best Security cameras 2019 advantages

Best Security cameras 2019 advantages

Excellent surveillance systems are based on the latest CCTV

cameras with the latest specifications and the highest quality to enable you to

  • monitor your home, workplace, establishment, kids, maide and your property, etc… .
  • watch everything that happens at any time with HD video and clear sound.
  • get alerts on your phone, tablet and PC when the cameras

capture someone, movement, or sound around.

  • listen and talk to people on your mobile phone with the built-in microphone and speakers.
  • activate sirens remotely using your phone, tablet and PC to scare any suspicious people in front of the camera.
  • install them with customized motion areas to focus on the most important corners and areas.

Security Cameras 2019 latest specifications

  • easy to install, operate and use.
  • enable you to talk to the person in front of the camera.
  • can be opened on Android and iPhone devices.
  • wide viewing angles.
  • change the orientation of the viewfinder in any direction remotely.
  • advanced security system that supports alerting in case of movement, sound or face detection on site.
  • Bidirectional sound.
  • Built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to talk and listen through the app.
  • clear 1080p or 4k image

1080P or 4k HD Video & Night Vision You can watch crystal clear images and videos.

  • Pan / Tilt & TF Card Storage
  • You can control the camera’s 360 ° orientation and tilt 90 degrees

on your phone, either directly or remotely, and you can monitor every corner.

  • Wi-Fi surveillance cameras with TF card slot, provide video recording on

TF card (micro SD card, large memory, recordings can be accessed at any time.

  • Volume up the phone.
  • Daytime night vision (full color) in total darkness and brightness of light.
  • motion detection.
  • Built-in motion sensor alarm.
  • Cloud storage
  • Wide Angle Lens.
  • Weather resistant to withstand even the harshest weather.
  • Receive text and email notifications anytime the external camera detects motion.
  • Record and playback clips and store them directly on your DVR.
  • Sound recording and built-in sensor removes the number

of false alarms you have received by up to more than 95%.

  • FULL HD high resolution image.
  • Top quality lenses.
  • Noise reduction.
  • High zoom with full detail showing in full clarity.
  • Wireless cameras to broadcast videos to the recorder for more than 10 kilometers.

surveillance cameras 2019 Types & practical solutions

Indoor CCTV Cameras

Supported by night vision lenses for accurate photography

in houses, public and private facilities in high resolution.

Various aesthetic forms and different sizes including what

is placed on the office and can be moved around.

  • 4.0MP Indoor Dome IP CCTV Camera
  • 8MP WDR IP Camera Dome CCTV Security Camera

WDR ( Wide Dynamic Range )

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Quality of materials to withstand extreme weather conditions in order to continue working.

  • IP Camera Bullet Security CCTV Outdoor Network Camera
  • fixed lens cctv ip camera

Wired Analog Cameras

  • Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera
  • IR Bullet Camera
  • Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera
  • Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera
  • Ultra-Low Light Box Camera

Wireless surveillance cameras

Digital ip cameras are the latest types, where they work in a digital way.

They have a processor and Ramat as a computer and are

equipped with network cards to be easily connected to the Internet.

WIFI Cameras

IP network surveillance cameras

  • Network Bullet Camera
  • Network Dome Camera
  • Network Fisheye Camera
  • Mini PT Network Camera
  • IR Cube Network Camera
  • Smart IP Box Camera
  • fixed lens cctv ip camera
  • Multi-Sensor Panoramic Network Camera+PTZ Camera

PTZ cameras

PTZ  cameras

This camera is characterized by the ability to rotate at an angle of

360 degrees and the ability to enlarge image 37X, so you can see the whole details.

High Frame Rate Smart PTZ Camera

fixed lenses cameras

Wireless long distances cameras

Long range wireless cameras transmit the video signal to

the farthest distance to more than 10 kilometers via a wireless

transmitter from the place of installation to the connected NVR.

Solar powered Camera

It is a wireless IP camera is installed with a photovoltaic panel to

convert solar energy into electrical energy.


  • Multiple recording system (automatic / permanent / when giving orders / certain times / alarm).
  • 1080p recording for 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and 6MP cameras.
  • Supports hard drives, image and video playback at 60pfs per second.
  • Supports the latest types of hard disk.
  • Outputs – LCD touch screen – HDMI – VGA.

Allowing you to get 80 Mbps of watching events as they happen.

  • Real-time, high-resolution HD video without loss or delay.
  • Extra props such as USB mouse, network cable and Quick Start Guide with user manual and CD.
  • easy to configure, access and control.
  • Advanced H.265 compression technology that saves storage space for longer recording times.

H.265 also compresses your video without sacrificing any UltraHD video quality.

  • All kinds of recording encryption.
  • Record events stored for the longest duration of more than 5 months.
  • NTSC static image.

Why choose the best surveillance cameras

Best Security cameras 2019 possess many perfect features that

have made them the latest and best in the world of surveillance .

  • Record the events audio and video, and store them for the longest time .
  • Work through the Internet and Wi-Fi.
  • can be connected to many devices for monitoring homes, factories and companies at real time.
  • can be monitored via a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or iPhone.
  • capture night shooting at a very high resolution as they are equipped with infrared.
  • Move in more than one direction, covering more areas.
  • Widen the degree of vision and zoom, which increases their efficiency.
  • Withstand the fluctuating weather changes of rain, heat, dust and wind.
  • Motion detector to detect any target, then start automatic recording and send alert signals to the email.
  • High-quality lenses.

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