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LED Rental Screen Highlights: applications, specifications, types, company solutions & services, details, each module is a seamless design for best price

LED Rental Screen services

You can benefit from our LED Rental Screen for all applications and for

all forms of events & occasions ( private and public – indoors and outdoors ).

advertising, exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions, conferences, presentation of products,

prestigious product, Weddings, Corporate Launches, birthday Parties,decoration,

corporate events, Award Ceremonies, road shows, stage shows, commercial meetings, etc .

Our company have the widest range of modular LED screens ; all types, latest specifications, customized features.

We offer the largest amount of led / oled / lcd displays , so you could rent what fits you at one place.

Our staff ensure to meet your requirements and wow your guests and viewers .

We shall give them an unforgettable experience.

Our LED Rental Screen services include

  • suggesting a perfect LED screen and an ideal solution so that you can visualize the final outcome.
  • constructing your screen in any size or shape
  • preparing the professional display ; design drawing, installation instructions and operating videos.
  • full audio visual production, stage design, and so much more.
  • all services are On-budget and stress free.

Advertising Led Screen Prices

  • constantly updating content, present it in the most captivating way .
  • presenting the hit LED display technology that serve well our clients.

When you are seeking getting a LED display solution for your event, you are at the right place.

We support the next generation of indoor and outdoor LED rental screen to

boost your event with the best customized product .

Our team is always ready to help you make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our screens can be customized to any shape, structure or size to match your occasion’s demands.

an enormous variety of sound system, lighting system and requirements of the productions of your dynamic event.

LED Displays

LED Displays

LED Displays will play a key role in providing the right ambience, excitement and mood.

Also they work as the first tool to present your products, services,

information and move your brand to the highest level.

LED Displays offer the lighting solutions that everyone admires and make your event,

product images, sponsor logos or your add unforgettable.

Led Display screens provide your events an extraordinary look.

LED Rental Screen TYPES

Our LED Rental Screen provides various types of unique solutions, props and designs.

Outdoor LED displays

Indoor led screens

Flexible LED screens

  • Folding led screens
  • Curved led screens (curving inward or outward)
  • Led curtain

Transparent Led screen

led Dance Floor

LED Ceiling Displays


LED Video Walls

Selfie Magic Mirror

LED Rental Screen specifications

  • lightweight cabinet
  • stable cabinet during rental events
  • The cabinet adopting the professional die casting design.
  • excellent contrast ratios
  • Ultralight and ultra slim
  • Adopt the latest anti-collision technology
  • high-definition picture, graphics and videos shows the stage style perfectly
  • waterproof degree .
  • noise free
  • easy Repair
  • Front & rear maintenance
  • Seamless stitching with our special connector design
  • easy to reduce gaps while installing
  • creates a perfect display.
  • distinctive for their high resolution
  • high refresh rate
  • simultaneously broadcast live smoothly
  • High-definition
  • high brightness
  • large view angle.
  • Fast install and dismantle,
  • impact-resistant a
  • stable structure and performance
  • combination of reliability and security.
  • easy transportation
  • high accuracy installation.
  • not screen shaking
  • no quick flashing problems.
  • unparalleled quality, sound and clarity.
  • Compact image now from close or far distance
  • reduces eye fatigue
  • can be constructed in any size or shape
  • adjustable on any site.
  • Remote control through computer, mobile and Wi-Fi.

The best LED Screens company

Our staff of professionals are always interested in conceptualizing new scenarios.

We provide a high standard product – for each types – with strong universality,

which can be used for both indoor or outdoor applications.

Our team’s substantial experience in managing events of all kinds can handle everything

Just tell us what you need, so we can provide technicians and equipment to carry out your display.

Our target is to help our clients and event makers with all of their events whatever and wherever they were.

we provide event production and offer a management structure,

consistent on-site experience and reasonable pricing.

Our professional staff of technicians can scale your LED Rental Screen from

a small implementation to a large scale venue.

The best screens rental company aims to promote the standard of presentations, quality of displays,

advertisements and the success of events using the latest technology.

Enhance your your event using the best LED rental .

move towards more dynamic and customizable platforms

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Customization in size and resolution
  • Event Enrichment and visibility

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