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أكتوبر 30, 2019 | display screens

Street advertising Luminous signs led displays digital billboards text and video propaganda various sizes high-definition image even in bright sunlight

Street advertising LED OLED LCD

The latest LED screens modern & smart Specifications

Street advertising is characterized by the superior ability to send the advertising message

to the highest viewing rates and more impact.

These ways and means , through which propaganda is designed and displays, have varied .

We do not deny that we can get each of them with its own benefits and advantages.

Perhaps more means are being used day by day because of its profound impact on

viewers’ eyes and capturing their attention to what is displayed on them

Led Display screens

Modern LED displays are characterized by several specifications and

characteristics that make them distinguish from other means of advertising

  • Luminous , moving advertising message.
  • greater impact when the content is programmed , designed and formatted professionally to appear in an impressive way.
  • vivid, vibrant colors .
  • dynamic content.
  • A user can modify his add remotely at any time quickly and easily .
  • Great glow with outstanding brightness from which you can see content at the farthest distance.
  • led screen does not distort the view of the place, but an aesthetic touch when installed indoors.
  • You can broadcast more than one message on the same screen and switch

between them at times or certain days, for example, you can display an advertisement

for a particular product or a project launch  to be broadcast throughout

the day, then adjust a specific hour or day to broadcast another message.

  • The ability to program another advertisement such as offering discounts or a new product.

Led displays attract attention, achieve high viewership and attract new customers.

Advantages and capabilities of street signage

  • the ability to decide on colors of the display, their grades and number.
  • The ability to customize any size, any color and any specifications.
  • easy management.
  • High flexibility and multiple types make it suitable for installation in all locations.
  • Wireless connectivity enables you to manage and control it remotely.
  • the possibility to take advantage of interactive touch screen.
  • the ability to renew the content at any time through LED program.
  • operation scheduling (automatically switching on and off the panel – playing certain content).

Street advertising screens specifications and features

We provide a premium brand, digital billboards, displays and advertising signs of the highest quality and strongest potential.

  • Highest reliability.
  • Distinctive high brightness without glare.
  • Low power consumption as it is environmentally friendly.
  • High refresh rate and fast response time.
  • High quality and superb stable performance.
  • Easy and simple structural design makes maintenance easy and simple without disassembling the screen.
  • adjusting the intensity of the lighting.
  • withstand against all weather variables such as (rust – moisture – rain – high temperature).
  • The latest technology of bright modern lighting (LED bulbs SMD and dip).

Street advertising types and solutions

LED technology is the latest and best means of advertising in the world

  • Luminous text screens to display images and text.
  • LED Video Walls that contain videos, pictures, visual effects and animation.
  • Curved, cylindrical and foldable signages.
  • Glass walls and transparent screens.
  • LED curtain.
  • Touch screens.
  • Floor Standing Kiosks

We can design a customized screen in terms of size and display colors.

Also we provide electronic displays with the latest international technology

to all government agencies, companies, projects and ministries.

  • Our services are transparent, fast and accurate.
  • Best quote (high quality and competitive price).
  • All customers can get all advertising services at one place.
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