Transparent LED Screens Prices sale & rental

Jul 21, 2019 | display screens

Transparent LED Screens Prices for sale & rental, indoor ,outdoor,customized displays,integration between top features and best price, ideal solutions

Transparent LED Screens Prices sale & rental

We offer our display screens with the highest specifications, varied designs, high quality for the best competitive price.

All of our models are modern, unique, varied and have the top features, but with no high cost.

This diversity is what ensure providing each customer with his suitable display screen.

Our wide range of the latest kinds, designs, models, features and shapes of

transparent led screens are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Transparent LED Screen for sale

Transparent led screen for rent

The lowest price

A highly- qualified team; technicians, engineers, marketing manager enable us to provide low-cost price with the best quality .

It is the price – quality balance that customers seek.

the ideal solution is today represented by transparent models

When you are ready to get your display screen, the best LED Screens Company is your aim

  • Unique designs of transparent led glass screens for sale & rental .
  • 24/7 technical support to receive and answer customers’ inquiries .
  • adjusting the ads perfectly .
  • programming .
  • installation .
  • After sale service .
  • best competitive Price .
  • long – term warranty.

With the development of transparent screens; configuration, displaying technology, installation and easy maintenance,

we can see its strength apparently and also the the excellence of performance.

We provide flexible solutions thanks to our brand new stage, unlimited

content options as well as displays of any shape or size .

Transparent LED Screens pros & details

Our Transparent LED Display Screens enjoy amazing features to serve your aim

With new configuration equal characteristic, the transparent display creates

a more efficient and valuable distinctive media .

  • can be turned into more valuable media promotions with unique visual impact forces, such as :

glass window

glass curtain walls

Transparent LED Curtain continues gaining popularity all over the world market and

we are really provide the widest variety of them.

video walls

large indoor commercial spaces

arc or cylindrical Transparent shape

SMD Transparent

Side-emitting transparent screen

Flat Transparent LED screen

It keeps the elegant appearance and high transparency.

Also become a new media and a wider range of business applications

  • No need steel structure
  • directly attached to the wall installation, saving time, effort, space and installation costs.
  • saving electricity.
  • Unparalleled Transparency .
  • Easy to maintenance,
  • Simple configuration
  • heat sink eliminated .
  • ultra light, slim body .
  • typical see-through, bright, shining display .
  • no shadow backing-hided.
  • high refresh frequency .
  • lightweight.
  • Long life expectancy .
  • the pictures appear to float on the glass wall.
  • There is no unnecessary bottom color
  • only displays the needed content.
  • Low Power Consumption .
  • Stable & Reliable

As Stability is very import for animated, luminous display products , We confirm it.

All mentioned properties allow users to watch the clear, pure image floating over the screen which looks like the screenshot.

Display screens company solutions

Modern transparent LED display has a lot of types and different structures .

Also sizes are not the same and the standard cabinet couldn’t meet the needs of all projects , so

We exert great effort to customize the best innovative product solution according to the reality situation

to ensure the permeability of transparent LED display, completeness of display and consistency.

Our products work on

  • improving the transparency rate by its unique design through their hollow out frame.
  • reducing the blocking area from the visible range.
  • maximizing its perspective .

so that the audience could stay near or far away at a proper distance to enjoy

the smooth video or image playing on transparent LED display.

Our transparent display screens enjoy

  • Simple design of body frame at its maximization of transparency .
  • Rendering presentation .
  • see-through body design
  • brightness to be enhanced
  • no shade to present the colorful images, eyeball-catching design of entity.

Also they are much helpful for installation and maintenance.
Each LED sign is not fixed permanently is easy to make a replacement and maintenance of

the damaged LEDs or any other component instead of the detachment of the whole tproduct.

  • Designed for high ambient light environments.
  • Reliable Continuous Operation with high quality images

Our free lifetime phone technical support are ready to receive your inquiries, requests, complaints 24/7 .

Improve Your Business and increase your sales Now With our help .

Introduce your activities , ads, messages and services and enhance your brand as well .

Transparent LED Screens

The Transparent led screen catches customers, viewers and attendees by setting

the exhibited or displayed products in vivid contrast to its background of digital contents.

Transparent LED screen can create a special displaying effect.

Transparent Window LED Display is designed to meet the requirement that LED Display should be Transparent.

The transparent glass wall enables people to watch the things behind the LED Display.

In addition, it have all the feature that the normal LED Display has.

That means it can display dynamic digital sources like commercial brand name, logo, slogan, and even advertisement film

It really attract the attention of the potential consumer. Users can install it inside

the glass wall of the building or the street side shop/store.

Our team can perfectly customize the display that satisfy the needs of each client with best Transparent LED Screens Prices

screens rental company

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