Restaurant screens indoor and outdoor

Nov 1, 2019 | display screens

Restaurant screens indoors & outdoors displaying food and prices customers can order and customize meals pay the bill, fast service with exclusive benefits

Restaurant screens advantages

Restaurant screens advantages

Owners of restaurants and cafes have tended to take advantage of display screens

They use them in those commercial places for several purposes

  • Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Screen

By installing an eye-catching, high-definition outdoor display in gatherings

and high-traffic areas, on the front of the shop or on the first street

  • Installing a screen indoors to display information
  • Customer Assistance

For directing and guiding customers to get their services, know the prices

and make interactive communications directly.

  • Brand promotion

With a vibrant, attractive ad, you can add the name and logo of the restaurant with it.

  • A space for advertising and a space for daily ads to highlight short-term promotional events
  • Interior decoration affects the psychological state of customers, while providing entertainment content for them.

Promotional content must be managed effectively, creating advertising space and offers.

Designs that can manage and publish bids and prices, attract new customers

and gain the trust of permanent customers.

  • Providing comfort for customers and gaining their trust and acceptance .

A customer moves and selects his order conveniently and can add another

item and thus customize his integrated meal easily.

Touch screens, fast, accurate and easy to operate, reduce time

and process orders more quickly in order to provide better service and more sales.

  • The audience responds quickly to enticing digital displays
  • An upswing in total sales volume.
  • making your guests aware of everything, ranging from a flash-sale to in-store offers, closeouts, and much more.

Digital Signage Menu Boards Advantages and characteristics

  • Attractively electronic menu panel.
  • The latest version for Android.
  • A program for the food guide copy which supports remote adjustment by simply pressing the button in your smartphone.
  • Save system log files: Designs that support backup of log files.
  • Face recognition

With this feature, the screen identifies customers directly and enables them to quickly dial.

For privacy, the camera is turned on only if the customer requests it and takes

a picture of it until it is stored and the orders are stored, it is also a time-saving feature.

  • Interacting with customers directly

Interactive screens

Customers can choose the order and are asked if they want to add their

phone number or take a picture to facilitate future orders.

Once the order is ready, the servers contact the customer by name to receive it.

  • custom menu and edit items to enhance marketing and shorten transaction times.
  • Programmable and quick update remotely.

Restaurant Screens Specifications

  • High brightness uniformity with LED backlight technology.
  • clear image.
  • Super visibility and constant brightness all over the screen.
  • Standby screen

The network does not turn off completely, even when the media player does not signal.

  • Remote control.
  • Energy-saving
  • Play and schedule content using a USB connection without having to connect to a server.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time, and the possibility to play back content smoothly.
  • durability against shocks.
  • The ability to add multi-touch feature.
  • Multi-touch allows delivering a more realistic experience to as many users at the same time.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Strong protection against humidity, dust, and other factors through a reliable outer layer.
  • High reliability even with continuous operation or in high temperatures.
  • Unique design that gives a more beautiful and elegant appearance.
  • High brightness and high clarity delivering accurate and clear display.

Having a right signage placed makes your customers feel special and satisfied.

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