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Oct 30, 2019 | display screens

Interactive screens with touch technology and operating systems, no need to additional devices, high quality for all applications, provide Self-Service user

Interactive screens touch interface

Interactive screens touch display

Modern interactive screens are one of the most advanced, smaret visual displays.

Through touch feature, they provide the user with an amazing and comfortable interactive experience.

Multiple benefits and great importance in all applications.

Besides showing featured content, customers use it directly to perform their services by

themselves, learn about product categories, pay for shoppings get what they want right away.

Interactive content encourages audience to participate and give feedback .

Interactive screens are also used to enrich the educational process since they

are installed in schools, universities and classrooms to provide a distinctive

information experience which enables the learner to interact with the situation.

The interactive screen can also guide the users to their way.

Interactive displays give you the opportunity to present ideas using content

from websites, apps, images, your own files and brilliant 4k videos.

Interactive screens characteristics and specifications

Ensure that you have an interactive screen that fits your purpose by making

sure that it support several internal characteristics and external specifications

  • Its anti-reflective design prevents illumination from interfering and intercepting the display efficiency.
  • supports touch in a variety of ways, enhancing interaction and sharing.
  • overcome the annoying effects of dust, sunlight and more.
  • continuous operation enabling you to deliver your message seamlessly without failure or interruption.
  • Design resistant to environmental factors that may affect image clarity.
  • Dynamic performance and display dynamic content independently without connecting to any external devices.
  • Anti-reflective front panel delivers a higher level of consistent contrast.
  • Excellent brightness in the face of various lighting conditions.
  • Anti-fog glass layer provides always clear content.
  • Flexible control and management enable the ability to organize screen layouts with ease.
  • Built-in lighting adjustment tool.
  • Touch sensitive surface through a powerful sensor.
  • Working reliably in rainy and harsh environments.
  • multi-touch options allowing many people to use the screen at the same time.
  • protection layer against Ultraviolet rays to prevent screen from damage.
  • Thick vandal-resistant glass.
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android & Mac
  • Highly reliable in heavy rain and hot and cold weather.
  • wide viewing angle.
  • excellent contrast ratios.
  • Easy access – front connectivity (USB, HDMI).
  • fast response times.
  • A virtual assistant allows users to access different guides

Touch screens Solutions Advantages Apps

It is highly flexible and configurable in various sizes, so we offer all sizes.

Ideal and intelligent interactive solutions that achieve great success and an additional return on your activity.

High-quality industry with anti-glare coating, minimizes reflections and fingerprints.

Easy connectivity with a variety of ports such as HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and USB.

Applications and places of use

A great interactive screen can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

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