Outdoor Transparent Display glass walls

Oct 29, 2019 | display screens

Outdoor Transparent Display exclusive designs longitudinal curved flat cylindrical foldable SMD DIP curtain interactive touch top quality latest technology

Outdoor Transparent Display luxurious designs

Outdoor Transparent Display luxurious designs

Modern , smart displays and advertising screens.

Their high transparency provides smoother and more effective visual content.

Screens that can adapt to the most extreme environmental factors.

With these specifications, they can be installed on the outside of the building

without being affected by lighting even in daylight.

High transparency helps to maintain outdoor viewing from inside a building

while putting on a fabulous video show outside.

Their features can be utilized in all applications to provide impressive

visual additions to real products or showcase more engaging content.

city beautification, outdoor advertising, digital billboards, big companies,

sports, stadiums, airports, facades, shopping malls, shops, banks, car agencies,

information centers, fashion shows, beauty salons, concerts, music and more.

Outdoor Transparent Display Specifications

  • Special high-brightness glass screen, high definition.
  • Full, vivid and graded colors.
  • High-level reliability provides stable performance in all environments.
  • High protection against extreme weather conditions.
  • allow air and light to flow.
  • Moisture and corrosion resistance.
  • Premium thermal conductivity.
  • High brightness allows for longer viewing distance, and ensures that

viewers away from the screen can still enjoy what is on display, even under direct sunlight.

  • Unique design and innovative installation characteristics..
  • Slim and exceptionally lightweight.
  • Easy front maintenance .
  • No noise and no extra cooling required.
  • Heat dissipation.
  • Highest waterproofing resistance.
  • High contrast ratios to show color details.
  • High refresh rate and fast response time in real time.
  • Wireless connection, remote management through smart control function.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • low electricity consumption .
  • Streamlined display.
  • 4K images with a full range of RGB colors for great creative effect of a content.

Outdoor Glass Walls types and designs

Advanced technology gives us multiple types and designs in terms of structural

construction, internal features, functions and capabilities as well as lighting

specifications and additional features for each model.

  • flat screen
  • Kiosks
  • Curved screens
  • led curtain
  • Cylindrical screen.
  • foldable panels
  • SMD & DIP.
  • Interactive touch screen

We are ready to transform your glass facades into vivid video walls.

Outdoor Transparent Display Solutions

As one of the world’s leading display and advertising companies in the Arab world,

we only accept to offer the best, the latest in specifications, the finest,

innovative solutions, quick service, and ideal solutions customized at the lowest cost.

  • Customized Outdoor Transparent display solutions.
  • Featured Visual Advertising Industry.

We always count on high quality components, advanced and reliable technology.

We provide an ideal solution for a screen that supports multi-field display mode.

We always work on providing a distinctive, flexible and robust designs for

easy assembly, installation and stable performance during operating.

We are always care for providing high quality, perfect image, shock resistant screen,

long lifespan, good service, technical innovation, high performance, competitive price, and credibility.

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