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Apr 1, 2023 | display screens

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Advertising Screens LED OLED LCD

Advertising Screens LED OLED LCD

What are advertising screens called?

  • Everyone wants to attract more customers to their products, projects and services.
  • To achieve that goal, they are looking for the best, fastest and most effective ways and means.
  • No one deny that LED OLED LCD digital display screen for advertising are one of the best solutions.
  • Advertising Screens are very successful and highly influential, attracting the attention of

pedestrians and viewers as they display dynamic content that moves in a striking manner, with distinctive screen programming.

  • With characteristic programming of the screen, the ad is displayed in a variety of

eye-catching and striking styles, which helps the beauty of the display.

  • Full true vivid colors and colorful animated visual effects.

It is recommended that you get a screen that is completely customized for your

purpose from a leading display company in order to ensure:

  • Compatibility of the display with the installation location as well as compatibility with the purpose completely.
  • Getting a suitable size for the installation area.
  • Display resolution that is suitable for the location of the event and the viewing distance.
  • When installing indoors, the display resolution is preferably from P2 to P8.
  • Whereas when the viewing distance is far away and we need to see the

display clearly, it is preferably that the display resolution is from P8 to P25.

  • Choosing colors suitable and consistent for the appearance of the ad as well as the number and degrees.
  • The highest quality screen at the lowest cost.
  • After-sales services of installation, operation, maintenance and special contract.

LCD & LED advertising screens specifications

LCD & LED advertising screens specifications

  • high brightness, high contrast, high resolution.
  • ultra-thin narrow edge design.
  • wide perspective.
  • High stability, long life.
  • Video System : PAL,NTSC.
  • low Power Consumption.
  • Bright image in all lighting levels.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment through high quality brightness sensor.
  • High flexibility in terms of (connectivity: access to content from a variety of sources –

flexible configuration, customization, flexible management and remote control).

  • Highest reliability and stable performance.
  • High contrast ratio of colors providing clear and rich images.
  • LCD @ LED display screen with high refresh rate.
  • controller allows the use of all systems.
  • Wireless connectivity enables the user to control the screen easily and manage the content from anywhere.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Highest protection for lenses.
  • Withstand difficult weather conditions.
  • High temperature resistance through internal cooling means and heat dissipation properties.
  • Easy assembly, installation and disassembly.
  • Display dynamic content.
  • Amazing displays with professional programming.
  • Durability against shocks.
  • The latest LED lens technology SMD and DIP.
  • Indoor @ outdoor full color led.

Many more specifications and features that make it suitable for your purpose perfectly.

advertising screen price & smart solutions

  • We have our own designs of the main manufacturer for digital signage displays .
  • Our company provides the latest illuminated screen with low factory price for indoor and

outdoor installation with prompt, customized services.

  • An ideal solution for effective visual ads for each project and a fully customized screen.
  • As advertising screens are diverse in their characteristics in terms of design specifications and the

accuracy of the display as well as the features that they support, you can choose among

We could provide our services for all kinds of customers by our professional support team 24 hours 7 days .

What size screen for digital advertising?

  • Digital signages can be customized in different sizes.
  • Deciding on the right size for your display is an important matter.
  • It can be from 42 inches up to 65 inches.

Why LED screen advertising?

  • It is the best technology nowadays.
  • It can bring out the creativity using an unlimited ways of presenting the ads.


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