Selfie screen for weddings and events

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Selfie screen for weddings parties celebrations of the family and the company instant prints with customized message logo signature spec and features

Selfie screen for weddings instant prints

Selfie screen for weddings instant prints

It is the latest in the world of preparing weddings, celebrations and happy occasions for family or company.

It is a smart and magical advancement in designing joy, fun and excitement on weddings simply.

Selfie Magic Mirror is similar in shape to any other mirror, but when you

touch the screen, it comes to life and speaks to the guests in front of it and

guides them while taking selfies, and impress them through its creative shapes, animations and emotions.

Photobooth gives the audience a lot of fun, laughter and entertainment.

It has become a standard product for all concerts, social events and special events.

We can guide you and help you when planning your weddings and parties.

Besides providing a great product for your party, there will be a technician

to train you on using the product.

We also provide a technician throughout the event.

The role of the service provider should be not only selling and renting, but also

  • training
  • designing a distinctive and special decor .
  • Assisting event designers to design and manage every aspect of your wedding.

Selfie screen for weddings overall appearance

Our Magic Photo Mirror is a high brand

  • Made from the finest materials giving it durability against bumps and scratches.
  • easy to carry and move.
  • Light weight, so you can move it upstairs easily.
  • Brightly decorated frame.
  • Tempered glass screen.
  • props box, and a special table can be added.
  • High-tech touch screens.
  • Top quality printer and top quality inks.
  • Long hours of continuous work until the event ends.
  • Green screen (chroma key) from which to add any hidden on the image.
  • a red carpet that can be used as a walkway in front of a mirror.
  • great animation and visual effects on the screen.
  • High resolution camera.
  • LED light (light emitting diode) is bright.
  • Elegant appearance.

Advantages and features of the Selfie photo screen

  • Unlimited photos.
  • Two sets of each photo, one for your guest and the other is stored on the photography mirror.
  • Beautiful guestbook.
  • Full length photos from head to foot.
  • Wide shooting angle to show the largest number of people in one photo.
  • Copies of each photo for each guest.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Uploading photos on social media.
  • Full size digital version of all your photos.

Your guests simply stand in front of the full-length mirror and touch the

magic screen to take a full-length picture.

They can also sign comments and draw pictures with their finger –


the screen – which are then printed on the photo.

  • No special applications or software to download.
  • Simple, intuitive and fast to use.
  • Guest can draw on the screen directly or leave their signature or message on it to appear on the prints.
  • Built-in entertaining social games.

Photography Screen for wedding extra special details

In addition to being guided through your planning trip, there will be a technician

from our team with you until the event ends.

We provide a unique collection of selfie mirrors containing the latest entertainment

technology to ensure that it will contribute to a great experience.

We also provide a distinct photobooth for all occasions.

Our goal is to make sure that your wedding day is completely stress-free.

We provide you designing service for wedding, birthday, product launch, company opening etc.

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