Selfie screen for events and occasions

Nov 13, 2019 | display screens

Selfie screen for events amazing design, Instant customized prints with logo signature message directly on the touch screen uploading photos on Social Media

Selfie screen for events and parties

Selfie screen for events and parties

A completely new concept to add magic, fun, entertainment and excitement to parties.

Individual or group selfies printed immediately and customized with

personal messages, signature, logo, congratulation, event date, etc.

Selfie screen can be used for events either through purchase or renting.

With many features such as animations, voice, and multilingualism, the Magic Mirror

sings its own accent to guide and enjoy the audience while capturing a selfie .

It brings guests together with friends, family and colleagues.

The paint brush feature which is an additional state of art can bring out the

guest’s creativity; a guest draws what he wants on the screen to appear onto the prints.

An atmosphere of hustle and bustle, calm and romantic drawn by the magical mirror to your event.

Fashion shows, tourist attractions, marketing events, shopping malls,

weddings, engagements, birthdays, company day, personal concerts, events

promotion activities such as branding activation .

Interactive Touch Screen suitable for everyone and easy to use

  • Guests stand in front of the mirror, and the interactive screen with its lovely

voice and animated writings invites them to touch it.

  • It talks to them (smile – give a kiss – ….) , then start the countdown

and take a picture or successive pictures.

  • Invites guests to sign or draw directly on the screen.
  • The final image appears, then the mirror asks the guest to choose the print and number of copies.

The mirror is accompanied with a set of fun props such as beautiful colored glasses, wigs

with different colors, mustaches, lips, flowers, hats, etc.

That does not only give perfect images, but it also creates a revitalizing atmosphere for parties.

The magical photography mirror makes your event unique and memorable

with the photo album of eternal memories.

Photo booth for sale

Selfie Magic Mirror for rent

Selfie screen for events features and specifications

  • The width and height dimensions provide a full-length screen to capture full-length selfies.
  • Large space for a great number of people in the selfie.
  • The energy requirements are very simple. 
  • Speedy ​​setting time.
  • Quick printing time in 10 seconds.
  • Box full of hats, wigs, masks, glasses and other comic items.
  • Beautiful decorated frame.
  • Top quality printer.
  • High-quality HD camera for high-resolution prints.
  • Easy to use.
  • Exciting effects like innovative filters and green screen.
  • LED lighting for evening events.
  • Lots of different backgrounds, filters, GIF creators and even face recognition.

Selfie screen for events features

  • Attractive animation.
  • Unlimited visits.
  • Immediate prints.
  • free album for each guest and a copy stored on the mirror.
  • Free USB with all pictures.
  • Download social media.
  • One can click unlimited images in less than a minute.
  • All photos are protected with a password to ensure secure access.
  • Guests can create custom messages .
  • Flexibility in its use.
  • Built-in effects for appending images to upgrade.

Our magic selfie mirror

Our brand new Magic Selfies are of high quality and are elegance in appearance.

With each photo , the interactive touchscreen responds with fun, unique voice and written messages .

They occupy a small space and are elegant in design to suit any event.

Choosing printing style

Photos are printed immediately in three different styles, you can choose from.

All photos are saved, uploaded to our Facebook page and a digital version is sent to you after the event.

We are ready to work closely with you to create a special and interesting event.

  • designing vibrant decorations adding more magic .
  • Music selections and even guest interaction.

An experienced technical team to plan and develop ideas to make occasions more productive.

Our trained team will install the mirror, providing a technical support on

the site to help guests get great photos and ensure maximum enthusiasm for all guests .

You can customize your product to get your interface, backgrounds and audio

demands so you can send a truly personalized experience.

Let your photos speak more than a thousand words.

  • We guarantee 100% quality guarantee.
  • We offer an exclusive range equipped with DSLR camera and studio-level

lighting that ensures high-resolution images and perfect clicks.

You get an optional guest book, a green screen and a red LED carpet.

To learn more about the mirror visit us and see it work for yourself.

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